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{Leviticus 20:4} And if x518 the people 5971 of the land 776 do any ways y5956 z8687 hide 5956 z8686 x853 their eyes 5869 from the man, 376 x4480 x1931 when he giveth 5414 z8800 of his seed 2233 x4480 unto Molech, 4432 and kill 4191 z8687 him not: 1115
"Andªª the¹ timesª of this ignoranceª Godª winked¹ at;²° but nowª commandethª° allª menª every whereª to repent:ª°" {Act 17:30}
and kill:
"Thou shalt not¹ consentª° unto him, nor¹ hearkenª° unto¹ him; neither¹ shall thine eyeª pityª°¹ him, neither¹ shalt thou spare,ª° neither¹ shalt thou concealª°¹ him:" {Deu 13:8} + "If¹ there be foundª° amongª you, within anyª of thy gatesª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee, manª or¹ woman,ª that¹ hath wroughtª°¹ wickednessª in the sightª of the LORDª thy God,ª in transgressingª° his covenant,ª ... Then shalt thou bring forthª°¹ that¹ manª or¹ that¹ woman,ª which¹ have committedª°¹ that¹ wickedª thing,ª unto¹ thy gates,ª [even]¹ that manª or¹¹ that woman,ª and shalt stoneª° them with stones,ª till they die.ª°" {Deu 17:2-5} + "Therefore the childrenª of Israelª couldª° not¹ standª° beforeª their enemies,ª° [but] turnedª° [their] backsª beforeª their enemies,ª° because¹ they were¹ accursed:ª neither¹ will I be¹ with¹ you any more,ª° exceptª¹ ye destroyª° the accursedª from amongª¹ you." {Jsh 7:12} + "For I have toldª° him that¹ I¹ will judgeª°¹ his houseª for² everª¹ for the iniquityª which¹ he knoweth;ª° because¹ his sonsª made themselves vile,ª° and he restrainedª° them not.¹ ... And therefore¹ I have swornª° unto the houseª of Eli,ª that the iniquityª of Eli'sª houseª shall not¹ be purgedª° with sacrificeª nor offeringª for² ever.ª¹" {1Sm 3:13-14} + "And he saidª° unto¹ him, Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Because¹ thou hast let goª° out of [thy] handª¹¹ a manª whom I appointed to utter destruction,ª therefore thy lifeª shall go¹ for¹ his life,ª and thy peopleª for¹ his people.ª" {1Kg 20:42} + "Butª I haveª° a few thingsª againstª thee,ª becauseª thou hastª° thereª them that holdª° the¹ doctrineª of Balaam,ª whoª taughtª²° Balacª to castª° a stumblingblockª beforeª the¹ childrenª of Israel,ª to eatª° things sacrificed unto idols,ª andª to commit fornication.ª°" {Rev 2:14}

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