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{Psalms 119:95} The wicked 7563 have waited 6960 z8765 for me to destroy 6 z8763 me: [but] I will consider 995 z8709 thy testimonies. 5713
"The bandsª of the wickedª have robbedª° me: [but] I have not¹ forgottenª° thy law.ª" {Psa 119:61} + "The proudª have forgedª° a lieª against¹ me: [but] I¹ will keepª° thy preceptsª with [my] whole¹ heart.ª" {Psa 119:69} + "The proudª have diggedª° pitsª for me, which¹ [are] not¹ after thy law.ª ... They had almostª consumedª° me upon earth;ª but I¹ forsookª° not¹ thy precepts.ª" {Psa 119:85-87} + "He sittethª° in the lurking placesª of the villages:ª in the secret placesª doth he murderª° the innocent:ª his eyesª are privily setª° against the poor.ª ... He croucheth,ª° [and] humblethª° himself, that the poorª²°° may fallª° by his strong ones.ª" {Psa 10:8-10} + "When the wicked,ª° [even] mine enemiesª and my foes,ª° cameª° upon¹ me to eat upª°¹ my flesh,ª they¹ stumbledª° and fell.ª°" {Psa 27:2} + "The wickedª watchethª° the righteous,ª and seekethª° to slayª° him." {Psa 37:32} + "They also that seek²° after¹ my lifeª lay snaresª° [for me]: and they that seekª° my hurtª speakª° mischievous things,ª and imagineª° deceitsª all¹ the dayª long." {Psa 38:12} + "Now¹ therefore, O king,ª come downª° according to all¹ the desireª of thy soulª to come down;ª° and our part [shall be] to deliverª° him into the king'sª hand.ª ... Seeª° therefore, and take knowledgeª° of all¹¹ the lurking placesª where¹ he hideth²° himself,¹ and come ye againª° to¹ me with¹ the certainty,ª° and I will goª° with¹ you: and it shall come to pass,¹ if¹ he beª¹ in the land,ª that I will search²° him out¹¹ throughout all¹ the thousandsª of Judah.ª" {1Sm 23:20-23} + "Moreover Ahithophelª saidª° unto¹ Absalom,ª Let me now¹ choose outª° twelveªª thousandª men,ª and I will ariseª° and pursueª° afterª Davidª this night:ª ... And the sayingª pleasedª° Absalomª well,ª and all¹ the eldersª of Israel.ª" {2Sm 17:1-4} + "Thenª assembled togetherª° the¹ chief priests,ª andª the¹ scribes,ª andª the¹ eldersª of the¹ people,ª untoª the¹ palaceª of the¹ high priest,ª who² was calledª° Caiaphas,ª ... Butª they said,ª° Notª onª the¹ feastª [day], lestª there beª° an uproarª amongª the¹ people.ª" {Mtt 26:3-5} + "Andª when Peterª was comeª° toª himself,ª he said,ª° Nowª I knowª° of a surety,ª thatª the Lordª hath sentª° his²¹ angel,ª andª hath deliveredª° meª out ofª the handª of Herod,ª andª [from] allª the¹ expectationª of the¹ peopleª of the¹ Jews.ª" {Act 12:11} + "Butª do²° notª thouª yieldª° unto them:ª forª there lie in wait¹ for²° himª ofª themª more¹ than² fortyª men,ª whichª have bound²° themselves² with an oath,ª°¹ that they will²° neitherª eatª° norª drinkª° tillª² they have¹ killedª° him:ª andª nowª are¹ they²° ready,ª looking forª° a promiseª fromª thee.ª" {Act 23:21} + "And desiredª° favourª againstª him,ª thatª he would send forª° himª toª Jerusalem,ª laying²° waitª¹ inª the¹ wayª to killª° him.ª" {Act 25:3}
but I:
"Thy testimoniesª also¹ [are] my delightª [and] my counsellors.ª²¹" {Psa 119:24} + "I have stuckª° unto thy testimonies:ª O LORD,ª put me not¹ to shame.ª°" {Psa 119:31} + "Thy testimoniesª have I taken as an heritageª° for ever:ª for¹ they¹ [are] the rejoicingª of my heart.ª" {Psa 119:111} + "I¹ [am] thy servant;ª give me understanding,ª° that I may knowª° thy testimonies.ª" {Psa 119:125} + "PE. Thy testimoniesª [are] wonderful:ª therefore¹¹ doth my soulª keepª° them." {Psa 119:129} + "My soulª hath keptª° thy testimonies;ª and I loveª° them exceedingly.ª" {Psa 119:167}

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