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{Ecclesiastes 4:13} Better 2896 [is] a poor 4542 and a wise 2450 child 3206 than an old 2205 and foolish 3684 king, 4428 x4480 who x834 will 3045 z8804 no x3808 more x5750 be admonished. 2094 z8736
is a poor:
"Now there was foundª° in it a poorª wiseª man,ª and he¹ by his wisdomª deliveredª°¹ the city;ª yet no¹ manª rememberedª°¹ that same¹ poorª man.ª ... Then saidª° I,¹ Wisdomª [is] betterª than strength:ª¹ nevertheless the poor man'sª wisdomª [is] despised,ª° and his wordsª are not¹ heard.ª°" {Ecc 9:15-16} + "These¹ [are] the generationsª of Jacob.ª Joseph,ª [being] seventeenªª yearsª old,ª was¹ feedingª° the flockª with¹ his brethren;ª and the ladª [was] with¹ the sonsª of Bilhah,ª and with¹ the sonsª of Zilpah,ª his father'sª wives:ª and Josephª broughtª° unto¹ his fatherª their¹ evilª report.ª" {Gen 37:2} + "Betterª [is] the poorª° that walkethª° in his integrity,ª than [he that is] perverseª¹ in his lips,ª and is a fool.ª" {Prv 19:1} + "Betterª [is] the poorª° that walkethª° in his uprightness,ª than [he that is] perverseª¹ [in his] ways,ª though he¹ [be] rich.ª" {Prv 28:6} + "[As] a roaringª° lion,ª and a rangingª° bear;ª [so is] a wickedª rulerª° over¹ the poorª people.ª ... The princeª that wantethª understandingª [is] also a greatª oppressor:ª [but] he that hatethª° covetousnessª shall prolongª° [his] days.ª" {Prv 28:15-16}
will no more be:
Heb. knoweth not to be, "And the kingª of Israelª saidª° unto¹ Jehoshaphat,ª [There is] yet¹ oneª man,ª Micaiahª the sonª of Imlah,ª by¹¹ whom we may enquireª° of¹ the LORD:ª but I¹ hateª° him; for¹ he doth not¹ prophesyª° goodª concerning¹ me, but¹¹ evil.ª And Jehoshaphatª said,ª° Let not¹ the kingª sayª° so.¹" {1Kg 22:8} + "For¹ the eyesª of the LORDª run to and froª° throughout the whole¹ earth,ª to shew himself strongª° in the behalf of¹ [them] whose heartª [is] perfectª toward¹ him. Herein¹¹ thou hast done foolishly:ª° therefore¹ from henceforthª¹ thou shalt haveª wars.ª ... Then Asaª was wrothª° with¹ the seer,²°¹ and putª° him in a prisonª house;ª for¹ [he was] in a rageª with¹ him because of¹ this¹ [thing]. And Asaª oppressedª° [some] of¹ the peopleª the same¹ time.ª" {2Ch 16:9-10} + "And the Spiritª of Godª came²° upon¹¹ Zechariahª the sonª of Jehoiadaª the priest,ª which stoodª° above¹¹ the people,ª and saidª° unto them, Thus¹ saithª° God,ª Why¹ transgressª° ye¹¹ the commandmentsª of the LORD,ª that ye cannot¹ prosper?ª° because¹ ye have forsakenª° the LORD,ª he hath also forsakenª°¹ you. ... Thus Joashª the kingª rememberedª° not¹ the kindnessª which¹ Jehoiadaª his fatherª had doneª° to¹ him, but slewª°¹ his son.ª And when he died,²¹ he said,ª° The LORDª look²° upon¹ [it], and requireª° [it]." {2Ch 24:20-22} + "And it came to pass,¹ as he talkedª° with¹ him, that [the king] saidª° unto him, Art thou madeª° of the king'sª counsel?ª° forbear;ª° why¹ shouldest thou be smitten?ª° Then the prophetª forbare,ª° and said,ª° I knowª° that¹ Godª hath determinedª° to destroyª° thee, because¹ thou hast doneª° this,¹ and hast not¹ hearkenedª° unto my counsel.ª" {2Ch 25:16}

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