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{Luke 21:24} And 2532 they shall fall 4098 z5699 by the edge 4750 of the sword, 3162 and 2532 shall be led away captive 163 z5701 into 1519 all 3956 nations: 1484 and 2532 Jerusalem 2419 shall be 2071 z5704 trodden down 3961 z5746 of 5259 the Gentiles, 1484 until 891 the times 2540 of the Gentiles 1484 be fulfilled. 4137 z5686
"And the LORDª shall scatterª° thee among all¹ people,ª from the one endª¹ of the earthª even unto¹ the other;ª¹ and there¹ thou shalt serveª° otherª gods,ª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known,ª° [even] woodª and stone.ª ... And the LORDª shall bringª° thee into Egyptª again²° with ships,ª by the wayª whereof¹ I spakeª° unto thee, Thou shalt seeª° it no¹ more¹ again:²°¹ and there¹ ye shall be soldª° unto your enemiesª° for bondmenª and bondwomen,ª and no man¹ shall buyª° [you]." {Deu 28:64-68}
"And now¹ go to; I will tellª°¹ you¹ what¹ I¹ will doª° to my vineyard:ª I will take awayª° the hedgeª thereof, and it shall be¹ eaten up;ª° [and] break downª° the wallª thereof, and it shall be¹ trodden down:ª" {Isa 5:5} + "The peopleª of thy holinessª have possessedª° [it] but a little while:ª our adversariesª have trodden downª° thy sanctuary.ª" {Isa 63:18} + "The Lordª hath trodden under footª° all¹ my mightyª [men] in the midstª of me: he hath calledª° an assemblyª against¹ me to crushª° my young men:ª the Lordª hath troddenª° the virgin,ª the daughterª of Judah,ª [as] in a winepress.ª" {Lam 1:15} + "Butª the¹ courtª which² is withoutª² the¹ templeª leaveª° out,ª andª measureª° itª not;ª forª it is givenª° unto the¹ Gentiles:ª andª the¹ holyª cityª shall they tread under footª° forty² [and] twoª¹ months.ª" {Rev 11:2}
"For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Behold,¹ I will extendª° peaceª to¹ her like a river,ª and the gloryª of the Gentilesª like a flowingª° stream:ª then shall ye suck,ª° ye shall be borneª° upon¹ [her] sides,ª and be dandledª° upon¹ [her] knees.ª" {Isa 66:12} + "And I will setª° a signª among them, and I will sendª° those that escapeª of them¹ unto¹ the nations,ª [to] Tarshish,ª Pul,ª and Lud,ª that drawª° the bow,ª [to] Tubal,ª and Javan,ª [to] the islesª afar off,ª that¹ have not¹ heardª°¹ my fame,ª neither¹ have seenª°¹ my glory;ª and they shall declareª°¹ my gloryª among the Gentiles.ª" {Isa 66:19} + "And he shall confirmª° the covenantª with manyª for oneª week:ª and in the midstª of the weekª he shall cause the sacrificeª and the oblationª to cease,ª° and for¹ the overspreadingª of abominationsª he shall make [it] desolate,ª° even until¹ the consummation,ª and that determinedª° shall be pouredª° upon¹ the desolate.²°¹" {Dan 9:27} + "And I heardª°¹ the manª clothedª° in linen,ª which¹ [was] uponª¹ the watersª of the river,ª when he held upª° his right handª and his left handª unto¹ heaven,ª and swareª° by him that livethª for everª that¹ [it shall be] for a time,ª times,ª and an half;ª and when he shall have accomplishedª° to scatterª° the powerª of the holyª people,ª all¹ these¹ [things] shall be finished.ª°" {Dan 12:7} + "For¹ from the risingª¹ of the sunª even unto¹ the going downª of the same my nameª [shall be] greatª among the Gentiles;ª and in every¹ placeª incenseª° [shall be] offeredª° unto my name,ª and a pureª offering:ª for¹ my nameª [shall be] greatª among the heathen,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Mal 1:11} + "Forª I wouldª° not,ª brethren,ª that yeª should be ignorantª° of thisª mystery,ª lestª ye should beª° wiseª inª your own conceits;ª thatª blindnessª inª partª is happenedª° to Israel,ª untilªª the¹ fulnessª of the¹ Gentilesª be come in.ª°" {Rom 11:25}

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