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{Luke 15:8} Either 2228 what 5101 woman 1135 having 2192 z5723 ten 1176 pieces of silver, 1406 if 1437 she lose 622 z5661 one 3391 piece, 1406 doth not 3780 light 681 z5719 a candle, 3088 and 2532 sweep 4563 z5719 the x3588 house, 3614 and 2532 seek 2212 z5719 diligently 1960 till 2193 y3755 she x3755 find 2147 z5632 [it]?
"Drachma, here translated a piece of silver, is the eighth part of an ounce, which cometh to 7, 1/2 d., and is equal to the Roman penny. "Butª the¹ sameª servantª went out,ª° and foundª° oneª of hisª fellowservants,ª whichª owedª° himª an¹ hundred² pence:ª andª he laid handsª° on him,ª and took [him] by the throat,ª° saying,ª° Payª° meª thatª thou owest.ª°" {Mtt 18:28}."
and seek:
"Forª the¹ Sonª of manª is comeª° to seekª° andª to saveª° that which was lost.ª°" {Lke 19:10} + "As a shepherdª° seeketh outª his flockª in the dayª that he is¹ amongª his sheepª [that are] scattered;²°¹ so¹ will I seek outª°¹ my sheep,ª and will deliverª° them out of all¹¹ placesª where¹¹ they have been scatteredª° in the cloudyª and darkª day.ª" {Ezk 34:12} + "Andª otherª sheepª I have,ª° whichª areª° notª ofª thisª fold:ª them alsoª Iª mustª° bring,ª° andª they shall hearª° myª voice;ª andª there shall beª° oneª fold,ª [and] oneª shepherd.ª" {Jhn 10:16} + "Andª notª for¹ that² nationª only,ª butª thatª alsoª he should gather togetherª° inª oneª the¹ childrenª of Godª that were scattered abroad.ª°" {Jhn 11:52} + "Andª cameª° and preachedª° peaceª to youª which² were afar off,ª andª to them that were nigh.ª" {Eph 2:17}

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