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{Isaiah 58:11} And the LORD 3068 shall guide 5148 z8804 thee continually, 8548 and satisfy 7646 z8689 thy soul 5315 in drought, 6710 and make fat 2502 z8686 thy bones: 6106 and thou shalt be x1961 like a watered 7302 garden, 1588 and like a spring 4161 of water, 4325 whose x834 waters 4325 fail 3576 z8762 not. x3808
"They shall not¹ hungerª° nor¹ thirst;ª° neither¹ shall the heatª nor sunª smiteª° them: for¹ he that hath mercyª° on them shall leadª° them, even by¹ the springsª of waterª shall he guideª° them." {Isa 49:10} + "The meekª will he guideª° in judgment:ª and the meekª will he teachª° his way.ª" {Psa 25:9} + "I will instructª° thee and teachª° thee in the wayª whichª thou shalt go:²°¹ I will guideª°¹ thee with mine eye.ª" {Psa 32:8} + "For¹ this¹ Godª [is] our Godª for everª and ever:ª he¹ will be our guideª° [even] unto¹ death.²¹" {Psa 48:14} + "Thou shalt guideª° me with thy counsel,ª and afterwardª receiveª° me [to] glory.ª" {Psa 73:24} + "Howbeitª whenª he,ª the¹ Spiritª of truth,ª is come,ª° he will guideª° youª intoª allª truth:ª forª he shall²° notª speakª° ofª himself;ª butª whatsoeverªª he shall hear,ª° [that] shall he speak:ª° andª he will shewª° youª things to come.ª°" {Jhn 16:13} + "Nowª Godª himselfª andª ourª Father,ª andª ourª Lordª Jesusª Christ,ª directª° ourª wayª untoª you.ª" {1Th 3:11}
and satisfy:
"He¹ shall dwellª° on high:ª his place of defenceª [shall be] the munitionsª of rocks:ª breadª shall be givenª° him; his watersª [shall be] sure.ª°" {Isa 33:16} + "In famineª he shall redeemª° thee from death:ª¹ and in warª from the powerª¹ of the sword.ª" {Job 5:20} + "To deliverª° their soulª from death,ª¹ and to keep them aliveª° in famine.ª" {Psa 33:19} + "O fearª°¹ the LORD,ª ye his saints:ª for¹ [there is] no¹ wantª to them that fearª him. ... The young lionsª do lack,ª° and suffer hunger:ª° but they that seekª° the LORDª shall not¹ wantª° any¹ goodª [thing]." {Psa 34:9-10} + "They shall not¹ be ashamedª° in the evilª time:ª and in the daysª of famineª they shall be satisfied.ª°" {Psa 37:19} + "For he shall be¹ as a treeª plantedª° by¹ the waters,ª and [that] spreadeth outª° her rootsª by¹ the river,ª and shall not¹ seeª° when¹ heatª cometh,ª° but her leafª shall be¹ green;ª and shall not¹ be carefulª° in the yearª of drought,ª neither¹ shall ceaseª° from yieldingª°¹ fruit.ª" {Jer 17:8} + "I¹ did knowª° thee in the wilderness,ª in the landª of great drought.ª" {Hsa 13:5}
Heb. droughts
make fat:
"They shall still¹ bring forth fruitª° in old age;ª they shall be¹ fatª and flourishing;ª" {Psa 92:14} + "It shall be¹ healthª to thy navel,ª and marrowª to thy bones.ª" {Prv 3:8} + "The liberalª soulª shall be made fat:ª° and he that waterethª° shall be wateredª° also¹ himself.¹" {Prv 11:25} + "The soulª of the sluggardª desireth,ª° and [hath] nothing:¹ but the soulª of the diligentª shall be made fat.ª°" {Prv 13:4} + "He that is of a proudª heartª stirreth upª° strife:ª but he that putteth his trustª° in¹ the LORDª shall be made fat.ª°" {Prv 28:25}
be like:
"For¹ as the earthª bringeth forthª° her bud,ª and as the gardenª causeth the things that are sownª in it to spring forth;ª° so¹ the Lordª GODª will cause righteousnessª and praiseª to spring forthª° before¹ all¹ the nations.ª" {Isa 61:11} + "A fountainª of gardens,ª a wellª of livingª waters,ª and streamsª° from¹ Lebanon.ª" {Sgs 4:15} + "Therefore they shall comeª° and singª° in the heightª of Zion,ª and shall flow togetherª° to¹ the goodnessª of the LORD,ª for¹ wheat,ª and for¹ wine,ª and for¹ oil,ª and for¹ the youngª of the flockª and of the herd:ª and their soulª shall be¹ as a wateredª garden;ª and they shall not¹ sorrowª° any moreª° at all." {Jer 31:12} + "And they shall say,ª° Thisª landª that was desolateª° is become¹ like the gardenª of Eden;ª and the wasteª and desolateª° and ruinedª° citiesª [are become] fenced,ª° [and] are inhabited.ª°" {Ezk 36:35}
Heb. lie, or deceive, "My brethrenª have dealt deceitfullyª° as¹ a brook,ª [and] as the streamª of brooksª they pass away;ª° ... They were confoundedª° because¹ they had hoped;ª° they cameª° thither,¹ and were ashamed.ª°" {Job 6:15-20}

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