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{Genesis 18:25} That be far 2486 from thee to do 6213 z8800 x4480 after this x2088 manner, 1697 to slay 4191 z8687 the righteous 6662 with x5973 the wicked: 7563 and that the righteous 6662 should be x1961 as the wicked, 7563 that be far 2486 from thee: Shall not x3808 the Judge 8199 z8802 of all x3605 the earth 776 do 6213 z8799 right? 4941
be far:
"Righteousª [art] thou,¹ O LORD,ª when¹ I pleadª° with¹ thee: yet¹ let me talkª° with¹ thee of [thy] judgments:ª Wherefore¹ doth the wayª of the wickedª prosper?ª° [wherefore] are all¹ they happyª° that deal very² treacherously?ª°¹" {Jer 12:1}
that the:
"Behold,¹ Godª will not¹ cast awayª° a perfectª [man], neither¹ will he helpªª° the evil doers:ª°" {Job 8:20} + "This¹ [is] oneª [thing], therefore¹¹ I saidª° [it], He¹ destroyethª° the perfectª and the wicked.ª ... If¹ the scourgeª slayª° suddenly,ª he will laughª° at the trialª of the innocent.ª" {Job 9:22-23} + "¹ All¹ [things] have I seenª° in the daysª of my vanity:ª there isª a justª [man] that perishethª° in his righteousness,ª and there is¹ a wickedª [man] that prolongethª° [his life] in his wickedness.ª" {Ecc 7:15} + "Though¹ a sinnerª° doª° evilª an hundred times,ª and his [days] be prolonged,ª° yet¹ surely¹ I¹ knowª° that¹ it shall be¹ wellª with them that fearª God,ª which¹ fearª° beforeª¹ him: ... But it shall not¹ be¹ wellª with the wicked,ª neither¹ shall he prolongª° [his] days,ª [which are] as a shadow;ª because¹ he feareth²¹ not¹ beforeª¹ God.ª" {Ecc 8:12-13} + "Sayª° ye to the righteous,ª that¹ [it shall be] well²¹ [with him]: for¹ they shall eatª° the fruitª of their doings.ª ... Woeª unto the wicked!ª [it shall be] illª [with him]: for¹ the rewardª of his handsª shall be givenª° him." {Isa 3:10-11} + "The righteousª perisheth,ª° and no¹ manª layethª° [it] to¹ heart:ª and mercifulª men²¹ [are] taken away,ª° none¹ consideringª° that¹ the righteousª is taken awayª° fromª¹ the evilª [to come]. ... He shall enterª° into peace:ª they shall restª° in¹ their beds,ª [each one] walkingª° [in] his uprightness.ª" {Isa 57:1-2} + "Then shall ye return,ª° and discernª° between¹ the righteousª and the wicked,ª between¹ him that servethª° Godª and him¹ that servethª° him not.¹" {Mal 3:18}
"[He is] the Rock,ª his workª [is] perfect:ª for¹ all¹ his waysª [are] judgment:ª a Godª of truthª and without¹ iniquity,ª justª and rightª [is] he.¹" {Deu 32:4} + "Doth Godª pervertª° judgment?ª or¹ doth the Almightyª pervertª° justice?ª" {Job 8:3} + "Shall even¹ he that hatethª° rightª govern?ª° and wilt thou condemnª° him that is mostª just?ª ... [How much less to him] that¹ acceptethª° not¹ the personsª of princes,ª nor¹ regardethª° the richª more thanª the poor?ª for¹ they all¹ [are] the workª of his hands.ª" {Job 34:17-19} + "The LORDª triethª° the righteous:ª but the wickedª and him that lovethª° violenceª his soulª hateth.ª° ... For¹ the righteousª LORDª lovethª° righteousness;ª his countenanceª doth beholdª° the upright.ª" {Psa 11:5-7} + "So that a manª shall say,ª° Verily¹ [there is] a rewardª for the righteous:ª verily¹ he isª a Godª that judgethª° in the earth.ª" {Psa 58:11} + "Lift up²° thyself,¹ thou judgeª° of the earth:ª renderª° a rewardª to¹ the proud.ª" {Psa 94:2} + "Beforeª the LORD;ª for¹ he comethª° to judgeª° the earth:ª with righteousnessª shall he judgeª° the world,ª and the peopleª with equity.ª" {Psa 98:9} + "God forbid:ªª° for thenª howª shall²° Godª judgeª°° the¹ world?ª" {Rom 3:6}
"Forªª the¹ Fatherª judgethª° no man,ª butª hath committedª° allª judgmentª unto the¹ Son:ª ... Andª hath givenª° himª authorityª to executeª° judgmentª also,ª becauseª he isª° the Sonª of man.ª" {Jhn 5:22-27} + "Forª weª mustª° allª appearª° beforeª the¹ judgment seatª of Christ;ª thatª every oneª may receiveª° the things¹ [done] inª [his] body,ª accordingª to thatª he hath done,ª° whetherª [it be] goodª orª bad.ª" {2Co 5:10}

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