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{Leviticus 20:16} And if x834 a woman 802 approach 7126 z8799 unto x413 any x3605 beast, 929 and lie down 7250 z8800 thereto, thou shalt kill 2026 z8804 x853 the woman, 802 and the beast: 929 they shall surely y4191 z8800 be put to death; 4191 z8714 their blood 1818 [shall be] upon them.
And if a woman:
We are assured by Herodotus (in Euterp) that the abominations here referred to existed among the Egyptians, and even formed part of their superstitious religious system, and we have reason to believe that they were not uncommon among the Canaanites. (See note on "Defile²° not ye yourselves¹¹ in any¹ of these things:ª for¹ in all¹ these¹ the nationsª are defiledª° which¹ I¹ cast outª° beforeª¹ you: ... And the landª is defiled:ª° therefore I do visitª° the iniquityª thereof upon¹ it, and the landª itself vomiteth outª°¹ her inhabitants.ª°" {Lev 18:24-25}). Need we wonder then, that God should have made laws of this nature, and appointed the punishment of death for these crimes? This one observation will account for many of those strange prohibitions which we find in the Mosaic law.
and the beast:
"There shall not¹ an handª touchª° it, but¹ he shall surely²° be stoned,ª° orª shot²° through;ª° whether¹ [it be] beastª orª man,ª it shall not¹ live:ª° when the trumpetª soundeth long,ª° they¹ shall come upª° to the mount.ª" {Exd 19:13} + "If¹ an oxª goreª°¹ a manª or¹¹ a woman,ª that they die:ª° then the oxª shall be surely²° stoned,ª° and¹ his fleshª shall not¹ be eaten;ª° but the ownerª of the oxª [shall be] quit.ª" {Exd 21:28} + "If¹ the oxª shall pushª° a manservantª or¹ a maidservant;ª he shall giveª° unto their masterª thirtyª shekelsª of silver,ª and the oxª shall be stoned.ª°" {Exd 21:32} + "(Forª they could²° notª endureª° that which was commanded,ª° And if so much asª a beastª touchª° the¹ mountain,ª it shall be stoned,ª° or² thrust throughª° with a dart:ª" {Hbr 12:20}

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