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{Genesis 33:10} And Jacob 3290 said, 559 z8799 Nay, x408 I pray thee, x4994 if x518 now x4994 I have found 4672 z8804 grace 2580 in thy sight, 5869 then receive 3947 z8804 my present 4503 at my hand: 3027 x4480 for x3588 therefore x5921 x3651 I have seen 7200 z8804 thy face, 6440 as though I had seen 7200 z8800 the face 6440 of God, 430 and thou wast pleased x7521 with me. y7521 z8799
if now:
"Behold¹ now,¹ thy servantª hath foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª and thou hast magnifiedª° thy mercy,ª which¹ thou hast shewedª° unto¹ me² in savingª°¹ my life;ª and I¹ cannotª°¹ escapeª° to the mountain,ª lest¹ some evilª takeª° me, and I die:ª°" {Gen 19:19} + "And the timeª drew nighª° that Israelª must die:ª° and he calledª° his sonª Joseph,ª and saidª° unto him, If¹ now¹ I have foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª put,ª° I pray thee,¹ thy handª under¹ my thigh,ª and dealª° kindlyª and trulyª with¹ me; buryª° me not,¹ I pray thee,¹ in Egypt:ª" {Gen 47:29} + "And when the daysª of his mourningª were past,ª° Josephª spakeª° unto¹ the houseª of Pharaoh,ª saying,ª° If¹ now¹ I have foundª° graceª in your eyes,ª speak,ª° I pray you,¹ in the earsª of Pharaoh,ª saying,ª°" {Gen 50:4} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ the LORD,ª See,ª° thou¹ sayestª° unto¹ me, Bring upª°¹ this¹ people:ª and thou¹ hast not¹ let me knowª°¹ whom¹ thou wilt sendª° with¹ me. Yet thou¹ hast said,ª° I knowª° thee by name,ª and thou hast also¹ foundª° graceª in my sight.ª ... Now¹ therefore, I pray thee,¹ if¹ I have foundª° graceª in thy sight,ª shewª° me now¹¹ thy way,ª that¹ I may knowª° thee, that I may findª° graceª in thy sight:ª and considerª° that¹ this¹ nationª [is] thy people.ª" {Exd 33:12-13} + "Then she fellª° on¹ her face,ª and bowed²° herself¹ to the ground,ª and saidª° unto¹ him, Why¹ have I foundª° graceª in thine eyes,ª that thou shouldest take knowledgeª° of me, seeing I¹ [am] a stranger?ª" {Rth 2:10} + "And Davidª swareª° moreover,¹ and said,ª° Thy fatherª certainly²° knowethª° that¹ I have foundª° graceª in thine eyes;ª and he saith,ª° Let not¹ Jonathanª knowª° this,¹ lest¹ he be grieved:ª° but trulyª [as] the LORDª liveth,ª and [as] thy soulª liveth,ª [there¹ is] but a stepª between¹ me and death.ª" {1Sm 20:3} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª The peopleª [which were] leftª of the swordª foundª° graceª in the wilderness;ª [even] Israel,ª when I wentª° to cause him to rest.ª°" {Jer 31:2}
To accept a present from an inferior was a customary pledge of friendship; but returning it implied disaffection. It was on this ground that Jacob was so urgent with Esau to receive his present.
I have seen:
"And Jacobª calledª° the nameª of the placeª Peniel:ª for¹ I have seenª° Godª faceª to¹ face,ª and my lifeª is preserved.ª°" {Gen 32:30} + "And Judahª spakeª° unto¹ him, saying,ª° The manª did solemnly²° protestª° unto us, saying,ª° Ye shall not¹ seeª° my face,ª exceptª your brotherª [be] with¹ you." {Gen 43:3} + "And he said,ª° Well;ª I¹ will makeª° a leagueª with¹ thee: but¹ oneª thingª I¹ requireª° of¹¹ thee, that is,ª° Thou shalt not¹ seeª°¹ my face,ª except¹¹ thou firstª bringª°¹ Michalª Saul'sª daughter,ª when thou comestª° to seeª°¹ my face.ª" {2Sm 3:13} + "And the kingª said,ª° Let him turnª° to¹ his own house,ª and let him not¹ seeª° my face.ª So Absalomª returnedª° to¹ his own house,ª and sawª° not¹ the king'sª face.ª" {2Sm 14:24} + "So Absalomª dweltª° two full² yearsª¹ in Jerusalem,ª and sawª° not¹ the king'sª face.ª" {2Sm 14:28} + "And Absalomª answeredª°¹ Joab,ª Behold,¹ I sentª° unto¹ thee, saying,ª° Comeª° hither,¹ that I may sendª° thee to¹ the king,ª to say,ª° Wherefore¹ am I¹ comeª° from Geshur?ª¹ [it had been] goodª for me [to have been] there¹ still:¹ now¹ therefore let me seeª° the king'sª face;ª and if¹ there beª [any] iniquityª in me, let him killª° me." {2Sm 14:32} + "He shall prayª° unto¹ God,ª and he will be favourableª° unto him: and he shall seeª° his faceª with joy:ª for he will renderª° unto manª his righteousness.ª" {Job 33:26} + "By this¹ I knowª° that¹ thou favourestª° me, because¹ mine enemyª° doth not¹ triumphª° over¹ me." {Psa 41:11} + "Take heedª° that ye despiseª° notª oneª of theseª little ones;ª forª I sayª° unto you,ª Thatª inª heavenª theirª angelsª do alwaysªª beholdª° the¹ faceª of myª Fatherª whichª is inª heaven.ª" {Mtt 18:10} + "Andª they shall seeª° hisª face;ª andª hisª nameª [shall be] inª their²¹ foreheads.ª" {Rev 22:4}

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