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{Acts 21:1} And 1161 it x5613 came to pass, 1096 z5633 that after y5613 we 2248 were gotten 645 z5685 from 575 them, 846 and had launched, 321 z5683 we came 2064 z5627 with a straight course 2113 z5660 unto 1519 Coos, 2972 and 1161 the x3588 [day] following 1836 unto 1519 Rhodes, 4499 and from thence 2547 unto 1519 Patara: 3959
we were:
"Andª they all² wept²²° sore,ª¹¹¹ andª fellª° onª Paul'sª neck,ª and kissedª° him,ª ... Sorrowingª° most of allª forª the¹ wordsª whichª he spake,ª° thatª they shouldª° seeª° his²¹ faceª no more.ª Andª they accompaniedª° himª untoª the¹ ship.ª" {Act 20:37-38} + "[And] as soon as the ladª was gone,ª° Davidª aroseª° out of [a place] towardª¹ the south,ª and fellª° on his faceª to the ground,ª and bowed²° himself¹ threeª times:ª and they kissedª° oneª¹ another,ª and weptª° oneª with¹ another,ª until¹ Davidª exceeded.ª° ... And Jonathanª saidª° to David,ª Go²°¹ in peace,ª forasmuch as¹ we have swornª° bothª of us¹ in the nameª of the LORD,ª saying,ª° The LORDª be¹ between¹ me and thee, and between¹ my seedª and thy seedª for² ever.ª¹ And he aroseª° and departed:²°¹ and Jonathanª wentª° into the city.ª" {1Sm 20:41-42} + "Butª we,ª brethren,ª being takenª° fromª youª forª a short² timeª¹ in presence,ª notª in heart,ª endeavouredª° the more abundantlyª to seeª° yourª faceª withª greatª desire.ª" {1Th 2:17}
and had:
"Andª entering²° into¹ a shipª of Adramyttium,ª we launched,ª° meaningª° to sailª° by² the¹ coastsª of¹ Asia;ª [one] Aristarchus,ª a Macedonianª of Thessalonica,ª beingª° withª us.ª" {Act 27:2} + "And²° when we had launched²° from thence,ª¹ we sailed underª° Cyprus,ª because² the¹ windsª wereª° contrary.ª" {Act 27:4} + "Nowª whenª he had leftª° speaking,ª° he saidª° untoª Simon,ª Launch outª° intoª the¹ deep,ª andª let downª° yourª netsª forª a draught.ª" {Lke 5:4} + "Nowª it came to passª° onª a certainª day,ª thatª heª wentª° intoª a shipª withª hisª disciples:ª andª he saidª° untoª them,ª Let us go overª° untoª the¹ other sideª of the¹ lake.ª Andª they launched forth.ª°" {Lke 8:22}
Coos, Cos, or Co, now Zia, is an island in the Aegean sea, one of those called Cyclades, near the south-west point of Asia Minor, and about fifteen miles from Halicarnassus. Rhodes. Rhodes is a celebrated island in the same sea, southward of Caria, from which it is distant about twenty miles, next to Cyprus and Lesbos in extent, being 120 miles in circumference. It was remarkable for the clearness of the air, and its pleasant and healthy climate, and chiefly for its Colossus of brass, seventy cubits high, with each finger as large as an ordinary man, standing astride over the mouth of the harbour, so that ships in full sail passed between its legs.

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