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{Luke 13:1} y1161 There x1161 were present 3918 z5713 at 1722 that x846 season 2540 y846 some 5100 that told 518 z5723 him 846 of 4012 the x3588 Galilaeans, 1057 whose 3739 blood 129 Pilate 4091 had mingled 3396 z5656 with 3326 their 846 sacrifices. 2378
the Galilaeans:
The Galilaeans are frequently mentioned by Josephus as the most turbulent and seditious people, being upon all occasions ready to disturb the Roman authority. It is uncertain to what event our Lord refers; but is probable that they were the followers of Judas Gaulonitis, who opposed paying tribute to Caesar and submitting to the Roman government. A party of them coming to Jerusalem during one of the great festivals, and presenting their oblations in the court of the temple, Pilate treacherously sent a company of soldiers, who slew them, and "mingled their blood with their sacrifices." "Afterª this manª rose upª° Judasª of Galileeª inª the¹ daysª of the¹ taxing,ª andª drew awayª° muchª peopleª afterª him:²¹ he alsoª perished;ª° andª all,ª [even] as many asª obeyedª° him,ª were dispersed.ª°" {Act 5:37}
"Behold,ª° O LORD,ª and considerª° to whom¹ thou hast doneª° this.ª Shall the womenª eatª° their fruit,ª [and] childrenª of a span long?ª shall the priestª and the prophetª be slainª° in the sanctuaryª of the Lord?ª" {Lam 2:20} + "And to the othersª he saidª° in mine hearing,ª Goª° ye afterª him through the city,ª and smite:ª° let not¹ your eyeª spare,ª° neither¹ have ye pity:ª° ... And he saidª° unto¹ them, Defileª°¹ the house,ª and fillª°¹ the courtsª with the slain:ª go ye forth.ª° And they went forth,ª° and slewª° in the city.ª" {Ezk 9:5-7} + "Forª the¹ timeª [is come] that judgmentª must beginª° atª the¹ houseª of God:ª andª ifª [it] firstª [begin] atª us,ª whatª shall the¹ endª [be] of them that obey notª° the¹ gospelª of God?ª ... Andª ifª the¹ righteousª scarcelyª be saved,ª° whereª shall²° the¹ ungodlyª andª the sinnerª appear?ª°" {1Pe 4:17-18}

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