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{Genesis 31:36} And Jacob 3290 was wroth, 2734 z8799 and chode 7378 z8799 with Laban: 3837 and Jacob 3290 answered 6030 z8799 and said 559 z8799 to Laban, 3837 What x4100 [is] my trespass? 6588 what x4100 [is] my sin, 2403 that x3588 thou hast so hotly pursued 1814 z8804 after x310 me? y310
was wroth:
"And Jacob'sª angerª was kindledª° against Rachel:ª and he said,ª° [Am] I¹ in God'sª stead,¹ who¹ hath withheldª° from¹ thee the fruitª of the womb?ª" {Gen 30:2} + "And the sonsª of Jacobª cameª° out of¹ the fieldª when they heardª° [it]: and the men²¹ were grieved,ª° and they were very² wroth,ª°¹ because¹ he had wroughtª° follyª in Israelª in lying²° with¹¹ Jacob'sª daughter;ª which thing¹ ought not¹ to be done.ª°" {Gen 34:7} + "Cursedª° [be] their anger,ª for¹ [it was] fierce;ª and their wrath,ª for¹ it was cruel:ª° I will divideª° them in Jacob,ª and scatterª° them in Israel.ª" {Gen 49:7} + "And Mosesª was very² wroth,ª°¹ and saidª° unto¹ the LORD,ª Respectª°¹ not¹ thou their offering:ª I have not¹ takenª° oneª assª from¹ them, neither¹ have I hurtª°¹ oneª of¹ them." {Num 16:15} + "But Naamanª was wroth,ª° and went away,²°¹ and said,ª° Behold,¹ I thought,ª° He will surely²° come outª° to¹ me, and stand,ª° and callª° on the nameª of the LORDª his God,ª and strikeª° his handª over¹ the place,ª and recoverª° the leper.ª°" {2Kg 5:11} + "And the manª of Godª was wrothª° with¹ him, and said,ª° Thou shouldest have smittenª° fiveª or¹ sixª times;ª then¹ hadst thou smittenª°¹ Syriaª till¹ thou hadst consumedª° [it]: whereas now¹ thou shalt smiteª°¹ Syriaª [but] thrice.ªª" {2Kg 13:19} + "The wickedª fleeª° when no¹ man pursueth:ª° but the righteousª are boldª° as a lion.ª" {Prv 28:1} + "Andª when he had looked round aboutª° on themª withª anger,ª being grievedª° forª the¹ hardnessª of theirª hearts,ª he saithª° unto the¹ man,ª Stretch forthª° thineª hand.ª Andª he stretched [it] out:ª° andª hisª handª was restoredª° wholeª asª the¹ other.ª" {Mrk 3:5} + "Be ye angry,ª° andª sinª° not:² let²°¹ notª the¹ sunª go downª° uponª yourª wrath:ª" {Eph 4:26} + "Wherefore,ª myª belovedª brethren,ª let²° everyª manª beª° swiftª to² hear,ª° slowª to² speak,ª° slowª toª wrath:ª ... Forª the wrathª of manª workethª° notª the righteousnessª of God.ª" {Jms 1:19-20}

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