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Welcome to www.qBible.com -- "A Website for Biblical Research". Our site mission: to host a digital library of Bible reference material that is (1)accurate, (2)thorough & (3)free. To any passerby or student of the Scripture, we invite you to search, print or download these online bibles, lexicons and study aids:

Bibles: King James Version (Red-Letter KJV; 1769); KJV 1611; KJV 1850; KJV Apocrypha (1611/1769); American Standard Version (ASV; 1901); Holy Name & Divine Titles KJV; Full Hebrew Names KJV; Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (OT; Massoretic Text); Greek New Testament (NT; Westcott & Hort) with Interlinear Literal English Translation; Brenton's English of the Greek Septuagint (with Hellenizations restored); Etheridge & Murdock Parallel English of the Aramaic NT (1849/1852) -- (more...)

Lexicons: Strong's Hebrew/Chaldee & Greek dictionaries (OT/NT); Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew & Aramaic Lexicon (OT); Thayer's Greek Lexicon (NT); NAS Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible with Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries; with an Exhaustive Concordance mapping the English Authorized Version (AV) -- All fully integrated into several English, Hebrew and Greek Bibles, using Strong's Numbers and the qBible color-coded collation system. (lexicons homepage)

Strong's Numbers qBible Color-Coded Collation System

Study Aids: Chat Bible Forum & Public Commentary, featuring a blog for every Bible verse, where visitors may post comments and engage in user discussions. Including the commentaries of: Jamieson-Fausset-Brown (1871); John Wesley (1765); Matthew Henry (1721); and the Geneva Bible Notes (1599). Searches by Keyword, Exact Phrase or Verse Reference for each Bible in each section (Law; History; Wisdom, Prophets; NT). Cross-Reference Research System, feauturing Strong's lexical notes, where visitors may perform topical Bible searches. Charles & Laurence English of the Book of 1 Enoch (Ethiopic; 1912/1883). More Internet resources, including biblical & extra-canonical, coming soon!

Thank you for the visit and support. For more information, read About qBible, Contact or review the Site Map.

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