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{Job 1:11} But 199 put forth 7971 z8798 thine hand 3027 now, x4994 and touch 5060 z8798 all x3605 that x834 he hath, and x518 he will curse 1288 z8762 y3808 thee to x5921 thy face. 6440
But put:
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Satan,ª Behold,¹ all¹ that¹ he hath [is] in thy power;ª only¹ upon¹ himself put not forthª°¹ thine hand.ª So Satanª went forthª° from¹¹ the presenceª of the LORD.ª" {Job 1:12} + "Butª put forthª° thine handª now,¹ and touchª°¹ his boneª and his flesh,ª and¹ he will curseª° thee to¹ thy face.ª" {Job 2:5} + "Therefore¹¹ is the angerª of the LORDª kindledª° against his people,ª and he hath stretched forthª° his handª against¹ them, and hath smittenª° them: and the hillsª did tremble,ª° and their carcasesª [were] tornª¹ in the midstª of the streets.ª For all¹ this¹ his angerª is not¹ turned away,ª° but his handª [is] stretched outª° still.¹" {Isa 5:25}
"But¹ now¹ it is comeª° upon¹ thee, and thou faintest;ª° it touchethª°¹ thee, and thou art troubled.ª°" {Job 4:5} + "Have pity²° upon¹ me, have pity²° upon¹ me, O ye¹ my friends;ª for¹ the handª of Godª hath touchedª° me." {Job 19:21} + "And Abimelechª chargedª°¹ all¹ [his] people,ª saying,ª° He that touchethª° this¹ manª or his wifeª shall surely²° be put to death.ª°" {Gen 26:11} + "[Saying], Touchª° not¹ mine anointed,ª and do my prophetsª no¹ harm.ª°" {Psa 105:15} + "For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª Afterª the gloryª hath he sentª° me unto¹ the nationsª which spoiledª° you: for¹ he that touchethª° you touchethª° the appleª of his eye.ª" {Zch 2:8}
and he will curse thee:
Heb. if he curse thee not, "And it was¹ so, when¹ the daysª of [their] feastingª were gone about,ª° that Jobª sentª° and sanctifiedª° them, and rose up earlyª° in the morning,ª and offeredª° burnt offeringsª [according] to the numberª of them all:¹ for¹ Jobª said,ª° It may beª that my sonsª have sinned,ª° and cursedª° Godª in their hearts.ª Thus¹ didª° Jobª continually.ª¹" {Job 1:5} + "And said,ª° Nakedª came I outª° of my mother's² womb,ª¹¹ and nakedª shall I returnª° thither:¹ the LORDª gave,ª° and the LORDª hath taken away;ª° blessedª° be¹ the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Job 1:21} + "Then saidª° his wifeª unto him, Dost thou still¹ retainª° thine integrity?ª curseª° God,ª and die.ª°" {Job 2:9} + "And they shall passª° through it, hardly besteadª° and hungry:²¹ and it shall come to pass,¹ that when¹ they shall be hungry,ª° they shall fret²° themselves,¹ and curseª° their kingª and their God,ª and lookª° upward.ª" {Isa 8:21} + "Your wordsª have been stoutª° against¹ me, saithª° the LORD.ª Yet ye say,ª° What¹ have we spokenª° [so much] against¹ thee? ... Ye have said,ª° It [is] vainª to serveª° God:ª and what¹ profitª [is it] that¹ we have keptª° his ordinance,ª and that¹ we have walkedª° mournfullyª beforeª¹ the LORDª of hosts?ª" {Mal 3:13-14} + "Andª menª were scorchedª° with greatª heat,ª andª blasphemedª° the¹ nameª of God,ª which² hathª° powerª overª theseª plagues:ª andª they repentedª° notª to giveª° himª glory.ª" {Rev 16:9} + "Andª blasphemedª° the¹ Godª of heavenª because ofª their²¹ painsª andªª their²¹ sores,ª andª repentedª° notª ofª their²¹ deeds.ª" {Rev 16:11} + "Andª there fellª° uponª menª a greatª hailª out ofª heaven,ª [every stone] aboutª the weight of a talent:ª andª menª blasphemedª° Godª because ofª the¹ plagueª of the¹ hail;ª forª the¹ plagueª thereof²¹ wasª° exceedingª great.ª" {Rev 16:21}

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