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{Matthew 20:13} But 1161 he x3588 answered 611 z5679 one 1520 of them, 846 and said, 2036 z5627 Friend, 2083 I do y91 z0 thee y4571 no y3756 wrong: 91 z5719 x4571 x3756 didst y4856 z0 not 3780 thou agree 4856 z5656 with me 3427 for a penny? 1220
"Andª he saithª° unto him,ª Friend,ª howª camest¹ thou²° in hitherª notª havingª° a weddingª garment?ª Andª he¹ was speechless.ª°" {Mtt 22:12} + "Andª Jesusª saidª° unto him,ª Friend,ª whereforeªª art thou come?²° Then²¹ came¹ they,²° and laidª° handsª onª Jesus,ª andª tookª° him.ª" {Mtt 26:50}
I do:
"That be farª from thee to doª°¹ after this¹ manner,ª to slayª° the righteousª with¹ the wicked:ª and that the righteousª should be¹ as the wicked,ª that be farª from thee: Shall not¹ the Judgeª° of all¹ the earthª doª° right?ª" {Gen 18:25} + "Which goethª° in companyª with¹ the workersª° of iniquity,ª and walketh²°¹ with¹ wickedª men.²¹ ... Yea,¹ surelyª Godª will not¹ do wickedly,ª° neither¹ will the Almightyª pervertª° judgment.ª" {Job 34:8-12} + "Shall even¹ he that hatethª° rightª govern?ª° and wilt thou condemnª° him that is mostª just?ª ... [Is it fit] to sayª° to a king,ª [Thou art] wicked?ª [and] to¹ princes,ª [Ye are] ungodly?ª" {Job 34:17-18} + "Thinkestª° thou this¹ to be right,ª [that] thou saidst,ª° My righteousnessª [is] more than God's?ª¹" {Job 35:2} + "Wilt thou also¹ disannulª° my judgment?ª wilt thou condemnª° me, that¹ thou mayest be righteous?ª°" {Job 40:8} + "Whatª shall we sayª° then?ª² [Is there]¹ unrighteousnessª withª God?ª God forbid.ªª° ... Forª he saithª° to Moses,ª I will have mercy¹ on²° whomªª I will have mercy,ª° andª I will have compassionª° on whomªª I will have compassion.ª°" {Rom 9:14-15} + "Nay but,ª Oª man,ª whoª artª° thouª that repliest againstª° God?ª² Shall²°¹ the¹ thing formedª sayª° to him that formedª° [it], Whyª hast thou madeª° meª thus?ª" {Rom 9:20}

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