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{Hosea 4:2} By swearing, 422 z8800 and lying, 3584 z8763 and killing, 7523 z8800 and stealing, 1589 z8800 and committing adultery, 5003 z8800 they break out, 6555 z8804 and blood 1818 toucheth 5060 z8804 blood. 1818
"The earthª also is defiledª° under¹ the inhabitantsª° thereof; because¹ they have transgressedª° the laws,ª changedª° the ordinance,ª brokenª° the everlastingª covenant.ª" {Isa 24:5} + "Hearª° ye this,¹ O houseª of Jacob,ª which are calledª° by the nameª of Israel,ª and are come forthª° out of the watersª¹ of Judah,ª which swearª° by the nameª of the LORD,ª and make mentionª° of the Godª of Israel,ª [but] not¹ in truth,ª nor¹ in righteousness.ª" {Isa 48:1} + "But¹¹ your iniquitiesª have¹ separatedª° betweenª you and your God,ª and your sinsª have hidª° [his] faceª from¹ you, that he will not hear.ª°¹ ... The wayª of peaceª they knowª° not;¹ and [there is] no¹ judgmentª in their goings:ª they have made them crookedª° paths:ª whosoever¹ goethª° therein shall not¹ knowª° peace.ª" {Isa 59:2-8} + "For¹ our transgressionsª are multipliedª° before¹ thee, and our sinsª testifyª° against us: for¹ our transgressionsª [are] with¹ us; and [as for] our iniquities,ª we knowª° them; ... Yea, truthª faileth;ª°¹ and he [that] departethª° from evilª¹ maketh himself a prey:ª° and the LORDª sawª° [it], and it displeasedª²°¹ him that¹ [there was] no¹ judgment.ª" {Isa 59:12-15} + "Run ye to and froª° through the streetsª of Jerusalem,ª and seeª° now,¹ and know,ª° and seekª° in the broad placesª thereof, if¹ ye can findª° a man,ª if¹ there beª [any] that executethª° judgment,ª that seekethª° the truth;ª and I will pardonª° it. ... And though¹ they say,ª° The LORDª liveth;ª surely¹ they swearª° falsely.ª" {Jer 5:1-2} + "Howª shall I pardonª° thee for this?ª thy childrenª have forsakenª° me, and swornª° by [them that are] noª gods:ª when I had fed them to the full,²°¹¹ they then committed adultery,ª° and assembled themselves¹ by troops²° in the harlots'ª° houses.ª ... Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª and¹ shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:7-9} + "For¹ among my peopleª are foundª° wickedª [men]: they lay wait,ª° as he that settethª° snares;ª they setª° a trap,ª they catchª° men.²¹ ... As a cageª is fullª of birds,ª so¹ [are] their housesª fullª of deceit:ª therefore¹¹ they are become great,ª° and waxen rich.ª°" {Jer 5:26-27} + "As a fountainª casteth outª° her waters,ª so¹ she casteth¹ out²° her wickedness:ª violenceª and spoilª is heardª° in her; before¹¹ me² continuallyª [is] griefª and wounds.ª" {Jer 6:7} + "[If] ye oppressª° not¹ the stranger,ª the fatherless,ª and the widow,ª and shedª° not¹ innocentª bloodª in this¹ place,ª neither¹ walk²°¹ afterª otherª godsª to your hurt:ª ... And comeª° and standª° beforeª me in this¹ house,ª which¹ is calledª° by¹ my name,ª and say,ª° We are delivered²° to doª°¹¹¹ all¹ these¹ abominations?ª" {Jer 7:6-10} + "Oh that²° I had¹¹ in the wildernessª a lodging placeª of wayfaring men;ª° that I might leaveª°¹ my people,ª and go²°¹ from¹¹ them! for¹ they [be] all¹ adulterers,ª° an assemblyª of treacherous men.ª° ... Their tongueª [is as] an arrowª shot out;ª° it speakethª° deceit:ª [one] speakethª° peaceablyª to¹ his neighbourª with his mouth,ª but in heartª he layethª° his wait.ª" {Jer 9:2-8} + "For¹ the landª is fullª° of adulterers;ª° for¹ becauseª¹ of swearingª the landª mourneth;ª° the pleasant placesª of the wildernessª are dried up,ª° and their courseª is¹ evil,ª and their forceª [is] not¹ right.¹ ... I have seenª° also in the prophetsª of Jerusalemª an horrible thing:ª they commit adultery,ª° and walkª° in lies:ª they strengthenª° also the handsª of evildoers,ª° that noneª¹ doth returnª° from his wickedness:ª¹ they are¹ all¹ of them unto me as Sodom,ª and the inhabitantsª° thereof as Gomorrah.ª" {Jer 23:10-14} + "Now, thou¹ sonª of man,ª wilt thou judge,ª° wilt thou judgeª°¹ the bloodyª city?ª yea, thou shalt shewª° her¹ all¹ her abominations.ª ... Behold,¹ therefore I have smittenª° mine handª at¹ thy dishonest gainª which¹ thou hast made,ª° and at¹ thy bloodª which¹ hath been¹ in the midstª of thee." {Ezk 22:2-13} + "[There is] a conspiracyª of her prophetsª in the midstª thereof, like a roaringª° lionª raveningª° the prey;ª they have devouredª° souls;ª they have takenª° the treasureª and precious things;ª they have made her manyª° widowsª in the midstª thereof. ... And I soughtª° for a manª among¹ them, that should make upª° the hedge,ª and standª° in the gapª beforeª me for¹ the land,ª that I should not¹ destroyª° it: but I foundª° none.¹" {Ezk 22:25-30} + "Woeª to them that deviseª° iniquity,ª and workª° evilª upon¹ their beds!ª when the morningª is light,ª they practiseª° it, because¹ it isª in the powerª of their hand.ª ... Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ against¹ this¹ familyª do I deviseª° an evil,ª from¹¹ which¹ ye shall not¹ removeª° your necks;ª neither¹ shall ye go²°¹ haughtily:ª for¹ this¹ timeª [is] evil.ª" {Mic 2:1-3} + "Who hateª° the good,ª and loveª° the evil;ª who pluck offª° their skinª from off¹¹ them, and their fleshª from off¹¹ their bones;ª" {Mic 3:2} + "Hearª° this,¹ I pray you,¹ ye headsª of the houseª of Jacob,ª and princesª of the houseª of Israel,ª that abhorª° judgment,ª and pervertª° all¹ equity.ª" {Mic 3:9} + "Are thereª yet¹ the treasuresª of wickednessª°² in the houseª of the wicked,ª and the scantª measureª [that is] abominable?ª°" {Mic 6:10} + "The goodª [man] is perishedª° out of¹ the earth:ª and [there is] none¹ uprightª among men:ª they all¹ lie in waitª° for blood;ª they huntª° every manª¹ his brotherª with a net.ª" {Mic 7:2} + "Woeª to her that is filthy²°¹ and polluted,ª° to the oppressingª° city!ª" {Zph 3:1} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, This¹ [is] the curseª that goeth forthª° over¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth:ª for¹ every one¹ that stealethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on this side¹¹ according² to it;¹ and every¹ one that swearethª° shall be cut offª° [as] on that side¹¹ according² to it.¹" {Zch 5:3} + "Thus¹ speakethª° the LORDª of hosts,ª saying,ª° Executeª° trueª judgment,ª and shewª° mercyª and compassionsª every manª to¹ his brother:ª" {Zch 7:9}
Heb. bloods
"And the revoltersª are profoundª° to make slaughter,ª° though I¹ [have been] a rebukerª of them all.¹" {Hsa 5:2} + "And as troops² of robbers¹ waitª° for a man,ª [so] the companyª of priestsª murderª° in the wayª by consent:ª°² for¹ they commitª° lewdness.ª" {Hsa 6:9} + "For the sinsª¹ of her prophets,ª [and] the iniquitiesª of her priests,ª that have shedª° the bloodª of the justª in the midstª of her," {Lam 4:13} + "Thatª uponª youª may comeª° allª the righteousª bloodª shedª° uponª the¹ earth,ª fromª the¹ bloodª of righteousª Abelª untoª the¹ bloodª of Zachariasª sonª of Barachias,ª whomª ye slewª° betweenª the¹ templeª andª the¹ altar.ª" {Mtt 23:35} + "Whichª of the¹ prophetsª have²° notª yourª fathersª persecuted?ª° andª they have slainª° them which² shewed beforeª° ofª the¹ comingª of the¹ Just One;ª of whomª yeª have beenª° nowª the betrayersª andª murderers:ª" {Act 7:52} + "Who both² killedª°¹ the¹ Lordª Jesus,ª andª their ownª prophets,ª andª have persecutedª° us;ª andª they pleaseª° notª God,ª andª are contraryª to allª men:ª" {1Th 2:15} + "Andª I sawª° the¹ womanª drunkenª° withª the¹ bloodª of the¹ saints,ª andª withª the¹ bloodª of the¹ martyrsª of Jesus:ª andª when I sawª° her,ª I wonderedª° with greatª admiration.ª" {Rev 17:6}

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