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{Acts 27:44} And 2532 the x3588 rest, 3062 some 3739 y3303 on 1909 boards, 4548 and 1161 some 3739 x3303 on 1909 [broken pieces] x5100 of 575 the x3588 ship. 4143 y5100 And 2532 so 3779 it came to pass, 1096 z5633 that they escaped y1295 z0 all y3956 safe 1295 z5683 x3956 to 1909 land. 1093
"Andª nowª I exhortª° youª to be of good cheer:ª° forª there shall beª° noª lossª of [any man's] lifeª amongª you,ª butª of the¹ ship.ª" {Act 27:22} + "Saying,ª° Fearª°° not,ª Paul;ª thouª mustª° be brought beforeª° Caesar:ª and,ª lo,ª° Godª hath givenª° theeª allª them that sailª° withª thee.ª" {Act 27:24} + "Then they cryª° unto¹ the LORDª in their trouble,ª and he bringeth them outª° of their distresses.ª¹ ... Then are they gladª° because¹ they be quiet;ª° so he bringethª° them unto¹ their desiredª haven.ª" {Psa 107:28-30} + "For,¹ lo,¹ I¹ will command,ª° and I will siftª°¹ the houseª of Israelª among all¹ nations,ª like as¹ [corn] is siftedª° in a sieve,ª yet shall not¹ the least grainª fallª° upon the earth.ª" {Ams 9:9} + "Andª thisª isª° the¹ Father'sª willª which² hath sentª° me,ª thatª of allª whichª he hath givenª° meª I should¹ loseª° nothing,ªª² butª should raise²° it² up againª°¹ atª the¹ lastª day.ª ... Andª thisª isª° the¹ willª of him that sentª° me,ª thatª every oneª which² seethª° the¹ Son,ª andª believethª° onª him,ª may haveª° everlastingª life:ª andª Iª will raise²° him² upª°¹ at the¹ lastª day.ª" {Jhn 6:39-40} + "Forª we wouldª° not,ª brethren,ª have²° you² ignorantª°¹ ofª ourª troubleª which² cameª° to usª inª Asia,ª thatª we were pressed²¹ out²° of measure,ª¹ aboveª strength,ª insomuch² that¹ weª despairedª° evenª of life:ª° ... Whoª deliveredª° usª fromª so greatª a death,ª andª doth deliver:ª° inª whomª we trustª° thatª he willª²° yetª deliverª° [us];" {2Co 1:8-10} + "Andª ifª the¹ righteousª scarcelyª be saved,ª° whereª shall²° the¹ ungodlyª andª the sinnerª appear?ª°" {1Pe 4:18}
Melita, now Malta, the island on which Paul and his companions were cast, is situate in the Mediterranean sea, about fifty miles from the coast of Sicily, towards Africa; and is one immense rock of soft white free-stone, twenty miles long, twelve in its greatest breadth, and sixty in circumference. Some, however, with the learned Jacob Bryant, are of opinion that this island was Melita in the Adriatic gulf, near Illyricum; but it may be sufficient to observe, that the course of the Alexandrian ship, first to Syracuse and then to Rhegium, proves that it was the present Malta, as the proper course from the Illyrian Melita would have been first to Rhegium, before it reached Syracuse, to which indeed it need not have gone at all.

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