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{Jeremiah 5:27} As a cage 3619 is full 4392 of birds, 5775 so x3651 [are] their houses 1004 full 4392 of deceit: 4820 therefore x5921 x3651 they are become great, 1431 z8804 and waxen rich. 6238 z8686
or, coop, This is, without doubt, a reference to a decoy or trap-cage, as Dr. Blayney renders; in which fowlers place several tame birds, to decoy the others into the snare prepared for them. "Andª he criedª° mightilyª¹ with² a strongª voice,ª saying,ª° Babylonª the¹ greatª is fallen,ª° is fallen,ª° andª is becomeª° the habitationª of devils,ª andª the holdª of everyª foulª spirit,ª andª a cageª of everyª uncleanª andª hatefulª° bird.ª" {Rev 18:2}
so are:
"If¹ they say,ª° Come²°¹ with¹ us, let us lay waitª° for blood,ª let us lurk²° privily¹ for the innocentª without cause:ª ... We shall findª° all¹ preciousª substance,ª we shall fillª° our housesª with spoil:ª" {Prv 1:11-13} + "[He is] a merchant,ª the balancesª of deceitª [are] in his hand:ª he lovethª° to oppress.ª° ... And Ephraimª said,ª° Yet¹ I am become rich,ª° I have found me outª° substance:ª [in] all¹ my laboursª they shall findª° none¹ iniquityª in me that¹ [were] sin.ª" {Hsa 12:7-8} + "Hearª° this,¹ O ye that swallow upª° the needy,ª even to make²° the poorª°² of the landª to fail,ª° ... That we may buyª° the poorª for silver,ª and the needyª for¹ a pair of shoes;ª [yea], and sellª° the refuseª of the wheat?ª" {Ams 8:4-6} + "For¹ the inhabitantª° of Marothª waited carefully²°¹ for good:ª but¹ evilª came downª° from¹¹ the LORDª unto the gateª of Jerusalem.ª" {Mic 1:12} + "Are thereª yet¹ the treasuresª of wickednessª°² in the houseª of the wicked,ª and the scantª measureª [that is] abominable?ª° ... Shall I count [them] pureª° with the wickedª balances,ª and with the bagª of deceitfulª weights?ª" {Mic 6:10-11} + "Woeª to him that covetethª° an evilª covetousnessª to his house,ª that he may setª° his nestª on high,ª that he may be deliveredª° from the powerª¹ of evil!ª ... For¹ the stoneª shall cry outª° of the wall,ª¹ and the beam¹ out² of the timberª¹ shall answerª° it." {Hab 2:9-11}

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