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{Zechariah 8:13} And it shall come to pass, x1961 [that] as x834 ye were x1961 a curse 7045 among the heathen, 1471 O house 1004 of Judah, 3063 and house 1004 of Israel; 3478 so x3651 will I save 3467 z8686 you, and ye shall be x1961 a blessing: 1293 fear 3372 z8799 not, x408 [but] let your hands 3027 be strong. 2388 z8799
a curse:
"And thou shalt become¹ an astonishment,ª a proverb,ª and a byword,ª among all¹ nationsª whither¹¹ the LORDª shall leadª° thee." {Deu 28:37} + "[And that] the whole¹ landª thereof [is] brimstone,ª and salt,ª [and] burning,ª [that] it is not¹ sown,ª° nor¹ beareth,ª° nor¹ any¹ grassª growethª° therein, like the overthrowª of Sodom,ª and Gomorrah,ª Admah,ª and Zeboim,ª which¹ the LORDª overthrewª° in his anger,ª and in his wrath:ª ... And the LORDª rooted²° them out¹ of¹¹ their landª in anger,ª and in wrath,ª and in greatª indignation,ª and castª° them into¹ anotherª land,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª" {Deu 29:23-28} + "Then will I cut offª°¹ Israelª out² of¹¹¹ the landª which¹ I have givenª° them; and this house,ª which¹ I have hallowedª° for my name,ª will I cast¹ out²° of¹¹ my sight;ª and Israelª shall be¹ a proverbª and a bywordª among all¹ people:ª ... And at this¹ house,ª [which] is¹ high,ª every one¹ that passethª° by¹ it shall be astonished,ª° and shall hiss;ª° and they shall say,ª° Why¹ hath the LORDª doneª° thus¹ unto this¹ land,ª and to this¹ house?ª" {1Kg 9:7-8} + "Then will I pluck them up by the rootsª° out of¹¹ my landª which¹ I have givenª° them; and this¹ house,ª which¹ I have sanctifiedª° for my name,ª will I cast outª° of¹¹ my sight,ª and will makeª° it [to be] a proverbª and a bywordª among all¹ nations.ª ... And it shall be answered,ª° Because¹¹ they forsookª°¹ the LORDª Godª of their fathers,ª which¹ brought them forthª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª and laid holdª° on otherª gods,ª and worshippedª° them, and servedª° them: therefore¹¹ hath he broughtª°¹ all¹ this¹ evilª upon¹ them." {2Ch 7:20-22} + "Thou makestª° us a reproachª to our neighbours,ª a scornª and a derisionª to them that are round aboutª us. ... Thou makestª° us a bywordª among the heathen,ª a shakingª of the headª among the people.ª" {Psa 44:13-14} + "For the voiceª¹ of him that reproachethª° and blasphemeth;ª° by reasonª¹ of the enemyª° and avenger.ª°" {Psa 44:16} + "We are become¹ a reproachª to our neighbours,ª a scornª and derisionª to them that are round aboutª us." {Psa 79:4} + "And ye shall leave²°¹ your nameª for a curseª unto my chosen:ª for the Lordª GODª shall slayª° thee, and callª° his servantsª by anotherª name:ª ... That he who¹ blesseth²° himself¹ in the earthª shall bless²° himself¹ in the Godª of truth;ª and he that swearethª° in the earthª shall swearª° by the Godª of truth;ª because¹ the formerª troublesª are forgotten,ª° and because¹ they are hidª° from mine eyes.ª¹" {Isa 65:15-16} + "And I will deliverª° them to be removedª°² into all¹ the kingdomsª of the earthª for [their] hurt,ª [to be] a reproachª and a proverb,ª a tauntª and a curse,ª in all¹ placesª whither¹¹ I shall driveª° them." {Jer 24:9} + "[To wit],¹ Jerusalem,ª and the citiesª of Judah,ª and the kingsª thereof, and¹ the princesª thereof, to makeª° them a desolation,ª an astonishment,ª an hissing,ª and a curse;ª as [it is] this¹ day;ª" {Jer 25:18} + "Then will I makeª°¹ this¹ houseª like Shiloh,ª and will makeª° this¹ cityª a curseª to all¹ the nationsª of the earth.ª" {Jer 26:6} + "And I will persecuteª°¹ them² with the sword,ª with the famine,ª and with the pestilence,ª and will deliverª° them to be removedª°² to all¹ the kingdomsª of the earth,ª to be a curse,ª and an astonishment,ª and an hissing,ª and a reproach,ª among all¹ the nationsª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them:" {Jer 29:18} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª As¹ mine angerª and my furyª hath been poured forthª° upon¹ the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem;ª so¹ shall my furyª be poured forthª° upon¹ you, when ye shall¹ enter²° into¹ Egypt:ª and ye shall be an execration,ª and an astonishment,ª and a curse,ª and a reproach;ª and ye shall seeª°¹ this¹ placeª no¹ more.¹" {Jer 42:18} + "And I will takeª°¹ the remnantª of Judah,ª that¹ have setª° their facesª to go²° into¹ the landª of Egyptª to sojournª° there,¹ and they shall all¹ be consumed,ª° [and] fallª° in the landª of Egypt;ª they shall [even] be consumedª° by the swordª [and] by the famine:ª they shall die,ª° from the leastª¹ even unto¹ the greatest,ª by the swordª and by the famine:ª and they shall be¹ an execration,ª [and] an astonishment,ª and a curse,ª and a reproach.ª" {Jer 44:12} + "So that the LORDª couldª° no¹ longer¹ bear,ª° becauseª¹ of the evilª of your doings,ª [and] becauseª¹ of the abominationsª which¹ ye have committed;ª° therefore is¹ your landª a desolation,ª and an astonishment,ª and a curse,ª without¹¹ an inhabitant,ª° as at this¹ day.ª" {Jer 44:22} + "All¹ that pass²° by¹¹ clapª° [their] handsª at¹ thee;² they hissª° and wagª° their headª at¹ the daughterª of Jerusalem,ª [saying, Is] this¹ the cityª that [men] callª°¹ The perfectionª of beauty,ª The joyª of the whole¹ earth?ª ... All¹ thine enemiesª° have openedª° their mouthª against¹ thee: they hissª° and gnashª° the teeth:ª they say,ª° We have swallowed [her] up:ª° certainlyª this¹ [is] the dayª that we looked for;ª°¹ we have found,ª° we have seenª° [it]." {Lam 2:15-16} + "They criedª° unto them, Departª° ye; [it is] unclean;ª depart,ª° depart,ª° touchª° not:¹ when¹ they fled awayª° and¹ wandered,ª° they saidª° among the heathen,ª They shall no¹ moreª° sojournª° [there]." {Lam 4:15} + "So it shall be¹ a reproachª and a taunt,ª an instructionª and an astonishmentª unto the nationsª that¹ [are] round aboutª thee, when I shall executeª° judgmentsª in thee in angerª and in furyª and in furiousª rebukes.ª I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it]." {Ezk 5:15} + "Yea, all¹ Israelª have transgressedª°¹ thy law,ª even by departing,ª° that they might not¹ obeyª° thy voice;ª therefore the curseª is pouredª° upon¹ us, and the oathª that¹ [is] writtenª° in the lawª of Mosesª the servantª of God,ª because¹ we have sinnedª° against him." {Dan 9:11}
O house:
"And I saidª° unto¹ the angelª that talkedª° with me, What¹ [be] these?¹ And he answeredª°¹ me, These¹ [are] the hornsª which¹ have scatteredª°¹ Judah,ª¹ Israel,ª and Jerusalem.ª" {Zch 1:19} + "When¹ I have bentª° Judahª for me, filledª° the bowª with Ephraim,ª and raised¹ up²° thy sons,ª O Zion,ª against¹ thy sons,ª O Greece,ª and madeª° thee as the swordª of a mighty man.ª" {Zch 9:13} + "And I will strengthenª°¹ the houseª of Judah,ª and I will saveª° the houseª of Joseph,ª and I will bring them again¹ to place²° them; for¹ I have mercy²° upon¹ them: and they shall be¹ as thoughª I had not¹ cast them off:ª° for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª their God,ª and will hearª° them." {Zch 10:6} + "Therefore the LORDª was very² angryª°¹ with Israel,ª and removedª° them out of¹¹ his sight:ª there was none¹ leftª° but¹ the tribeª of Judahª only.¹ ... And the LORDª rejectedª° all¹ the seedª of Israel,ª and afflictedª° them, and deliveredª° them into the handª of spoilers,ª° until¹¹ he had cast²° them out¹ of his sight.ª¹" {2Kg 17:18-20} + "And he shall snatchª° on¹ the right hand,ª and be hungry;²¹ and he shall eatª° on¹ the left hand,ª and they shall not¹ be satisfied:ª° they shall eatª° every manª the fleshª of his own arm:ª ... Manasseh,ª¹ Ephraim;ª and Ephraim,ª¹ Manasseh:ª [and] they¹ togetherª [shall be] against¹ Judah.ª For all¹ this¹ his angerª is not¹ turned away,ª° but his handª [is] stretched out¹ still.²°¹" {Isa 9:20-21} + "For¹ the childrenª of Israelª and the childrenª of Judahª have¹ only¹ doneª° evilª beforeª me from their youth:ª¹ for¹ the childrenª of Israelª have only¹ provoked me to angerª°¹ with the workª of their hands,ª saithª° the LORD.ª ... Because¹ of all¹ the evilª of the childrenª of Israelª and of the childrenª of Judah,ª which¹ they have doneª° to provoke me to anger,ª° they,¹ their kings,ª their princes,ª their priests,ª and their prophets,ª and the menª of Judah,ª and the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem.ª" {Jer 32:30-32} + "Considerestª° thou not¹ what¹ this¹ peopleª have spoken,ª° saying,ª° The twoª familiesª which¹ the LORDª hath chosen,ª° he hath even cast them off?ª° thus they have despisedª° my people,ª that they should be no¹¹ more¹ a nationª beforeª them." {Jer 33:24} + "Then he saidª° unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª these¹ bonesª are the whole¹ houseª of Israel:ª behold,¹ they say,ª° Our bonesª are dried,ª° and our hopeª is lost:ª° we are cut offª° for our parts." {Ezk 37:11} + "Moreover, thou¹ sonª of man,ª takeª° thee oneª stick,ª and writeª° upon¹ it, For Judah,ª and for the childrenª of Israelª his companions:ª then takeª° anotherª stick,ª and writeª° upon¹ it, For Joseph,ª the stickª of Ephraim,ª and [for] all¹ the houseª of Israelª his companions:ª ... Sayª° unto¹ them, Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I¹ will takeª°¹ the stickª of Joseph,ª which¹ [is] in the handª of Ephraim,ª and the tribesª of Israelª his fellows,ª and will putª° them with¹ him, [even] with¹ the stickª of Judah,ª and makeª° them oneª stick,ª and they shall be¹ oneª in mine hand.ª" {Ezk 37:16-19}
ye shall:
The consideration that all nations who now worship the true God, and receive the Sacred Scriptures as His word, have derived the whole of their divine knowledge, under God, from Jewish prophets, apostles, and teachers, and that the Saviour "in whom all nations shall be blessed," sprang from that favoured race, emphatically explains what is meant by "ye shall be a blessing." The full accomplishment of this prediction, however, is probably reserved for the future restoration of the Jews. "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª [It shall] yet¹ [come to pass], that¹ there shall comeª° people,ª and the inhabitantsª° of manyª cities:ª ... Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª In those¹ daysª [it shall come to pass], that¹ tenª men²¹ shall take holdª° out of all¹¹ languagesª of the nations,ª even shall take holdª° of the skirtª of him¹ that is a Jew,ª² saying,ª° We will go²°¹ with¹ you: for¹ we have heardª° [that] Godª [is] with¹ you." {Zch 8:20-23} + "And I will strengthenª°¹ the houseª of Judah,ª and I will saveª° the houseª of Joseph,ª and I will bring them again¹ to place²° them; for¹ I have mercy²° upon¹ them: and they shall be¹ as thoughª I had not¹ cast them off:ª° for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª their God,ª and will hearª° them. ... And I will sowª° them among the people:ª and they shall rememberª° me in far countries;ª and they shall liveª° with¹ their children,ª and turn again.ª°" {Zch 10:6-9} + "And I will make¹ of thee²° a greatª nation,ª and I will blessª° thee, and make²° thy name² great;ª°¹ and thou shalt be¹ a blessing:ª ... And I will blessª° them that blessª° thee, and curseª° him that cursethª° thee: and in thee shall all¹ familiesª of the earthª be blessed.ª°" {Gen 12:2-3} + "And I will make²°¹ thy seedª to multiplyª° as the starsª of heaven,ª and will giveª° unto thy seedª¹ all¹ theseª countries;ª and in thy seedª shall all¹ the nationsª of the earthª be blessed;ª°" {Gen 26:4} + "And all¹ the peopleª that¹ [were] in the gate,ª and the elders,ª said,ª° [We are] witnesses.ª The LORDª makeª°¹ the womanª that is comeª° into¹ thine houseª like Rachelª and like Leah,ª which¹ twoª did buildª°¹ the houseª of Israel:ª and doª° thou worthilyª in Ephratah,ª and be famousªª° in Bethlehem:ª ... And let thy houseª be¹ like the houseª of Pharez,ª whom¹ Tamarª bareª° unto Judah,ª of¹ the seedª which¹ the LORDª shall giveª° thee of¹ this¹ young woman.ª" {Rth 4:11-12} + "His nameª shall endure¹ for ever:ª his nameª shall be continuedª°°° as long¹ as² the sun:ª and [men] shall be blessedª° in him: all¹ nationsª shall call him blessed.ª°" {Psa 72:17} + "In that¹ dayª shall Israelª be¹ the thirdª with Egyptª and with Assyria,ª [even] a blessingª in the midstª of the land:ª ... Whom¹ the LORDª of hostsª shall bless,ª° saying,ª° Blessedª° [be] Egyptª my people,ª and Assyriaª the workª of my hands,ª and Israelª mine inheritance.ª" {Isa 19:24-25} + "And the remnantª of Jacobª shall be¹ in the midstª of manyª peopleª as a dewª from¹¹ the LORD,ª as the showersª upon¹ the grass,ª that¹ tarriethª° not¹ for man,ª nor¹ waitethª° for the sonsª of men.ª" {Mic 5:7} + "At that¹ timeª will I bringª° you [again], even in the timeª that I gatherª° you: for¹ I will makeª° you a nameª and a praiseª among all¹ peopleª of the earth,ª when I turn backª°¹ your captivityª before your eyes,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Zph 3:20} + "Thatª the¹ blessingª of Abrahamª might comeª° onª the¹ Gentilesª throughª Jesusª Christ;ª thatª we might receiveª° the¹ promiseª of the¹ Spiritª throughª faith.ª" {Gal 3:14} + "There isª° neitherª Jewª norª Greek,ª there isª° neitherª bondª norª free,ª there isª° neitherª maleª norª female:ª forª yeª areª° allª oneª inª Christª Jesus.ª ... Andª ifª yeª [be] Christ's,ª thenª are¹ ye²° Abraham'sª seed,ª andª heirsª accordingª to the promise.ª" {Gal 3:28-29} + "Is the seedª yet¹ in the barn?ª yea, as yet¹ the vine,ª and the fig tree,ª and the pomegranate,ª and the oliveª tree,ª hath not¹ brought forth:ª° from¹ this¹ dayª will I blessª° [you]." {Hgg 2:19}
fear not:
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª Let your handsª be strong,ª° ye that hearª° in these¹ daysª¹ these¹ wordsª by the mouthª¹ of the prophets,ª which¹ [were] in the dayª [that] the foundation²° of the houseª of the LORDª of hostsª was laid,ª° that the templeª might be built.ª°" {Zch 8:9} + "Strengthenª° ye the weakª hands,ª and confirmª° the feebleª° knees.ª ... Sayª° to them [that are] of a fearfulª° heart,ª Be strong,ª° fearª° not:¹ behold,¹ your Godª will comeª° [with] vengeance,ª [even] Godª [with] a recompence;ª he¹ will comeª° and saveª° you." {Isa 35:3-4} + "Fearª° thou not;¹ for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee: be not¹ dismayed;ª° for¹ I¹ [am] thy God:ª I will strengthenª° thee; yea,¹ I will helpª° thee; yea,¹ I will upholdª° thee with the right handª of my righteousness.ª ... Thou shalt fanª° them, and the windª shall carry them away,ª° and the whirlwindª shall scatterª° them: and thou¹ shalt rejoiceª° in the LORD,ª [and] shalt gloryª° in the Holy Oneª of Israel.ª" {Isa 41:10-16} + "Watch¹ ye,²° stand fastª° inª the¹ faith,ª quit you like men,ª° be strong.ª°" {1Co 16:13}

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