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{Genesis 31:42} Except 3884 the God 430 of my father, 1 the God 430 of Abraham, 85 and the fear 6343 of Isaac, 3327 had been x1961 with me, surely x3588 thou hadst sent me away 7971 z8765 now x6258 empty. 7387 God 430 hath seen 7200 z8804 x853 mine affliction 6040 and the labour 3018 of my hands, 3709 and rebuked 3198 z8686 [thee] yesternight. 570
"And Godª cameª° to¹ Labanª the Syrianª in a dreamª by night,ª and saidª° unto him, Take heedª° that¹ thou speakª° not toª Jacobª either goodª¹ orª bad.ª" {Gen 31:24} + "It isª in the powerª of my handª to doª° you hurt:ª but the Godª of your fatherª spakeª° unto¹ me yesternight,ª saying,ª° Take thou heedª° that thou speak¹¹ not²° to¹ Jacobª either goodª¹ or¹ bad.ª" {Gen 31:29} + "[[A Songª of degreesª of David.]]ª Ifª [it had not been] the LORDª who was¹¹ on our side, now¹ may Israelª say;ª° ... Thenª they had swallowed us upª° quick,ª when their wrathª was kindledª° against us:" {Psa 124:1-3}
"The Godª of Abraham,ª and the Godª of Nahor,ª the Godª of their father,ª judgeª° betwixt¹ us. And Jacobª swareª° by the fearª of his fatherª Isaac.ª" {Gen 31:53} + "And Isaacª trembledª° very² exceedingly,ªª¹¹ and said,ª° Who?¹ whereª [is] he¹ that hath takenª° venison,ª and broughtª° [it] me, and I have eatenª° of all¹¹ before¹ thou camest,ª° and have blessedª° him? yea,¹ [and] he shall be¹ blessed.ª°" {Gen 27:33} + "Vow,ª° and payª° unto the LORDª your God:ª let all¹ that be round aboutª him bringª° presentsª unto him that ought to be feared.ª ... He shall cut offª° the spiritª of princes:ª [he is] terribleª° to the kingsª of the earth.ª" {Psa 76:11-12} + "[[A Songª of degreesª of David.]]ª Ifª [it had not been] the LORDª who was¹¹ on our side, now¹ may Israelª say;ª°" {Psa 124:1} + "Sanctifyª°¹ the LORDª of hostsª himself; and [let] him¹ [be] your fear,ª and [let] him¹ [be] your dread.ª°" {Isa 8:13}
hath seen:
"And he said,ª° Lift upª° now¹ thine eyes,ª and see,ª° all¹ the ramsª which leapª° upon¹ the cattleª [are] ringstraked,ª speckled,ª and grisled:ª for¹ I have seenª°¹ all¹ that¹ Labanª doethª° unto thee." {Gen 31:12} + "And the LORDª came downª° to seeª°¹ the cityª and the tower,ª which¹ the childrenª of menª builded.ª°" {Gen 11:5} + "And the angelª of the LORDª saidª° unto her, Behold,ª thou [art] with child,ª and shalt bearª° a son,ª and shalt callª° his nameª Ishmael;ª because¹ the LORDª hath heardª°¹ thy affliction.ª" {Gen 16:11} + "And she calledª° the nameª of the LORDª that spakeª° unto¹ her, Thou¹ Godª seest¹ me:² for¹ she said,ª° Have I also¹ hereª lookedª° after¹ him² that seeth¹ me?²" {Gen 16:13} + "And Leahª conceived,ª° and bareª° a son,ª and she calledª° his nameª Reuben:ª forª she said,ª° Surelyª the LORDª hath lookedª° upon my affliction;ª now¹ thereforeª my husbandª will loveª° me." {Gen 29:32} + "And the LORDª said,ª° I have surely²° seenª°¹ the afflictionª of my peopleª which¹ [are] in Egypt,ª and have heardª° their cryª by reason² of¹¹ their taskmasters;ª° for¹ I knowª°¹ their sorrows;ª" {Exd 3:7} + "And Davidª went outª° to meetª them, and answeredª° and saidª° unto them, If¹ ye be comeª° peaceablyª unto¹ me to helpª° me, mine heartª shall be¹ knitª unto¹ you: but if¹ [ye be come] to betrayª° me to mine enemies,ª seeing [there is] noª wrongª in mine hands,ª the Godª of our fathersª lookª° [thereon], and rebukeª° [it]." {1Ch 12:17} + "I will be gladª° and rejoiceª° in thy mercy:ª for¹ thou hast consideredª°¹ my trouble;ª thou hast knownª° my soulª in adversities;ª" {Psa 31:7} + "Yetª Michaelª the¹ archangel,ª whenª contendingª° with the¹ devilª he disputedª° aboutª the¹ bodyª of Moses,ª durstª° notª bring against¹ him²° a railingª accusation,ª butª said,ª° The Lordª rebukeª° thee.ª" {Jde 1:9}

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