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{Psalms 139:8} If x518 I ascend up 5266 z8799 into heaven, 8064 thou x859 [art] there: x8033 if I make my bed 3331 z8686 in hell, 7585 behold, x2009 thou [art there].
I ascend:
"Sonª of man,ª take upª° a lamentationª upon¹ the kingª of Tyrus,ª and sayª° unto him, Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Thou¹ sealest upª° the sum,ª fullª of wisdom,ª and perfectª in beauty.ª ... Thine heartª was lifted upª° because of thy beauty,ª thou hast corruptedª° thy wisdomª by reason ofª thy brightness:ª I will castª° thee to¹ the ground,ª I will layª° thee beforeª kings,ª that they may beholdª° thee." {Ezk 28:12-17} + "Though¹ they digª° into hell,ª thence¹¹ shall mine handª takeª° them; though¹ they climb upª° to heaven,ª thence¹¹ will I bring them down:ª° ... And though¹ they go²°¹ into captivityª beforeª their enemies,ª° thence¹¹ will I commandª°¹ the sword,ª and it shall slayª° them: and I will setª° mine eyesª upon¹ them for evil,ª and not¹ for good.ª" {Ams 9:2-4} + "Though¹ thou exaltª° [thyself] as the eagle,ª and though¹ thou setª° thy nestª among¹ the stars,ª thence¹¹ will I bring thee down,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Oba 1:4}
in hell:
"Hellª [is] nakedª before¹ him, and destructionª hath no¹ covering.ª" {Job 26:6} + "For¹ his eyesª [are] upon¹ the waysª of man,ª and he seethª° all¹ his goings.ª ... [There is] no¹ darkness,ª nor¹ shadow of death,ª where¹ the workersª° of iniquityª may hide²° themselves.¹" {Job 34:21-22} + "Hellª and destructionª [are] before¹ the LORD:ª how much more then¹¹ the heartsª of the childrenª of men?ª" {Prv 15:11} + "And said,ª° I criedª° by reason of mine afflictionª¹ unto¹ the LORD,ª and he heardª° me; out of the bellyª¹ of hellª criedª° I, [and] thou heardestª° my voice.ª" {Jna 2:2}

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