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{Genesis 22:1} And it came to pass x1961 after 310 these x428 things, 1697 that God 430 did tempt 5254 z8765 x853 Abraham, 85 and said 559 z8799 unto x413 him, Abraham: 85 and he said, 559 z8799 Behold, x2009 [here] I [am].
am 2132, bc 1872, Jos, Ant
"And he criedª° unto¹ the LORD;ª and the LORDª shewedª° him a tree,ª [which] when he had castª° into¹ the waters,ª the watersª were made sweet:ª° there¹ he madeª° for them a statuteª and an ordinance,ª and there¹ he provedª° them, ... And said,ª° If¹ thou wilt diligently²° hearkenª° to the voiceª of the LORDª thy God,ª and wilt doª° that which is rightª in his sight,ª and wilt give earª° to his commandments,ª and keepª° all¹ his statutes,ª I will putª° none¹¹ of these diseasesª upon¹ thee, which¹ I have broughtª° upon the Egyptians:ª for¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª that healethª° thee." {Exd 15:25-26} + "Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ Moses,ª Behold,¹ I will rainª° breadª from¹ heavenª for you; and the peopleª shall go outª° and gatherª° a certain rate² every day,ª¹ that¹ I may proveª° them, whether they will walk²°¹ in my law,ª or¹ no.¹" {Exd 16:4} + "And thou shalt rememberª°¹ all¹ the wayª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª led²°¹ thee these¹ fortyª yearsª in the wilderness,ª to¹ humbleª° thee, [and] to proveª° thee, to knowª°¹ what¹ [was] in thine heart,ª whether thou wouldest keepª° his commandments,ª or¹ no.¹" {Deu 8:2} + "Thou shalt not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ the wordsª of that¹ prophet,ª or¹ that¹ dreamerª° of dreams:ª for¹ the LORDª your Godª provethª° you, to knowª° whether¹ ye² loveª°¹ the LORDª your Godª with all¹ your heartª and with all¹ your soul.ª" {Deu 13:3} + "That¹ through them I may proveª°¹ Israel,ª whether they¹ will keepª°¹ the wayª of the LORDª to walk²°¹ therein, as¹ their fathersª did keepª° [it], or¹ not.¹" {Jdg 2:22} + "And againª° the angerª of the LORDª was kindledª° against Israel,ª and he movedª°¹ Davidª against them to say,ª° Go,²°¹ numberª°¹ Israelª and Judah.ª" {2Sm 24:1} + "Howbeitª in [the business of] the ambassadorsª° of the princesª of Babylon,ª who sentª° unto¹ him to enquire²° of¹ the wonderª that¹ was¹ [done] in the land,ª Godª leftª° him, to tryª° him, that he might knowª° all¹ [that was] in his heart.ª" {2Ch 32:31} + "The fining potª [is] for silver,ª and the furnaceª for gold:ª but the LORDª triethª° the hearts.ª" {Prv 17:3} + "There hath²° noª temptationª takenª° youª butª such as is common to man:ª butª Godª [is] faithful,ª whoª will²° notª sufferª° youª to be temptedª° aboveª thatª ye are able;ª° butª will²° withª the¹ temptationª alsoª makeª° a way to escape,ª that yeª may be ableª° to bearª° [it]." {1Co 10:13} + "By faithª Abraham,ª when he was tried,ª° offered upª° Isaac:ª andª he that had receivedª° the¹ promisesª offered upª° his only begottenª [son]," {Hbr 11:17} + "Blessedª [is] the manª thatª endurethª° temptation:ª forª when he is¹ tried,ª²° he shall receiveª° the¹ crownª of life,ª whichª the¹ Lordª hath promisedª° to them that loveª° him.ª ... Butª every manª is tempted,ª° when he is drawn awayª° ofª his ownª lust,ª andª enticed.ª°" {Jms 1:12-14} + "Was²° notª Abrahamª ourª fatherª justifiedª° byª works,ª when he had offeredª° Isaacª his²¹ sonª uponª the¹ altar?ª" {Jms 2:21} + "Thatª the¹ trialª of yourª faith,ª being muchª more preciousª than of goldª that perisheth,ª° thoughª² it be triedª° with¹ fire,ª might be foundª° untoª praiseª andª honourª andª gloryª atª the appearingª of Jesusª Christ:ª" {1Pe 1:7}
Or prove, or try, as tempt, from tento, originally signified.
Behold, here I am:
Heb. Behold me, "And Isaacª spakeª° unto¹ Abrahamª his father,ª and said,ª° My father:ª and he said,ª° Here¹ [am] I, my son.ª And he said,ª° Behold¹ the fireª and the wood:ª but where¹ [is] the lambª for a burnt offering?ª" {Gen 22:7} + "And the angelª of the LORDª calledª° unto¹ him out of¹ heaven,ª and said,ª° Abraham,ª Abraham:ª and he said,ª° Here¹ [am] I." {Gen 22:11} + "And when the LORDª sawª° that¹ he turned asideª° to see,ª° Godª calledª° unto¹ him out of the midstª¹ of the bush,ª and said,ª° Moses,ª Moses.ª And he said,ª° Here¹ [am] I." {Exd 3:4} + "Also I heardª°¹ the voiceª of the Lord,ª saying,ª°¹ Whom¹ shall I send,ª° and who¹ will go²°¹ for us? Then saidª° I, Here [am] I;¹ sendª° me." {Isa 6:8}

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