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{Isaiah 3:14} The LORD 3068 will enter 935 z8799 into judgment 4941 with x5973 the ancients 2205 of his people, 5971 and the princes 8269 thereof: for ye x859 have eaten up 1197 z8765 the vineyard; 3754 the spoil 1500 of the poor 6041 [is] in your houses. 1004
"Will he reproveª° thee for fearª¹ of thee? will he enterª° with¹ thee into judgment?ª" {Job 22:4} + "For¹ he will not¹ layª° upon¹ manª more¹ [than right]; that he should enterª° into judgmentª with¹ God.ª" {Job 34:23} + "And enterª° not¹ into judgmentª with¹ thy servant:ª for¹ in thy sightª shall no¹ man¹ livingª be justified.ª°" {Psa 143:2}
the ancients:
"The mighty¹ man,² and the manª of war,ª the judge,ª° and the prophet,ª and the prudent,ª° and the ancient,ª ... The captainª of fifty,ª and the honourable²° man,ª¹ and the counsellor,ª° and the cunningª artificer,²¹ and the eloquentª° orator.ª" {Isa 3:2-3}
ye have eaten:
or, ye have burnt, "For¹ the vineyardª of the LORDª of hostsª [is] the houseª of Israel,ª and the menª of Judahª his pleasantª plant:ª and he lookedª° for judgment,ª but behold¹ oppression;ª for righteousness,ª but behold¹ a cry.ª" {Isa 5:7} + "[Some] removeª° the landmarks;ª they violently take awayª° flocks,ª and feedª° [thereof]. ... They cause the nakedª to lodgeª° without¹¹ clothing,ª that [they have] no¹ coveringª in the cold.ª" {Job 24:2-7} + "As a cageª is fullª of birds,ª so¹ [are] their housesª fullª of deceit:ª therefore¹¹ they are become great,ª° and waxen rich.ª°" {Jer 5:27} + "Hearª° this¹ word,ª ye kineª of Bashan,ª that¹ [are] in the mountainª of Samaria,ª which oppressª° the poor,ª which crushª° the needy,ª which sayª° to their masters,ª Bring,ª° and let us drink.ª°" {Ams 4:1} + "And they covetª° fields,ª and take [them] by violence;ª° and houses,ª and take [them] away:ª° so they oppressª° a manª and his house,ª even a manª and his heritage.ª" {Mic 2:2} + "Are thereª yet¹ the treasuresª of wickednessª°² in the houseª of the wicked,ª and the scantª measureª [that is] abominable?ª°" {Mic 6:10} + "Hearª° anotherª parable:ª There wasª° a certainª² householder,ª whichª plantedª° a vineyard,ª andª hedged² it² round about,ª°¹¹ andª diggedª° a winepressª inª it,ª andª builtª° a tower,ª andª let²° it² outª°¹ to husbandmen,ª andª went into a far country:ª°" {Mtt 21:33}

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