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{Romans 8:20} For 1063 the x3588 creature 2937 was made subject 5293 z5648 to vanity, 3153 not 3756 willingly, 1635 but 235 by reason y1223 of x1223 him who hath subjected 5293 z5660 [the same] in 1909 hope, 1680
the creature:
"Forª we knowª° thatª the wholeª creationª groanethª° andª travaileth in pain togetherª° untilª now.ª" {Rom 8:22} + "And unto Adamª he said,ª° Because¹ thou hast hearkenedª° unto the voiceª of thy wife,ª and hast eatenª° of¹ the tree,ª of whichª I commanded¹ thee,²° saying,ª° Thou shalt not¹ eatª° of¹ it: cursedª° [is] the groundª for thy sake;¹ in sorrowª shalt thou eatª° [of] it allª the daysª of thy life;ª ... In the sweatª of thy faceª shalt thou eatª° bread,ª tillª thou returnª° unto¹ the ground;ª for¹ out of¹ it wast thou taken:ª° for¹ dustª thouª [art], and unto¹ dustª shalt thou return.ª°" {Gen 3:17-19} + "And he calledª°¹ his nameª Noah,ª saying,ª° This¹ [same] shall comfortª° us concerning our workª¹ and toilª¹ of our hands,ª because² of¹ the groundª which¹ the LORDª hath cursed.ª°" {Gen 5:29} + "And Godª saidª° unto Noah,ª The endª of all¹ fleshª is comeª° before¹ me;² for¹ the earthª is filled¹ with²° violenceª through them;ª¹ and, behold,¹ I will destroyª° them withª the earth.ª" {Gen 6:13} + "The tabernaclesª of robbersª° prosper,ª° and they that provokeª° Godª are secure;ª into whose¹ handª Godª bringethª° [abundantly]. ... In whose¹ handª [is] the soulª of every¹ living thing,ª and the breathª of all¹ mankind.ªª" {Job 12:6-10} + "The earthª also is defiledª° under¹ the inhabitantsª° thereof; because¹ they have transgressedª° the laws,ª changedª° the ordinance,ª brokenª° the everlastingª covenant.ª ... Therefore¹¹ hath the curseª devouredª° the earth,ª and they that dwellª° therein are desolate:ª° therefore¹¹ the inhabitantsª° of the earthª are burned,ª° and fewª menª left.ª°" {Isa 24:5-6} + "How long¹¹ shall the landª mourn,ª° and the herbsª of every¹ fieldª wither,ª° for the wickednessª¹ of them that dwellª° therein? the beastsª are consumed,ª° and the birds;ª because¹ they said,ª° He shall not¹ seeª°¹ our last end.ª" {Jer 12:4} + "They have madeª° it desolate,²¹ [and being] desolate²¹ it mournethª° unto¹ me; the whole¹ landª is made¹ desolate,ª° because¹ no¹ manª layethª° [it] to¹ heart.ª" {Jer 12:11} + "Yea,¹ the hindª also calvedª° in the field,ª and forsookª° [it], because¹ there was¹ no¹ grass.ª ... And the wild assesª did standª° in¹ the high places,ª they snuffed upª° the windª like dragons;ª their eyesª did fail,ª° because¹ [there was] no¹ grass.ª" {Jer 14:5-6} + "Therefore¹¹ shall the landª mourn,ª° and every one¹ that dwellethª° therein shall languish,ª° with the beastsª of the field,ª and with the fowlsª of heaven;ª yea, the fishesª of the seaª also¹ shall be taken away.ª°" {Hsa 4:3} + "How¹ do the beastsª groan!ª° the herdsª of cattleª are perplexed,ª° because¹ they have no¹ pasture;ª yea,¹ the flocksª of sheepª are made desolate.ª°" {Jol 1:18}

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