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{Mark 5:2} And 2532 when he 846 was come 1831 z5631 out of 1537 the x3588 ship, 4143 immediately 2112 there met 528 z5656 him 846 out of 1537 the x3588 tombs 3419 a man 444 with 1722 an unclean 169 spirit, 4151
"Which remainª° among the graves,ª and lodgeª° in the monuments,ª° which eatª° swine'sª flesh,ª and brothª°² of abominableª [things is in] their vessels;ª" {Isa 65:4} + "Andª when heª went forthª° toª land,ª there metª° himª out ofª the¹ cityª a certainª man,ª whichª hadª° devilsª¹ long²² time,ª¹ andª wareª° noª clothes,ª neitherªª abodeª° inª [any] house,ª butª inª the¹ tombs.ª" {Lke 8:27}
a man:
Matthew gives a brief account of two demoniacs who were dispossessed on this occasion; but Mark and Luke omit the mention of one (who was perhaps not so remarkable). That these wretched men were not merely mad, as some suppose, but really possessed of evil spirits, appears clearly from the language employed, as well as from the narrative itself. Matthew expressly affirms that they were "possessed with devils," or demoniacs, δαιμονιζομενοι [Strong's G1139]; Mark says he had "an unclean spirit," i.e., a fallen spirit; and Luke asserts, that he "had devils (or demons) a long time," and was called Legion, "because many devils were entered into him." With supernatural strength the demons burst asunder the chains and fetters with which he was bound; they address Christ as the "Son of the most high God;" they beseech him to suffer them to enter into the swine; and when he had given them leave, they "went out and entered into the swine," etc.
"Forª he saidª° unto him,ª Comeª° out ofª the¹ man,ª [thou] uncleanª spirit.ª" {Mrk 5:8} + "Andª there wasª° inª theirª synagogueª a manª withª an uncleanª spirit;ª andª he cried out,ª°" {Mrk 1:23} + "Andª when the¹ uncleanª spiritª had tornª° him,ª andª criedª° with a loudª voice,ª he cameª° out ofª him.ª" {Mrk 1:26} + "Becauseª they said,ª° He hathª° an uncleanª spirit.ª" {Mrk 3:30} + "Forª a [certain] woman,ª whoseª² young daughterª hadª° an uncleanª spirit,ª heardª° ofª him,ª and cameª° and fellª° atª hisª feet:ª" {Mrk 7:25} + "Andª as heª was²° yetª a coming,ª° the¹ devilª threw²° him² down,ª°¹ andª tareª° [him]. Andª Jesusª rebukedª° the¹ uncleanª spirit,ª andª healedª° the¹ child,ª andª delivered²° him² againª°¹ to hisª father.ª" {Lke 9:42}

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