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{Daniel 2:4} Then spake 1696 z8762 the Chaldeans 3778 to the king 4428 in Syriack, 762 O king, 4430 live 2418 z8747 for ever: 5957 tell 560 z8747 thy servants 5649 the dream, 2493 and we will shew 2324 z8741 the interpretation. 6591
"And Labanª calledª° it Jegarsahadutha:ª but Jacobª calledª° it Galeed.ª" {Gen 31:47} + "And in the daysª of Artaxerxesª wroteª° Bishlam,ª Mithredath,ª Tabeel,ª and the restª of their companions,ª unto¹ Artaxerxesª kingª of Persia;ª and the writingª of the letterª [was] writtenª° in the Syrian tongue,ª and interpretedª° in the Syrian tongue.ª" {Ezr 4:7} + "Then saidª° Eliakimª and Shebnaª and Joahª unto¹ Rabshakeh,ª Speak,ª° I pray thee,¹ unto¹ thy servantsª in the Syrian language;ª for¹ we¹ understandª° [it]: and speakª° not¹ to¹ us in the Jews' language,ª in the earsª of the peopleª that¹ [are] on¹ the wall.ª" {Isa 36:11}
Aramith, "Aramean," the language of Aram or Syria; a general term comprehending both the Chaldee and Syriac, the latter merely differing from the former as a dialect, and being written in a different character. With the following words the Chaldee part of Daniel commences; and is continued to the end of the "In the firstª yearª of Belshazzarª kingª of Babylonª Danielª hadª° a dreamª and visionsª of his headª uponª his bed:ª thenª he wroteª° the dream,ª [and] toldª° the sumª of the matters.ª" {Dan 7:1}.
O king:
"They spakeª° and saidª° to the kingª Nebuchadnezzar,ª O king,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 3:9} + "Thenª Daniel,ª whose¹ nameª [was] Belteshazzar,ª was astoniedª° for oneª hour,ª and his thoughtsª troubledª° him. The kingª spake,ª° and said,ª° Belteshazzar,ª let notª the dream,ª or the interpretationª thereof, troubleª° thee. Belteshazzarª answeredª° and said,ª° My lord,ª the dreamª [be] to them that hateª° thee, and the interpretationª thereof to thine enemies.ª" {Dan 4:19} + "[Now] the queen,ª by reason² of¹ the wordsª of the kingª and his lords,ª cameª° into the banquetª house:ª [and] the queenª spakeª° and said,ª° O king,ª liveª° for ever:ª let notª thy thoughtsª troubleª° thee, nor¹ let thy countenanceª be changed:ª°" {Dan 5:10} + "Thenª theseª presidentsª and princesª assembled togetherª° to¹ the king,ª and saidª° thusª unto him,² Kingª Darius,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 6:6} + "Thenª saidª° Danielª untoª the king,ª O king,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 6:21} + "And Samuelª saidª° to¹ all¹ the people,ª Seeª° ye him whom¹ the LORDª hath chosen,ª° that¹ [there is] none¹ like him¹ among all¹ the people?ª And all¹ the peopleª shouted,ª° and said,ª° God saveª° the king.ª" {1Sm 10:24} + "For¹ he is gone downª° this day,ª and hath slainª° oxenª and fat cattleª and sheepª in abundance,ª and hath calledª° all¹ the king'sª sons,ª and the captainsª of the host,ª and Abiatharª the priest;ª and, behold,¹ they eatª° and drinkª° beforeª him, and say,ª° God saveª° kingª Adonijah.ª" {1Kg 1:25} + "Then Bathshebaª bowedª° with [her] faceª to the earth,ª and did reverenceª° to the king,ª and said,ª° Let my lordª kingª Davidª liveª° for ever.ª" {1Kg 1:31} + "And saidª° unto the king,ª Let the kingª liveª° for ever:ª why¹ should not¹ my countenanceª be sad,²°¹ when¹ the city,ª the placeª of my fathers'ª sepulchres,ª [lieth] waste,ª and the gatesª thereof are consumedª° with fire?ª" {Neh 2:3} + "Andª the¹ multitudesª that went before,ª° andª that followed,ª° cried,ª° saying,ª° Hosannaª to the¹ Sonª of David:ª Blessedª° [is] he that comethª° inª the nameª of the Lord;ª Hosannaª inª the¹ highest.ª" {Mtt 21:9} + "Andª they that went before,ª° andª they that followed,ª° cried,ª° saying,ª° Hosanna;ª Blessedª° [is] he that comethª° inª the nameª of the Lord:ª ... Blessedª° [be] the¹ kingdomª of ourª fatherª David,ª that comethª° inª the nameª of the Lord:ª Hosannaª inª the¹ highest.ª" {Mrk 11:9-10}
"Thenª came²° in¹ the magicians,ª the astrologers,ª the Chaldeans,ª and the soothsayers:ª° and Iª toldª° the dreamª beforeª them; but they did notª make knownª° unto me the interpretationª thereof." {Dan 4:7} + "Thenª came²° in¹ allª the king'sª wiseª [men]: but they couldª° notª readª° the writing,ª nor make knownª° to the kingª the interpretationª thereof." {Dan 5:8} + "And it came to pass¹ in the morningª that his spiritª was troubled;ª° and he sentª° and called²° for¹¹ all¹ the magiciansª of Egypt,ª and all¹ the wise menª thereof: and Pharaohª toldª° them¹ his dream;ª but [there was] none¹ that could interpretª° them unto Pharaoh.ª" {Gen 41:8} + "That frustratethª° the tokensª of the liars,ª and maketh diviners²° mad;ª°¹ that turnethª° wiseª [men] backward,ª and maketh their knowledge² foolish;ª°¹" {Isa 44:25}

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