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1.ENO | Enoch 46:1
...e angels who went with me and who showed me every secret thing concerning this Son of man who he was whence he was and why he accompanied the Ancient of days

2.ENO | Enoch 46:2
He answered and said to me This is the Son of man to whom righteousness belongs with whom righteousness has dwelt and who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed for the Lord of spirits has chosen him and his portion has su...

3.ENO | Enoch 46:3
This Son of man whom you behold shall raise up kings and the mighty from their dwelling places and the powerful from their thrones shall loosen the bridles of the powerful and break in pieces the teeth of sinners

4.ENO | Enoch 48:2
In that hour was this Son of man invoked before the Lord of spirits and his name in the presence of the Ancient of days

5.ENO | Enoch 58:11
And he said You son of man are here desirous of understanding secret things

6.ENO | Enoch 61:10
... has dominion over all things him who was concealed for from the beginning the Son of man existed in secret whom the Most High preserved in the presence of his power and revealed to the elect

7.ENO | Enoch 61:13
They shall fix their hopes on this Son of man shall pray to him and petition him for mercy

8.ENO | Enoch 61:17
And with this Son of man shall they dwell eat lie down and rise up for ever and ever

9.ENO | Enoch 62:15
...ards their countenances shall be filled with darkness and confusion before the Son of man from whose presence they shall be expelled and before whom the sword shall remain to expel them

10.ENO | Enoch 68:38
They blessed glorified and exalted because the name of the Son of man was revealed to them

11.ENO | Enoch 68:39 of his glory and the principal part of the judgment was assigned to him the Son of man Sinners shall disappear and perish from the face of the earth while those who seduced them shall be bound with chains for ever

12.ENO | Enoch 68:40
... the face of the earth nor thenceforward shall there be any to corrupt for the Son of man has been seen sitting on the throne of his glory

13.ENO | Enoch 68:41 wicked shall disappear and depart from before his face and the word of the Son of man shall become powerful in the presence of the Lord of spirits

14.ENO | Enoch 69:1
After this the name of the Son of man living with the Lord of spirits was exalted by the inhabitants of the earth

15.ENO | Enoch 70:17
Then that angel came to me and with his voice saluted me saying You are the Son of man who art born for righteousness and righteousness has rested upon you

16.ENO | Enoch 70:23
And thus shall length of days be with the Son of man

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