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{Ezekiel 40:2} In the visions 4759 of God 430 brought 935 z8689 he me into x413 the land 776 of Israel, 3478 and set 5117 z8686 me upon x413 a very 3966 high 1364 mountain, 2022 by x5921 which [was] as the frame 4011 of a city 5892 on the south. 5045 x4480
the visions:
There can be little doubt, that the grand outlines of the description of the temple, in the following extraordinary vision, were taken from that of Solomon's, with all the additions made to it in after ages; and we may suppose that Zerubbabel and the other Jews had respect to it, as far as circumstances would permit, in rebuilding the temple after the captivity. There are, however, many circumstances which conclusively shew, that something infinitely superior to either the first or second temple was intended; and that the external description must be considered as a figure and emblem of spiritual blessings. Probably the more immediate accomplishment of the prophecy will be subsequent to the conversion and restoration of the Jews, the destruction of Gog and Magog, and the pouring out of the Spirit, mentioned at the close of the last chapter; but whether there will be any external forms analogous to these cannot be determined, though in some respects it seems improbable. "Now it came to pass¹ in the thirtiethª year,ª in the fourthª [month], in the fifthª [day] of the month,ª as I¹ [was] amongª the captivesª by¹ the riverª of Chebar,ª [that] the heavensª were opened,ª° and I sawª° visionsª of God.ª" {Ezk 1:1} + "And he put forthª° the formª of an hand,ª and tookª° me by a lockª of mine head;ª and the spiritª lifted me upª°¹ between¹ the earthª and the heaven,ª and broughtª° me in the visionsª of Godª to Jerusalem,ª to¹ the doorª of the innerª gateª that lookethª° toward the north;ª where¹¹ [was] the seatª of the imageª of jealousy,ª which provoketh to jealousy.²°¹" {Ezk 8:3} + "In the firstª yearª of Belshazzarª kingª of Babylonª Danielª hadª° a dreamª and visionsª of his headª uponª his bed:ª thenª he wroteª° the dream,ª [and] toldª° the sumª of the matters.ª" {Dan 7:1} + "Afterª thisª I sawªª°° in the nightª visions,ª and beholdª a fourthª beast,ª dreadfulª° and terrible,ª and strongª exceedingly;ª and it had greatª ironª¹ teeth:ª it devouredª° and brake in pieces,ª° and stampedª° the residueª with the feetª of it: and itª [was] diverseª° fromª allª the beastsª that¹ [were] beforeª it; and it had tenª horns.ª" {Dan 7:7} + "Andª it shall come to passª° inª the¹ lastª days,ª saithª° God,ª I will pour outª° ofª myª Spiritª uponª allª flesh:ª andª yourª sonsª andª yourª daughtersª shall prophesy,ª° andª yourª young menª shall seeª° visions,ª andª yourª old menª shall dream²¹ dreams:²°¹" {Act 2:17} + "Andª a visionª appearedª° to Paulª inª the¹ night;ª There stoodªª°° a manª² of Macedonia,ª and¹ prayedª° him,ª² saying,ª° Come overª° intoª Macedonia,ª and helpª° us.ª" {Act 16:9} + "It is²° not² expedientª°¹ for meª doubtlessª to glory.ª°² I will¹ comeª° toª visionsª andª revelationsª of the Lord.ª ... Andª lestª I should be exalted above measureª° through the¹ abundanceª of the¹ revelations,ª there was givenª° to meª a thornª in the¹ flesh,ª the messengerª of Satanª toª buffetª° me,ª lestª I should be exalted above measure.ª°" {2Co 12:1-7}
a very:
"Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª I¹ will also takeª° of the highest branchª¹ of the highª° cedar,ª and will setª° [it]; I will crop offª° from the topª¹ of his young twigsª a tender one,ª and will plantª° [it] upon¹ an highª mountainª and eminent:ª° ... In the mountainª of the heightª of Israelª will I plantª° it: and it shall bring forthª° boughs,ª and bearª° fruit,ª and be¹ a goodlyª cedar:ª and under¹ it shall dwellª° all¹ fowlª of every¹ wing;ª in the shadowª of the branchesª thereof shall they dwell.ª°" {Ezk 17:22-23} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in the lastª days,ª [that] the mountainª of the LORD'Sª houseª shall be¹ establishedª° in the topª of the mountains,ª and shall be exaltedª° above the hills;ª¹ and all¹ nationsª shall flowª° unto¹ it. ... And manyª peopleª shall goª° and say,ª° Come²°¹ ye, and let us go upª° to¹ the mountainª of the LORD,ª to¹ the houseª of the Godª of Jacob;ª and he will teachª° us of his ways,ª¹ and we will walk²°¹ in his paths:ª for¹ out of Zionª¹ shall go forthª° the law,ª and the wordª of the LORDª from Jerusalem.ª¹" {Isa 2:2-3} + "Thou sawestªª°° tillª that¹ a stoneª was cut outª° withoutª¹ hands,ª which smoteª° the imageª uponª his feetª [that were] of¹ ironª and clay,ª and brake²° them² to pieces.ª°¹ ... Thenª was the iron,ª the clay,ª the brass,ª the silver,ª and the gold,ª broken to piecesª°²° together,ª and becameª° like the chaffª ofª the summerª threshingfloors;ª and the windª carried²° them² away,ª°¹ that² noª¹ placeª was foundª° for them: and the stoneª that¹ smoteª° the imageª becameª° a greatª mountain,ª and filledª° the wholeª earth.ª" {Dan 2:34-35} + "But in the lastª daysª it shall come to pass,¹ [that] the mountainª of the houseª of the LORDª shall be¹ establishedª° in the topª of the mountains,ª and it¹ shall be exaltedª° above the hills;ª¹ and peopleª shall flowª° unto¹ it." {Mic 4:1} + "Andª he carried²° me² awayª°¹ inª the spiritª toª a greatª andª highª mountain,ª andª shewedª° meª that greatª city,ª the¹ holyª Jerusalem,ª descendingª° out ofª heavenª fromª God,ª" {Rev 21:10}
or, upon
as the:
"And these¹ [are] the goings outª of the cityª on the northª side,ª¹ fourª thousandª and fiveª hundredª measures.ª ... [It was] round aboutª eighteenªª thousandª [measures]: and the nameª of the cityª from [that] dayª¹ [shall be], The LORD¹ [is] there.²¹" {Ezk 48:30-35} + "Butª Jerusalemª which is aboveª isª° free,ª whichª isª° the motherª of usª all.ª" {Gal 4:26} + "Andª he carried²° me² awayª°¹ inª the spiritª toª a greatª andª highª mountain,ª andª shewedª° meª that greatª city,ª the¹ holyª Jerusalem,ª descendingª° out ofª heavenª fromª God,ª ... Andª the¹ cityª hadª° noª needª of the¹ sun,ª neitherª of the¹ moon,ª toª shineª° inª it:ª forª the¹ gloryª of Godª did lightenª° it,ª andª the¹ Lambª [is] the¹ lightª thereof.ª" {Rev 21:10-23}
"And the patternª of all¹ that¹ he had¹ by the spirit,ª of¹ the courtsª of the houseª of the LORD,ª and of all¹ the chambersª round about,ª of the treasuriesª of the houseª of God,ª and of the treasuriesª of the dedicated things:ª" {1Ch 28:12} + "All¹ [this, said David], the LORDª made me understandª° in writingª by [his] handª¹ upon¹ me, [even] all¹ the worksª of this pattern.ª" {1Ch 28:19}
on the south:
"For¹ they call²° themselves¹ of the holyª city,ª¹ and stay²° themselves¹ upon¹ the Godª of Israel;ª The LORDª of hostsª [is] his name.ª" {Isa 48:2} + "For thou¹ hast saidª° in thine heart,ª I will ascendª° into heaven,ª I will exaltª° my throneª aboveª¹ the starsª of God:ª I will sitª° also upon the mountª of the congregation,ª in the sidesª of the north:ª" {Isa 14:13}

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