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{Genesis 20:17} So Abraham 85 prayed 6419 z8691 unto x413 God: 430 and God 430 healed 7495 z8799 x853 Abimelech, 40 and his wife, 802 and his maidservants; 519 and they bare 3205 z8799 [children].
"Now¹ therefore restoreª° the manª [his] wife;ª for¹ he¹ [is] a prophet,ª and he shall prayª° for¹ thee,² and thou shalt live:ª° and if¹ thou restoreª° [her] not,¹ knowª° thou that¹ thou shalt surely²° die,ª° thou,¹ and all¹ that¹ [are] thine." {Gen 20:7} + "And when the LORDª sawª° that¹ Leahª [was] hated,ª° he openedª°¹ her womb:ª but Rachelª [was] barren.ª" {Gen 29:31} + "So they sentª° and gathered togetherª°¹ all¹ the lordsª of the Philistines,ª and said,ª° Send awayª°¹ the arkª of the Godª of Israel,ª and let it go againª° to his own place,ª that it slayª° us not,¹ and our people:ª for¹ there was¹ a deadlyª destructionª throughout all¹ the city;ª the handª of Godª was veryª heavyª° there.¹ ... And the men²¹ that¹ diedª° not¹ were smittenª° with the emerods:ª²° and the cryª of the cityª went upª° to heaven.ª" {1Sm 5:11-12} + "That¹ they may¹ offerª²°° sacrifices of sweet savoursª unto the Godª of heaven,ª and prayª° for the lifeª of the king,ª and of his sons.ª" {Ezr 6:10} + "So Eliphazª the Temaniteª and Bildadª the Shuhiteª [and] Zopharª the Naamathiteª went,²°¹ and didª° according as¹ the LORDª commandedª°¹ them: the LORDª also acceptedª°¹¹ Job.ª² ... And the LORDª turnedª°¹ the captivityª° of Job,ª when he prayedª° for¹ his friends:ª also the LORDª gaveª° Jobª¹ twice¹ as much² as he had before.¹¹" {Job 42:9-10} + "The sacrificeª of the wickedª [is] an abominationª to the LORD:ª but the prayerª of the uprightª [is] his delight.ª" {Prv 15:8} + "The LORDª [is] farª from the wicked:ª¹ but he hearethª° the prayerª of the righteous.ª" {Prv 15:29} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Holy Oneª of Israel,ª and his Maker,ª° Askª° me of things to comeª° concerning¹ my sons,ª and concerning¹ the workª of my handsª commandª° ye me." {Isa 45:11} + "Ask,ª° and²¹ it shall be givenª° you;ª seek,ª° andª ye shall find;ª° knock,ª° andª it shall be openedª° unto you:ª" {Mtt 7:7} + "Andª all things,ª whatsoeverªª ye shall askª° inª prayer,ª believing,ª° ye shall receive.ª°" {Mtt 21:22} + "Yea,²¹ and²¹ allª the¹ prophetsª fromª Samuelª andª those that follow after,ª as many asª have spoken,ª° have²° likewiseª foretoldª° of theseª days.ª" {Act 3:24} + "Be carefulª° for nothing;ª butª inª every thingª by prayerª andª supplicationª withª thanksgivingª let²° yourª requestsª be made knownª° untoª God.ª" {Php 4:6} + "Brethren,ª prayª° forª us.ª" {1Th 5:25} + "Confessª° [your] faultsª one to another,ª andª prayª° one²° for² another,ª¹ thatª ye may be healed.ª° The effectual ferventª° prayerª of a righteous manª availethª° much.ª" {Jms 5:16}

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