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{Job 29:18} Then I said, 559 z8799 I shall die 1478 z8799 in x5973 my nest, 7064 and I shall multiply 7235 z8686 [my] days 3117 as the sand. 2344
I shall die:
"And in my prosperityª I¹ said,ª° I shall neverª¹ be moved.ª° ... LORD,ª by thy favourª thou hast made my mountainª to standª° strong:ª thou didst hideª° thy face,ª [and] I was¹ troubled.ª°" {Psa 30:6-7} + "O inhabitantª° of Lebanon,ª that makest thy nestª° in the cedars,ª how¹ graciousª° shalt thou be when pangsª comeª° upon thee, the painª as of a woman in travail!ª°" {Jer 22:23} + "Thy terriblenessª hath deceivedª° thee, [and] the prideª of thine heart,ª O thou that dwellestª° in the cleftsª of the rock,ª that holdestª° the heightª of the hill:ª though¹ thou shouldest make thy nestª as highª° as the eagle,ª I will bring thee downª° from thence,¹¹ saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 49:16} + "Though¹ thou exaltª° [thyself] as the eagle,ª and though¹ thou setª° thy nestª among¹ the stars,ª thence¹¹ will I bring thee down,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Oba 1:4} + "Woeª to him that covetethª° an evilª covetousnessª to his house,ª that he may setª° his nestª on high,ª that he may be deliveredª° from the powerª¹ of evil!ª" {Hab 2:9}
"Thou shalt comeª° to¹ [thy] graveª in a full age,ª like as a shock of cornª cometh inª° in his season.ª" {Job 5:26} + "Afterª this¹ livedª° Jobª an hundredª and fortyª years,ª and sawª°¹ his sons,ª and¹ his sons'ª sons,ª [even] fourª generations.ª ... So Jobª died,ª° [being] oldª and fullª of days.ª" {Job 42:16-17} + "With longª lifeª will I satisfyª° him, and shewª° him my salvation.ª" {Psa 91:16}
as the sand:
"And thou¹ saidst,ª° I will surely²° do thee good,ª°¹ and makeª°¹ thy seedª as the sandª of the sea,ª which¹ cannot¹ be numberedª° for multitude.ª¹" {Gen 32:12} + "And Josephª gatheredª° cornª as the sandª of the sea,ª veryª much,ª° until¹ he leftª° numbering;ª° for¹ [it was] withoutª number.ª" {Gen 41:49}

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