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{Genesis 17:16} And I will bless 1288 z8765 her, and give 5414 z8804 thee a son 1121 also x1571 of x4480 her: yea, I will bless 1288 z8765 her, and she shall be x1961 [a mother] of nations; 1471 kings 4428 of people 5971 shall be x1961 of x4480 her.
And I:
"And Godª blessedª° them, and Godª saidª° unto them, Be fruitful,ª° and multiply,ª° and replenishª°¹ the earth,ª and subdue¹ it:²° and have dominionª° over the fishª of the sea,ª and over the fowlª of the air,ª and over every¹ living thingª that movethª° upon¹ the earth.ª" {Gen 1:28} + "And I will make¹ of thee²° a greatª nation,ª and I will blessª° thee, and make²° thy name² great;ª°¹ and thou shalt be¹ a blessing:ª" {Gen 12:2} + "And they blessedª°¹ Rebekah,ª and saidª° unto her, Thouª [art] our sister,ª be¹ thou²° [the mother] of thousandsª of millions,ª and let thy seedª possessª°¹ the gateª of those which hateª° them." {Gen 24:60} + "Forª thisª [is] the¹ wordª of promise,ª Atª thisª timeª will I come,ª° andª Saraª shall haveª° a son.ª" {Rom 9:9}
"And he said,ª° I will certainly²° returnª° unto¹ thee according to the timeª of life;ª and, lo,¹ Sarahª thy wifeª shall have a son.ª And Sarahª heardª° [it] in the tentª door,ª which¹ [was] behind¹ him.² ... Is²° any thingª too hardª° for the LORD?ª¹ At the time appointedª I will returnª° unto¹ thee, according to the timeª of life,ª and Sarahª shall have a son.ª" {Gen 18:10-14}
be a mother of nations:
Heb. become nations, "And Godª saidª° unto him, I¹ [am] Godª Almighty:ª be fruitfulª° and multiply;ª° a nationª and a companyª of nationsª shall be¹ of¹ thee, and kingsª shall come²° out¹ of thy loins;ª¹" {Gen 35:11} + "Butª Jerusalemª which is aboveª isª° free,ª whichª isª° the motherª of usª all.ª ... So then,ª brethren,ª we areª° notª childrenª of the bondwoman,ª butª of the¹ free.ª" {Gal 4:26-31} + "Even asª Saraª obeyedª° Abraham,ª callingª° himª lord:ª whoseª daughtersª ye are,ª° as long as ye do well,ª° andª are²° not² afraidª°¹ with anyª amazement.ª" {1Pe 3:6}
"And I will make²° thee exceedingª fruitful,ª° and I will makeª° nationsª of thee, and kingsª shall come outª° of¹ thee." {Gen 17:6} + "And kingsª shall be¹ thy nursing fathers,ª° and their queensª thy nursing mothers:ª° they shall bow downª° to thee with [their] faceª toward the earth,ª and lick upª° the dustª of thy feet;ª and thou shalt knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD:ª for they¹ shall not¹ be ashamedª° that waitª° for me." {Isa 49:23}

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