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{John 5:14} Afterward 3326 5023 Jesus 2424 findeth 2147 z5719 him 846 in 1722 the x3588 temple, 2411 and 2532 said 2036 z5627 unto him, 846 Behold, 2396 thou art made 1096 z5754 whole: 5199 sin 264 z5720 no more, 3371 lest 3363 a worse x5501 thing 5100 y5501 come 1096 z5638 unto thee. 4671
in the:
"If¹ he offerª° it for¹ a thanksgiving,ª then he shall offerª° with¹ the sacrificeª of thanksgivingª unleavenedª cakesª mingledª° with oil,ª and unleavenedª wafersª anointedª° with oil,ª and cakesª mingledª° with oil,ª of fine flour,ª fried.ª°" {Lev 7:12} + "Have mercyª° upon me, O LORD;ª considerª° my troubleª [which I suffer] of them that hateª°¹ me, thou that liftest me upª° from the gatesª¹ of death:ª" {Psa 9:13} + "And now¹ shall mine headª be lifted upª° above¹ mine enemiesª° round aboutª me: therefore will I offerª° in his tabernacleª sacrificesª of joy;ª I will sing,ª° yea, I will sing praisesª° unto the LORD.ª" {Psa 27:6} + "I will goª° into thy houseª with burnt offerings:ª I will payª° thee my vows,ª ... I will offerª° unto thee burnt sacrificesª of fatlings,ª with¹ the incenseª of rams;ª I will offerª° bullocksª with¹ goats.ª Selah.ª" {Psa 66:13-15} + "He sentª° his word,ª and healedª° them, and deliveredª° [them] from their destructions.ª¹ ... And let them sacrificeª° the sacrificesª of thanksgiving,ª and declareª° his worksª with rejoicing.ª" {Psa 107:20-22} + "What¹ shall I renderª° unto the LORDª [for] all¹ his benefitsª toward¹ me? ... In the courtsª of the LORD'Sª house,ª in the midstª of thee, O Jerusalem.ª Praiseª° ye the LORD.ª" {Psa 116:12-19} + "The LORDª hath chastened²° me sore:ª° but he hath not¹ given me overª° unto death.ª" {Psa 118:18} + "The LORDª [was ready] to saveª° me: therefore we will sing my songs²¹ to the stringed instruments²°¹ all¹ the daysª of our lifeª in¹ the houseª of the LORD.ª" {Isa 38:20} + "Hezekiahª also had said,ª° What¹ [is] the signª that¹ I shall go upª° to the houseª of the LORD?ª" {Isa 38:22}
"ª She¹ said,ª° No man,ª Lord.ª Andª Jesusª saidª° unto her,ª Neitherª do²° Iª condemnª° thee:ª go,ª° andª sinª° no more.ª" {Jhn 8:11} + "And afterª all¹ that is comeª° upon¹ us for our evilª deeds,ª and for our greatª trespass,ª seeing¹ that thou¹ our Godª hast punishedª° us lessª than our iniquitiesª¹ [deserve], and hast givenª° us [such] deliveranceª as this;¹ ... Should we againª° breakª° thy commandments,ª and join in affinityª° with the peopleª of these¹ abominations?ª wouldest not¹ thou be angryª° with us till¹ thou hadst consumedª° [us], so that [there should be] no¹ remnantª nor escaping?ª" {Ezr 9:13-14} + "But after they had rest,ª° they didª° evilª againª° beforeª thee: therefore leftestª° thou them in the handª of their enemies,ª° so that they had the dominionª° over them: yet when they returned,ª° and criedª° unto thee, thou¹ heardestª° [them] from heaven;ª¹ and manyª timesª didst thou deliverª° them according to thy mercies;ª" {Neh 9:28} + "Forª the timeª pastª° of [our] lifeª may sufficeª usª to have wroughtª° the¹ willª of the¹ Gentiles,ª when we walkedª° inª lasciviousness,ª lusts,ª excess of wine,ª revellings,ª banquetings,ª andª abominableª idolatries:ª" {1Pe 4:3}
"Andª a certainª manª wasª° there,ª which hadª° an¹ infirmityª² thirty² and eightª¹ years.ª" {Jhn 5:5} + "And if¹ ye will not¹ be reformedª° by me by these things,¹ but will walkª° contraryª unto¹ me; ... Then will I¹ also¹ walkª° contraryª unto¹ you, and will punishª° you yetª seven timesª for¹ your sins.ª" {Lev 26:23-24} + "And if¹ ye will not¹ for all thisª hearkenª° unto me, but walkª° contraryª unto¹ me;" {Lev 26:27} + "And in the timeª of his distressª° did he trespassª° yet moreª° against the LORD:ª this¹ [is that] kingª Ahaz.ª" {2Ch 28:22} + "Thenª goeth¹ he,²° andª takethª° withª himselfª sevenª otherª spiritsª more wickedª than himself,ª andª they enter inª° and dwellª° there:ª andª the¹ lastª [state] of thatª manª isª° worse¹ than² the¹ first.ª Even soª shall it beª° alsoª unto thisª wickedª generation.ª" {Mtt 12:45} + "Andª I gaveª° herª spaceª toª repentª° ofª her²¹ fornication;ª andª she repentedª° not.ª ... Andª I will killª° her²¹ childrenª withª death;ª andª allª the¹ churchesª shall knowª° thatª Iª amª° he which² searchethª° the reinsª andª hearts:ª andª I will giveª° unto every oneª of youª according¹ to² yourª works.ª" {Rev 2:21-23}

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