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{Zechariah 9:1} The burden 4853 of the word 1697 of the LORD 3068 in the land 776 of Hadrach, 2317 and Damascus 1834 [shall be] the rest 4496 thereof: when x3588 the eyes 5869 of man, 120 as of all x3605 the tribes 7626 of Israel, 3478 [shall be] toward the LORD. 3068
Cir, am 3494, bc 510
"The burdenª of Babylon,ª which¹ Isaiahª the sonª of Amozª did see.ª°" {Isa 13:1} + "And when¹ this¹ people,ª or¹ the prophet,ª or¹ a priest,ª shall askª° thee, saying,ª° What¹ [is] the burdenª of the LORD?ª thou shalt then sayª° unto¹ them,¹ What¹ burden?ª I will even forsakeª° you, saithª° the LORD.ª ... But² since¹ ye say,ª° The burdenª of the LORD;ª therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Because¹ ye sayª°¹ this¹ word,ª The burdenª of the LORD,ª and I have sentª° unto¹ you, saying,ª° Ye shall not¹ say,ª° The burdenª of the LORD;ª" {Jer 23:33-38} + "The burdenª of the wordª of the LORDª to¹ Israelª byª Malachi.ª" {Mal 1:1}
"And he divided²° himself¹ against¹ them, he¹ and his servants,ª by night,ª and smoteª° them, and pursuedª° them unto¹ Hobah,ª which¹ [is] on the left handª¹ of Damascus.ª" {Gen 14:15} + "The burdenª of Damascus.ª Behold,¹ Damascusª is taken awayª° from [being] a city,ª¹ and it shall be¹ a ruinousª heap.ª ... The fortressª also shall ceaseª° from Ephraim,ª¹ and the kingdomª from Damascus,ª¹ and the remnantª of Syria:ª they shall be¹ as the gloryª of the childrenª of Israel,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Isa 17:1-3} + "Concerning Damascus.ª Hamathª is confounded,ª° and Arpad:ª for¹ they have heardª° evilª tidings:ª they are fainthearted;ª° [there is] sorrowª on the sea;ª it cannotª°¹ be quiet.ª° ... And I will kindleª° a fireª in the wallª of Damascus,ª and it shall consumeª° the palacesª of Benhadad.ª" {Jer 49:23-27} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª For¹ threeª transgressionsª of Damascus,ª and for¹ four,ª I will not¹ turn awayª° [the punishment] thereof; because¹ they have threshedª°¹ Gileadª with threshing instrumentsª of iron:ª ... I will breakª° also the barª of Damascus,ª and cut offª° the inhabitantª° from the plainª¹ of Aven,ª and him that holdethª° the sceptreª from the house² of Eden:ª²°¹ and the peopleª of Syriaª shall go into captivityª° unto Kir,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 1:3-5} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª As¹ the shepherdª° taketh¹ out²° of the mouthª¹ of the lionª twoª legs,ª or¹ a pieceª of an ear;ª so¹ shall the childrenª of Israelª be taken outª° that dwellª° in Samariaª in the cornerª of a bed,ª and in Damascusª [in] a couch.ª" {Ams 3:12}
the rest:
"I will bring it forth,ª° saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª and it shall enterª° into¹ the houseª of the thief,ª and into¹ the houseª of him that swearethª° falselyª by my name:ª and it shall remainª° in the midstª of his house,ª and shall consumeª° it with the timberª thereof and the stonesª thereof." {Zch 5:4} + "The Lordª sentª° a wordª into Jacob,ª and it hath lightedª° upon Israel.ª ... Manasseh,ª¹ Ephraim;ª and Ephraim,ª¹ Manasseh:ª [and] they¹ togetherª [shall be] against¹ Judah.ª For all¹ this¹ his angerª is not¹ turned away,ª° but his handª [is] stretched out¹ still.²°¹" {Isa 9:8-21}
"And the inhabitantsª° of oneª [city] shall goª° to¹ another,ª saying,ª° Let us go²° speedilyª° to prayª°¹ beforeª the LORD,ª and to seekª°¹ the LORDª of hosts:ª I¹ will go²°¹ also.¹ ... Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª In those¹ daysª [it shall come to pass], that¹ tenª men²¹ shall take holdª° out of all¹¹ languagesª of the nations,ª even shall take holdª° of the skirtª of him¹ that is a Jew,ª² saying,ª° We will go²°¹ with¹ you: for¹ we have heardª° [that] Godª [is] with¹ you." {Zch 8:21-23} + "O our God,ª wilt thou not¹ judgeª° them? for¹ we have no¹ mightª againstª this¹ greatª companyª that comethª° against¹ us; neither¹ knowª° weª what¹ to do:ª° but¹ our eyesª [are] upon¹ thee." {2Ch 20:12} + "Mine eyesª [are] everª toward¹ the LORD;ª for¹ he¹ shall pluck²° my feet² out¹¹ of the net.ª¹" {Psa 25:15} + "At that¹ dayª shall a manª lookª° to¹ his Maker,ª° and his eyesª shall have respectª° to¹ the Holy² One¹ of Israel.ª ... And he shall not¹ lookª° to¹ the altars,ª the workª of his hands,ª neither¹ shall respectª° [that] which¹ his fingersª have made,ª° either the groves,ª or the images.ª" {Isa 17:7-8} + "Assemble²° yourselves¹ and come;ª° draw nearª° together,ª ye [that are] escapedª of the nations:ª they have no knowledgeª°¹ that set upª°¹ the woodª of their graven image,ª and prayª° unto¹ a godª [that] cannot¹ save.ª° ... Lookª° unto¹ me, and be ye saved,ª° all¹ the endsª of the earth:ª for¹ I¹ [am] God,ª and [there is] none¹ else.¹" {Isa 45:20-22} + "The LORDª hath made bareª°¹ his holyª armª in the eyesª of all¹ the nations;ª and all¹ the endsª of the earthª shall seeª°¹ the salvationª of our God.ª" {Isa 52:10} + "The eyesª of all¹ waitª° upon¹ thee; and thou¹ givestª° them¹ their meatª in due season.ª" {Psa 145:15} + "O LORD,ª my strength,ª and my fortress,ª and my refugeª in the dayª of affliction,ª the Gentilesª shall comeª° unto¹ thee from the endsª¹ of the earth,ª and shall say,ª° Surely¹ our fathersª have inheritedª° lies,ª vanity,ª and [things] wherein [there is] no¹ profit.ª°" {Jer 16:19}

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