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{Genesis 31:46} And Jacob 3290 said 559 z8799 unto his brethren, 251 Gather 3950 z8798 stones; 68 and they took 3947 z8799 stones, 68 and made 6213 z8799 an heap: 1530 and they did eat 398 z8799 there x8033 upon x5921 the heap. 1530
"And he tookª°¹ his brethrenª with¹ him, and pursuedª° after¹ him² sevenª days'ª journey;ª and they overtookª° him in the mountª Gilead.ª" {Gen 31:23} + "With¹ whomsoeverª thou findestª°¹ thy gods,ª let him not¹ live:ª° beforeª our brethrenª discernª° thou what¹ [is] thine with¹ me, and takeª° [it] to thee. For Jacobª knewª° not¹ that¹ Rachelª had stolenª° them." {Gen 31:32} + "Whereasª thou hast searchedª°¹ all¹ my stuff,ª what¹ hast thou foundª° of all¹¹ thy householdª stuff?ª setª° [it] hereª before¹ my brethrenª and thy brethren,ª that they may judgeª° betwixtª us both.ª" {Gen 31:37} + "Then Jacobª offeredª° sacrificeª upon the mount,ª and calledª° his brethrenª to eatª° bread:ª and they did eatª° bread,ª and tarried all nightª° in the mount.ª" {Gen 31:54}
"And Joshuaª saidª° unto them, Pass overª° beforeª the arkª of the LORDª your Godª into¹ the midstª of Jordan,ª and take ye upª° every² manª of you a¹ stoneª upon¹ his shoulder,ª according unto the numberª of the tribesª of the childrenª of Israel:ª ... And Joshuaª set upª° twelveªª stonesª in the midstª of Jordan,ª in the place¹ where the feetª of the priestsª which bareª° the arkª of the covenantª stood:ª and they are¹ there¹ unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {Jsh 4:5-9} + "And those¹ twelveªª stones,ª which¹ they took¹ out²° of¹ Jordan,ª did Joshuaª pitchª° in Gilgal.ª ... That¹ all¹ the peopleª of the earthª might knowª°¹ the handª of the LORD,ª that¹ it¹ [is] mighty:ª that¹ ye might fearª°¹ the LORDª your Godª for ever.ª¹" {Jsh 4:20-24} + "And they raisedª° over¹ him a greatª heapª of stonesª unto¹ this¹ day.ª So the LORDª turnedª° from the fiercenessª¹ of his anger.ª Wherefore¹¹ the nameª of that¹ placeª was called,ª° The valleyª of Achor,ª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {Jsh 7:26} + "And they tookª°¹ Absalom,ª and castª° him into¹ a greatª pitª in the wood,ª and laidª° a veryª greatª heapª of stonesª upon¹ him: and all¹ Israelª fledª° every oneª to his tent.ª" {2Sm 18:17} + "A timeª to cast awayª° stones,ª and a timeª to gather²° stones² together;ª°¹ a timeª to embrace,ª° and a timeª to refrainª° from embracing;ª°¹" {Ecc 3:5}
an heap:
The word gal, rendered "heap," properly signifies a round heap or circle; probably like the Druidical remains in this country, which have been traced in India, Persia, Western Asia, Greece, and Northern Europe. These usually consist of irregular circles of large stones, with a principal one in the midst; the former probably being used for seats, and the latter for an altar; corresponding to the stone set up as a pillar by Jacob, and the heap of stones collected by his brethren. They appear to have been used, as Gilgal undoubtedly was ("And Joshuaª saidª° unto them, Pass overª° beforeª the arkª of the LORDª your Godª into¹ the midstª of Jordan,ª and take ye upª° every² manª of you a¹ stoneª upon¹ his shoulder,ª according unto the numberª of the tribesª of the childrenª of Israel:ª" {Jsh 4:5} + "And an angelª of the LORDª came upª° from¹ Gilgalª to¹ Bochim,ª and said,ª° I made you to go upª°¹ out of Egypt,ª¹ and have broughtª° you unto¹ the landª which¹ I swareª° unto your fathers;ª and I said,ª° I will neverª¹ breakª° my covenantª with¹ you." {Jdg 2:1} + "But he¹ himself turned againª° from¹ the quarriesª that¹ [were] by¹ Gilgal,ª and said,ª° I have a secretª errandª unto thee, O king:ª who said,ª° Keep silence.ª° And all¹ that stoodª° by him went outª° from¹¹ him." {Jdg 3:19} + "Then all¹ the childrenª of Israelª went out,ª° and the congregationª was gathered togetherª° as oneª man,ª from Danª¹ even to¹ Beersheba,ª with the landª of Gilead,ª unto¹ the LORDª in Mizpeh.ª ... And the menª of Israelª turned againª° upon¹ the childrenª of Benjamin,ª and smoteª° them with the edgeª of the sword,ª as well the menª of [every] city,ª¹ asª the beast,ª and all¹ that came to hand:ª° also¹ they setª° on fireª all¹ the citiesª that they came to.ª°" {Jdg 20:1-48} + "And he wentª° fromª¹ yearª to yearª in circuitª° to Bethel,ª and Gilgal,ª and Mizpeh,ª and judgedª°¹ Israelª in¹ all¹ those¹ places.ª" {1Sm 7:16} + "And thou shalt go downª° beforeª me to Gilgal;ª and, behold,¹ I¹ will come downª° unto¹ thee, to offerª° burnt offerings,ª [and] to sacrificeª° sacrificesª of peace offerings:ª sevenª daysª shalt thou tarry,ª° till¹ I comeª° to¹ thee, and shewª° thee¹ what¹ thou shalt do.ª°" {1Sm 10:8} + "And Samuelª called²° the people² together¹¹¹ unto¹ the LORDª to Mizpeh;ª" {1Sm 10:17} + "And all¹ the peopleª went²°¹ to Gilgal;ª and there¹ they made Saul² kingª°¹¹ beforeª the LORDª in Gilgal;ª and there¹ they sacrificedª° sacrificesª of peace offeringsª beforeª the LORD;ª and there¹ Saulª and all¹ the men²¹ of Israelª rejoicedª° greatly.ª" {1Sm 11:15} + "And [some of] the Hebrewsª went overª°¹ Jordanª to the landª of Gadª and Gilead.ª As for Saul,ª he [was] yet¹ in Gilgal,ª and all¹ the peopleª followedª him trembling.ª°" {1Sm 13:7} + "And Samuelª said,ª° As¹ thy swordª hath made womenª childless,ª° so¹ shall thy motherª be childlessª° among women.ª¹ And Samuelª hewed²° Agag² in piecesª°¹¹ beforeª the LORDª in Gilgal.ª" {1Sm 15:33} + "So the kingª returned,ª° and cameª° to¹ Jordan.ª And Judahª cameª° to Gilgal,ª to go²°¹ to meetª° the king,ª to conduct²° the king² overªª°¹ Jordan.ª" {2Sm 19:15} + "Then the kingª went onª° to Gilgal,ª and Chimhamª went onª° with¹ him: and all¹ the peopleª of Judahª conductedª°°°¹ the king,ª and also¹ halfª the peopleª of Israel.ª" {2Sm 19:40} + "And it came to pass,¹ when the LORDª would take upª°¹ Elijahª into heavenª by a whirlwind,ª that Elijahª went²°¹ with Elishaª from¹ Gilgal.ª" {2Kg 2:1}) as temples, and as places for holding councils, and assembling the people. For a satisfactory elucidation of this subject, consult the Fragments to Calmet, Nos. 156, 735, 736.

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