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{Matthew 14:1} At 1722 that 1565 time 2540 Herod 2264 the x3588 tetrarch 5076 heard 191 z5656 of the x3588 fame 189 of Jesus, 2424
This was Herod Antipas, the son of Herod the Great, by Malthace, and tetrarch of Galilee and Perea, which produced a revenue of 200 talents a year. He married the daughter of Aretas, king of Arabia, whom he divorced in order to marry Herodias, the wife of his brother Philip, who was still living. Aretas, to revenge the affront which Herod had offered his daughter, declared war against him, and vanquished him after an obstinate engagement. This defeat, Josephus assures us, the Jews considered as a punishment for the death of John the Baptist. Having gone to Rome to solicit the title of king, he was accused by Agrippa of carrying on a correspondence with Artabanus king of Parthia, against the Romans, and was banished by the emperor Caius to Lyons, and thence to Spain, where he and Herodias died in exile. "Andª kingª Herodª heardª° [of him]; (forª hisª nameª was²° spread abroad:)ª¹ andª he said,ª° Thatª Johnª the¹ Baptistª° was risenª° fromª the dead,ª andª thereforeªª mighty worksª do shew forth¹ themselves²° inª him.ª ... Butª when Herodª heardª° [thereof], he said,ª° Itª isª° John,ª whomª² Iª beheaded:ª° heª is risenª° fromª the dead.ª" {Mrk 6:14-16} + "Andª he chargedª° them,ª saying,ª° Take heed,ª° bewareª° ofª the¹ leavenª of the¹ Pharisees,ª andª [of] the¹ leavenª of Herod.ª" {Mrk 8:15} + "Nowª Herodª the¹ tetrarchª heardª° of allª that was doneª° byª him:ª andª he was perplexed,ª° because² that it was saidª° ofª some,ª thatª Johnª was risenª° fromª the dead;ª ... Andª Herodª said,ª° Johnª have²° Iª beheaded:ª° butª whoª isª° this,ª ofª whomª Iª hearª° such things?ª Andª he desiredª° to seeª° him.ª" {Lke 9:7-9} + "The¹ sameª² dayª there cameª° certainª of the Pharisees,ª sayingª° unto him,ª Get thee out,ª° andª departª° hence:ª forª Herodª willª° killª° thee.ª ... Andª he saidª° unto them,ª Go¹ ye,²° and tellª° thatª fox,ª Behold,ª° I cast outª° devils,ª andª I doª° curesª to dayª andª to morrow,ª andª the¹ thirdª [day] I shall be perfected.ª°" {Lke 13:31-32} + "Andª when Herodª saw²°¹ Jesus,ª he was exceeding² glad:ª°¹ forª he wasª° desirousª° to seeª° himª ofª a longª [season], because² he had heardª° many thingsª ofª him;ª andª he hopedª° to have seenª° someª miracleª doneª° byª him.ª ... Andª² the sameª² dayª Pilateª andª Herodª were madeª° friendsª together:ªª² forª beforeª° they wereª° atª enmityª betweenª themselves.ª" {Lke 23:8-12} + "No,ª nor yetª Herod:ª forª I sentª° youª toª him;ª and,ª lo,ª° nothingª worthyª of deathª isª° doneª° unto him.ª" {Lke 23:15} + "Forª ofª a truthª againstª thyª holyª childª Jesus,ª whomª thou hast anointed,ª° bothª Herod,ª andª Pontiusª Pilate,ª withª the Gentiles,ª andª the peopleª of Israel,ª were gathered together,ª°" {Act 4:27}
"Nowª inª the fifteenthª yearª of the¹ reignª of Tiberiusª Caesar,ª Pontiusª Pilateª being governorª° of Judaea,ª andª Herodª being tetrarchª° of Galilee,ª andª hisª brotherª Philipª tetrarchª° of Ituraeaª andª of the regionª of Trachonitis,ª andª Lysaniasª the tetrarchª° of Abilene,ª" {Lke 3:1}

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