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{Job 27:22} For [God] shall cast 7993 z8686 upon x5921 him, and not x3808 spare: 2550 z8799 he would fain y1272 z8800 flee 1272 z8799 out of his hand. 3027 x4480
For God:
"For¹ I¹ will at this¹ timeª sendª°¹ all¹ my plaguesª upon¹ thine heart,ª and upon thy servants,ª and upon thy people;ª that¹ thou mayest knowª° that¹ [there is] none¹ like me¹ in all¹ the earth.ª" {Exd 9:14} + "I will heapª° mischiefsª upon¹ them; I will spendª° mine arrowsª upon them." {Deu 32:23} + "And it came to pass,¹ as they fledª° from beforeª¹ Israel,ª [and] were in the going downª to Bethhoron,ª that the LORDª cast downª° greatª stonesª from¹ heavenª upon¹ them unto¹ Azekah,ª and they died:ª° [they were] moreª which¹ diedª° with hailstonesªª than [they] whomª¹ the childrenª of Israelª slewª° with the sword.ª" {Jsh 10:11}
not spare:
"The LORDª willª° not¹ spareª° him, but¹ then¹ the angerª of the LORDª and his jealousyª shall smokeª° against that¹ man,ª and all¹ the cursesª that are writtenª° in this¹ bookª shall lieª° upon him, and the LORDª shall blot outª°¹ his nameª from under¹¹ heaven.ª" {Deu 29:20} + "And to the othersª he saidª° in mine hearing,ª Goª° ye afterª him through the city,ª and smite:ª° let not¹ your eyeª spare,ª° neither¹ have ye pity:ª° ... Slayª° utterlyª oldª [and] young,ª both maids,ª and little children,ª and women:ª but come not nearª°¹¹ any¹ manª upon¹ whom¹ [is] the mark;ª and beginª° at my sanctuary.ª¹ Then they beganª° at the ancientª men²¹ which¹ [were] beforeª the house.ª" {Ezk 9:5-6} + "He thatªª sparedª° notª his ownª Son,ª butª delivered²° him² upª°¹ forª usª all,ª howª shall he²° notª withª himª alsoª freely giveª° usª all things?ª" {Rom 8:32} + "Forª ifª Godª sparedª° notª the angelsª that sinned,ª° butª cast [them] down to hell,ª° and deliveredª° [them] into chainsª of darkness,ª to be reservedª° untoª judgment;ª ... Andª sparedª° notª the oldª world,ª butª savedª° Noahª the eighthª [person], a preacherª of righteousness,ª bringing inª° the floodª upon the worldª of the ungodly;ª" {2Pe 2:4-5}
he would fain flee:
Heb. in fleeing he would flee, "He shall fleeª° from the ironª weapon,ª¹ [and] the bowª of steelª shall strike him through.ª°" {Job 20:24} + "And took offª°¹ their chariotª wheels,ª that they draveª° them heavily:ª so that the Egyptiansª said,ª° Let us fleeª° from the faceª¹ of Israel;ª for¹ the LORDª fightethª° for them against the Egyptians.ª ... And the watersª returned,ª° and coveredª°¹ the chariots,ª and the horsemen,ª [and] all¹ the hostª of Pharaohª that cameª° into the seaª afterª them; there remainedª° not¹ so much asª oneª of them." {Exd 14:25-28} + "Howbeit Siseraª fled awayª° on his feetª to¹ the tentª of Jaelª the wifeª of Heberª the Kenite:ª for¹ [there was] peaceª between¹ Jabinª the kingª of Hazorª and the houseª of Heberª the Kenite.ª ... Then Jaelª Heber'sª wifeª tookª°¹ a nailª of the tent,ª and tookª°¹ an hammerª in her hand,ª and wentª° softlyª unto¹ him, and smoteª°¹ the nailª into his temples,²¹ and fastenedª° it into the ground:ª for he¹ was fast asleepª° and weary.ª° So he died.ª°" {Jdg 4:17-21} + "And what¹ will ye doª° in the dayª of visitation,ª and in the desolationª [which] shall comeª° from far?ª¹ to¹ whom¹ will ye fleeª° for help?ª and where¹ will ye leaveª° your glory?ª" {Isa 10:3} + "Therefore the flightª shall perishª° from the swift,ª¹ and the strongª shall not¹ strengthenª° his force,ª neither¹ shall the mightyª deliverª° himself:ª" {Ams 2:14} + "I sawª°¹ the Lordª standingª° upon¹ the altar:ª and he said,ª° Smiteª° the lintel¹ of the door,² that the postsª may shake:ª° and cutª° them in the head,ª all¹ of them; and I will slayª° the lastª of them with the sword:ª he that fleethª° of them shall not¹ flee away,ª° and he that escapethª of them shall not¹ be delivered.ª° ... And though¹ they hide²° themselves¹ in the topª of Carmel,ª I will searchª° and take¹ them out²° thence;¹¹ and though¹ they be hidª° from¹¹ my sightª in the bottomª of the sea,ª thence¹¹ will I commandª°¹ the serpent,ª and he shall biteª° them:" {Ams 9:1-3}

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