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{Ezekiel 40:6} Then came 935 z8799 he unto x413 the gate 8179 which x834 looketh 6440 toward 1870 the east, 6921 and went up 5927 z8799 the stairs 4609 thereof, and measured 4058 z8799 x853 the threshold 5592 of the gate, 8179 [which was] one 259 reed 7070 broad; 7341 and the other 259 threshold 5592 [of the gate, which was] one 259 reed 7070 broad. 7341
"And the gateª of the outwardª courtª that¹ lookedª towardª the north,ª he measuredª° the lengthª thereof, and the breadthª thereof." {Ezk 40:20} + "And he broughtª° me into¹ the innerª courtª of the LORD'Sª house,ª and, behold,¹ at the doorª of the templeª of the LORD,ª between¹ the porchª and the altar,ª [were] about fiveª and twentyª men,ª with their backsª toward¹ the templeª of the LORD,ª and their facesª toward the east;ª and they¹ worshippedª° the sunª toward the east.ª" {Ezk 8:16} + "Moreover the spiritª lifted me up,ª°¹ and broughtª° me unto¹ the eastª gateª of the LORD'Sª house,ª which lookethª° eastward:ª and behold¹ at the doorª of the gateª fiveª and twentyª men;ª amongª whom I sawª°¹ Jaazaniahª the sonª of Azur,ª and Pelatiahª the sonª of Benaiah,ª princesª of the people.ª" {Ezk 11:1} + "Afterward he brought²°¹ me to¹ the gate,ª [even] the gateª that¹ lookethª° towardª the east:ª" {Ezk 43:1} + "Then he brought me backª°¹ the wayª of the gateª of the outwardª sanctuaryª which lookethª° toward the east;ª and it¹ [was] shut.ª°" {Ezk 44:1} + "Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª The gateª of the innerª courtª that lookethª° toward the eastª shall be¹ shutª° the sixª workingª days;ª but on the sabbathªª it shall be opened,ª° and in the dayª of the new moonª it shall be opened.ª°" {Ezk 46:1} + "Now when¹ the princeª shall prepareª° a voluntaryª burnt offeringª or¹ peace offeringsª voluntarilyª unto the LORD,ª [one] shall then openª° him¹ the gateª that lookethª° toward the east,ª and he shall prepareª°¹ his burnt offeringª and his peace offerings,ª as¹ he didª° on the sabbathª day:ª then he shall go forth;ª° and afterª his going forthª° [one] shall shutª°¹ the gate.ª" {Ezk 46:12} + "Who hitherto¹¹ [waited] in the king'sª gateª eastward:ª they¹ [were] portersª in the companiesª of the childrenª of Levi.ª" {1Ch 9:18} + "In fourª quartersª were¹ the porters,ª toward the east,ª west,ª north,ª and south.ª" {1Ch 9:24} + "Afterª them repairedª° Zadokª the sonª of Immerª over against¹ his house.ª Afterª him repairedª° also Shemaiahª the sonª of Shechaniah,ª the keeperª° of the eastª gate.ª" {Neh 3:29} + "And go forthª° unto¹ the valleyª of the sonª of Hinnom,ª which¹ [is] by the entryª of the eastª gate,ª and proclaimª° there¹¹ the wordsª that¹ I shall tellª°¹ thee," {Jer 19:2}
which looketh:
Heb. whose face was the way
"And [there were] sevenª stepsª to go upª to it, and the archesª thereof [were] beforeª them: and it had palm trees,ª oneª on this side,¹¹ and anotherª on that side,¹¹ upon¹ the postsª thereof." {Ezk 40:26} + "The doorª for the middleª chamberª [was] in¹ the rightª sideª of the house:ª and they went upª° with winding stairsª into¹ the middleª [chamber], and out of¹ the middleª into¹ the third.ª" {1Kg 6:8}
"Then the gloryª of the LORDª departedª° from off¹¹ the thresholdª of the house,ª and stoodª° over¹ the cherubims.ª" {Ezk 10:18} + "In their settingª° of their thresholdª by¹ my thresholds,ª and their postª byª my posts,ª and the wallª between¹ me and them, they have even defiledª°¹ my holyª nameª by their abominationsª that¹ they have committed:ª° wherefore I have consumed²°¹ them in mine anger.ª" {Ezk 43:8} + "And the princeª shall enterª° by the wayª of the porchª of [that] gateª without,ª¹ and shall standª° by¹ the postª of the gate,ª and the priestsª shall prepareª°¹ his burnt offeringª and his peace offerings,ª and he shall worshipª° at¹ the thresholdª of the gate:ª then he shall go forth;ª° but the gateª shall not¹ be shutª° until¹ the evening.ª" {Ezk 46:2} + "Afterward he brought me againª° unto¹ the doorª of the house;ª and, behold,¹ watersª issued outª° from under¹¹ the thresholdª of the houseª eastward:ª for¹ the forefrontª of the houseª [stood toward] the east,ª and the watersª came downª° from under¹¹ from the right² sideª¹¹ of the house,ª at the southª¹ [side] of the altar.ª" {Ezk 47:1} + "For¹ a dayª in thy courtsª [is] betterª than a thousand.ª¹ I had ratherª° be a doorkeeperª° in the houseª of my God,ª than to dwellª°¹ in the tentsª of wickedness.ª" {Psa 84:10} *marg.
one reed:
"And behold¹ a wallª on the outsideª¹ of the houseª round about,ª and in the man'sª handª a measuringª reedª of sixª cubitsª [long] by the cubitª and an hand breadth:ª so he measuredª°¹ the breadthª of the building,ª oneª reed;ª and the height,ª oneª reed.ª" {Ezk 40:5} + "And [every] little chamberª [was] oneª reedª long,ª and oneª reedª broad;ª and between¹ the little chambersª [were] fiveª cubits;ª and the thresholdª of the gateª byª¹ the porchª of the gateª withinª [was] oneª reed.ª" {Ezk 40:7}

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