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{Ezekiel 40:10} And the little chambers 8372 of the gate 8179 eastward 1870 6921 [were] three 7969 on this side, 6311 x4480 and three 7969 on that side; 6311 x4480 they three 7969 [were] of one 259 measure: 4060 and the posts 352 had one 259 measure 4060 on this side x4480 x6311 and on that side. x4480 x6311
the little:
"And [every] little chamberª [was] oneª reedª long,ª and oneª reedª broad;ª and between¹ the little chambersª [were] fiveª cubits;ª and the thresholdª of the gateª byª¹ the porchª of the gateª withinª [was] oneª reed.ª" {Ezk 40:7}
they three:
The entrance into the outer court seems to have been through a porch with doors at both ends; and on each side of this porch were three small chambers, or rooms, for the use of the porters, a reed square in size, with a passage of five cubits between them. The common cubit, termed the "cubit of a man," ("For¹ only¹ Ogª kingª of Bashanª remainedª° of the remnantª¹ of giants;ª behold,¹ his bedsteadª [was] a bedsteadª of iron;ª [is] it¹ notª in Rabbathª of the childrenª of Ammon?ª nineª cubitsª [was] the lengthª thereof, and fourª cubitsª the breadthª of it, after the cubitª of a man.ª" {Deu 3:11}), was about 18 inches; but the cubit used by the angel was, as we learn from "And these¹ [are] the measuresª of the altarª after the cubits:ª The cubitª [is] a cubitª and an hand breadth;ª even the bottomª [shall be] a cubit,ª and the breadthª a cubit,ª and the borderª thereof by¹ the edgeª thereof round aboutª [shall be] aª span:ª and this¹ [shall be] the higher placeª of the altar.ª" {Ezk 43:13}, "a cubit and a hand breadth," or about three inches more than the common cubit, that is 21 inches. Hence the measuring reed, which was "six cubits long, by the cubit and the hand breadth," ("And behold¹ a wallª on the outsideª¹ of the houseª round about,ª and in the man'sª handª a measuringª reedª of sixª cubitsª [long] by the cubitª and an hand breadth:ª so he measuredª°¹ the breadthª of the building,ª oneª reed;ª and the height,ª oneª reed.ª" {Ezk 40:5}), must have been about 10+ feet

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