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{Luke 4:17} And 2532 there was delivered 1929 z5681 unto him 846 the book 975 of the x3588 prophet 4396 Esaias. 2268 And 2532 when he had opened 380 z5660 the x3588 book, 975 he found 2147 z5627 the x3588 place 5117 where 3757 it was 2258 z5713 written, 1125 z5772
the book:
"Andª Davidª himselfª saithª° inª the bookª of Psalms,ª The¹ LORDª saidª° unto myª Lord,ª Sit¹ thou²° onª myª right hand,ª" {Lke 20:42} + "Thenª Godª turned,ª° andª gave²° them² upª°¹ to worshipª° the¹ hostª of heaven;ª as¹ it² is writtenª° inª the bookª of the¹ prophets,ª O ye houseª of Israel,ª have ye¹ offeredª²° to meª slain beastsª andª sacrificesª [by the space of] fortyª yearsª inª the¹ wilderness?ª" {Act 7:42} + "Andª afterª the¹ readingª of the¹ lawª andª the¹ prophetsª the¹ rulers of the synagogueª sentª° untoª them,ª saying,ª° [Ye] menª [and] brethren,ª ifª ye haveªªª° any wordª of exhortationª forª the¹ people,ª say on.ª°" {Act 13:15} + "Forª they that dwellª° atª Jerusalem,ª andª theirª rulers,ª because they knew²° him² not,ª°¹ nor¹ yet² the¹ voicesª of the¹ prophetsª which² are readª°² everyª¹ sabbath day,ª they have fulfilledª° [them] in condemningª° [him]." {Act 13:27}
he had:
Αναπτυξσς [Strong's G0380], "unrolled the book;" the Sacred Writings being anciently (as they are still in the synagogues) written on skins of parchment, and rolled on two rollers, beginning on each end, so that in reading from right to left, they rolled off with the left hand while they rolled on with the right.
the place:
"The Spiritª of the Lordª GODª [is] upon¹ me; because¹ the LORDª hath anointedª° me to preach good tidingsª° unto the meek;ª he hath sentª° me to bind upª° the brokenhearted,ªª° to proclaimª° libertyª to the captives,ª° and the opening of the prisonª to [them that are] bound;ª° ... To appointª° unto them that mournª in Zion,ª to giveª° unto them beautyª for¹ ashes,ª the oilª of joyª for¹ mourning,ª the garmentª of praiseª for¹ the spiritª of heaviness;ª that they might be calledª° treesª of righteousness,ª the plantingª of the LORD,ª that he might be glorified.ª°" {Isa 61:1-3}

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