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{Genesis 32:9} And Jacob 3290 said, 559 z8799 O God 430 of my father 1 Abraham, 85 and God 430 of my father 1 Isaac, 3327 the LORD 3068 which saidst 559 z8802 unto x413 me, Return 7725 z8798 unto thy country, 776 and to thy kindred, 4138 and I will deal well 3190 z8686 with x5973 thee:
"And Davidª was greatlyª distressed;ª° for¹ the peopleª spakeª° of stoningª° him, because¹ the soulª of all¹ the peopleª was grieved,ª° every manª for¹ his sonsª and for¹ his daughters:ª but Davidª encouraged²° himself¹ in the LORDª his God.ª" {1Sm 30:6} + "And said,ª° O LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª [art] not¹ thou¹ Godª in heaven?ª and rulestª° [not] thou¹ over all¹ the kingdomsª of the heathen?ª and in thine handª [is there not] powerª and might,ª so that none¹ is able to withstandª°¹ thee?" {2Ch 20:6} + "O our God,ª wilt thou not¹ judgeª° them? for¹ we have no¹ mightª againstª this¹ greatª companyª that comethª° against¹ us; neither¹ knowª° weª what¹ to do:ª° but¹ our eyesª [are] upon¹ thee." {2Ch 20:12} + "And for¹ this¹ [cause] Hezekiahª the king,ª and the prophetª Isaiahª the sonª of Amoz,ª prayedª° and criedª° to heaven.ª" {2Ch 32:20} + "I soughtª°¹ the LORD,ª and he heardª° me, and deliveredª° me from all¹¹ my fears.ª ... This¹ poor¹ man² cried,ª° and the LORDª heardª° [him], and savedª° him out of all¹¹ his troubles.ª" {Psa 34:4-6} + "And call²° upon¹ me in the dayª of trouble:ª I will deliverª° thee, and thou shalt glorifyª° me." {Psa 50:15} + "He shall call²° upon¹ me, and I will answerª° him: I¹ [will be] with¹ him in trouble;ª I will deliverª° him, and honourª° him." {Psa 91:15} + "Be carefulª° for nothing;ª butª inª every thingª by prayerª andª supplicationª withª thanksgivingª let²° yourª requestsª be made knownª° untoª God.ª ... Andª the¹ peaceª of God,ª which² passethª° allª understanding,ª shall keepª° yourª heartsª andª mindsª² throughª Christª Jesus.ª" {Php 4:6-7}
O God:
"And I will establishª°¹ my covenantª between¹ me and thee and thy seedª after¹ thee² in their generationsª for an everlastingª covenant,ª to be¹ a Godª unto thee, and to thy seedª after¹ thee.²" {Gen 17:7} + "And, behold,¹ the LORDª stoodª° above¹ it, and said,ª° I¹ [am] the LORDª Godª of Abrahamª thy father,ª and the Godª of Isaac:ª the landª whereon¹¹ thou¹ liest,ª° to thee will I give¹ it,²° and to thy seed;ª" {Gen 28:13} + "It isª in the powerª of my handª to doª° you hurt:ª but the Godª of your fatherª spakeª° unto¹ me yesternight,ª saying,ª° Take thou heedª° that thou speak¹¹ not²° to¹ Jacobª either goodª¹ or¹ bad.ª" {Gen 31:29} + "Exceptª the Godª of my father,ª the Godª of Abraham,ª and the fearª of Isaac,ª had been¹ with me, surely¹ thou hadst sent me awayª° now¹ empty.ª Godª hath seenª°¹ mine afflictionª and the labourª of my hands,ª and rebukedª° [thee] yesternight.ª" {Gen 31:42} + "The Godª of Abraham,ª and the Godª of Nahor,ª the Godª of their father,ª judgeª° betwixt¹ us. And Jacobª swareª° by the fearª of his fatherª Isaac.ª" {Gen 31:53} + "Moreover he said,ª° I¹ [am] the Godª of thy father,ª the Godª of Abraham,ª the Godª of Isaac,ª and the Godª of Jacob.ª And Mosesª hidª° his face;ª for¹ he was afraidª° to lookª°¹ upon¹ God.ª" {Exd 3:6}
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Jacob,ª Returnª° unto¹ the landª of thy fathers,ª and to thy kindred;ª and I will be¹ with¹ thee." {Gen 31:3} + "I¹ [am] the Godª of Bethel,ª where¹¹ thou anointedstª° the pillar,ª [and] where¹¹ thou vowedstª° a vowª unto me: now¹ arise,ª° get thee outª° from¹ this¹ land,ª and returnª° unto¹ the landª of thy kindred.ª" {Gen 31:13}

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