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{Haggai 2:16} Since those [days] were, x4480 x1961 when [one] came 935 z8804 to x413 an heap 6194 of twenty 6242 [measures], there were x1961 [but] ten: 6235 when [one] came 935 z8804 to x413 the pressfat 3342 for to draw out 2834 z8800 fifty 2572 [vessels] out of the press, 6333 there were x1961 [but] twenty. 6242
when one came to an:
"Ye have sownª° much,ª° and bring²° in¹ little;ª ye eat,ª° but ye have not enough;²¹¹ ye drink,ª° but ye are not filled with drink;ª°¹ ye clotheª° you, but there is none warm;²¹¹ and he that earneth wagesª° earneth wagesª° [to put it] into¹ a bagª with holes.ª°" {Hgg 1:6} + "Ye lookedª° for¹ much,ª° and, lo,¹ [it came] to little;ª and when ye broughtª° [it] home,ª I did blowª° upon it. Why?¹¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª Becauseª of mine houseª that¹ [is] waste,ª and ye¹ runª° every manª unto his own house.ª ... And I calledª° for a droughtª upon¹ the land,ª and upon¹ the mountains,ª and upon¹ the corn,ª and upon¹ the new wine,ª and upon¹ the oil,ª and upon¹ [that] which¹ the groundª bringeth forth,ª° and upon¹ men,ª and upon¹ cattle,ª and upon¹ all¹ the labourª of the hands.ª" {Hgg 1:9-11} + "Honourª°¹ the LORDª with thy substance,ª¹ and with the firstfruitsª¹ of all¹ thine increase:ª ... So shall thy barnsª be filledª° with plenty,ª and thy pressesª shall burst outª° with new wine.ª" {Prv 3:9-10} + "For¹ beforeª these¹ daysª there wasª° no¹ hireª for man,ª nor¹ any hireª for beast;ª neither¹ [was there any] peaceª to him that went outª° or came inª° because of¹ the affliction:ª for I setª°¹ all¹ menª every oneª against his neighbour.ª ... For¹ the seedª [shall be] prosperous;ª the vineª shall giveª° her fruit,ª and the groundª shall giveª°¹ her increase,ª and the heavensª shall giveª° their dew;ª and I will cause¹ the remnantª of this¹ peopleª to possessª°¹ all¹ these¹ [things]." {Zch 8:10-12} + "If¹ ye will not¹ hear,ª° and if¹ ye will not¹ layª° [it] to¹ heart,ª to giveª° gloryª unto my name,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª I will even sendª°¹ a curseª upon you, and I will curseª°¹ your blessings:ª yea,¹ I have cursedª° them already, because¹ ye do not¹ layª° [it] to¹ heart.ª" {Mal 2:2}

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