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{Zechariah 8:22} Yea, many 7227 people 5971 and strong 6099 nations 1471 shall come 935 z8804 to seek 1245 z8763 x853 the LORD 3068 of hosts 6635 in Jerusalem, 3389 and to pray 2470 z8763 x853 before 6440 the LORD. 3068
"And he will destroyª° in this¹ mountainª the faceª of the coveringª cast¹ over²°¹ all¹ people,ª and the vailª that is spreadª° over¹ all¹ nations.ª" {Isa 25:7} + "Behold,¹ thou shalt callª° a nationª [that] thou knowestª° not,¹ and nationsª [that] knewª° not¹ thee shall runª° unto¹ thee because¹ of the LORDª thy God,ª and for the Holy Oneª of Israel;ª for¹ he hath glorifiedª° thee." {Isa 55:5} + "And the Gentilesª shall comeª° to thy light,ª and kingsª to the brightnessª of thy rising.ª ... A little oneª shall become¹ a thousand,ª and a small oneª a strongª nation:ª I¹ the LORDª will hastenª° it in his time.ª" {Isa 60:3-22} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] fromª¹ one new moonª to another,ª and fromª¹ one sabbathª to another,ª shall all¹ fleshª comeª° to worshipª° beforeª me, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Isa 66:23} + "And thou shalt swear,ª° The LORDª liveth,ª in truth,ª in judgment,ª and in righteousness;ª and the nationsª shall bless²° themselves¹ in him, and in him shall they glory.ª°" {Jer 4:2} + "And he shall judgeª° among¹ manyª people,ª and rebukeª° strongª nationsª afar off;ª¹ and they shall beatª° their swordsª into plowshares,ª and their spearsª into pruninghooks:ª nationª shall not¹ lift upª° a swordª against¹ nation,ª neither¹ shall they learnª° warª any more.¹" {Mic 4:3} + "And I will shakeª°¹ all¹ nations,ª and the desireª of all¹ nationsª shall come:ª° and I will fillª°¹ this¹ houseª with glory,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Hgg 2:7} + "Andª the¹ scripture,ª foreseeingª° thatª Godª would justifyª° the¹ heathenª throughª faith,ª preached before the gospelª° unto Abraham,ª [saying],² Inª theeª shall²° allª nationsª be blessed.ª°" {Gal 3:8} + "Whoª shall²° notª fearª° thee,ª O Lord,ª andª glorifyª° thyª name?ª forª [thou] only²¹ [art] holy:ª forª allª nationsª shall comeª° andª worshipª° beforeª thee;ª forª thyª judgmentsª are made manifest.ª°" {Rev 15:4} + "Andª the¹ nationsª of them which are savedª° shall walkª° inª the¹ lightª of it:ª andª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earthª do bringª° their²¹ gloryª andª honourª intoª it.ª" {Rev 21:24}

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