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{Haggai 2:5} [According to] x853 the word 1697 that x834 I covenanted 3772 z8804 with x854 you when ye came y3318 z8800 out x3318 of Egypt, 4714 x4480 so my spirit 7307 remaineth 5975 z8802 among 8432 you: fear 3372 z8799 ye not. x408
to the:
"And I will dwellª° amongª the childrenª of Israel,ª and will be¹ their God.ª ... And they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORDª their God,ª that¹ brought them forthª°¹ out of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª that I may dwellª° amongª them: I¹ [am] the LORDª their God.ª" {Exd 29:45-46} + "And Mosesª saidª° unto¹ the LORD,ª See,ª° thou¹ sayestª° unto¹ me, Bring upª°¹ this¹ people:ª and thou¹ hast not¹ let me knowª°¹ whom¹ thou wilt sendª° with¹ me. Yet thou¹ hast said,ª° I knowª° thee by name,ª and thou hast also¹ foundª° graceª in my sight.ª ... And he said,ª° My presenceª shall go²°¹ [with thee], and I will give thee rest.ª°" {Exd 33:12-14} + "And Mosesª made haste,ª° and bowed his headª° toward the earth,ª and worshipped.ª°" {Exd 34:8} + "And he said,ª° Behold,¹ I¹ makeª° a covenant:ª before¹ all¹ thy peopleª I will doª° marvels,ª° such as¹ have not¹ been doneª° in all¹ the earth,ª nor in any¹ nation:ª and all¹ the peopleª amongª which¹ thou¹ [art] shall seeª°¹ the workª of the LORD:ª for¹ it¹ [is] a terrible thingª° that¹ I¹ will doª° with¹ thee." {Exd 34:10}
"And the LORDª came downª° in a cloud,ª and spakeª° unto¹ him, and tookª° of¹ the spiritª that¹ [was] upon¹ him, and gaveª° [it] unto¹ the seventyª elders:ªª and it came to pass,¹ [that], when the spiritª restedª° upon¹ them, they prophesied,ª° and did not¹ cease.ª° ... And Mosesª saidª° unto him, Enviestª° thou¹ for my sake? would God¹¹ that all¹ the²° LORD'Sª peopleª were prophets,ª [and] that¹ the LORDª would putª°¹ his spiritª upon¹ them!" {Num 11:25-29} + "Thou gavestª° also thy goodª spiritª to instructª° them, and withheldestª° not¹ thy mannaª from their mouth,ª¹ and gavestª° them waterª for their thirst.ª" {Neh 9:20} + "Yet manyª yearsª didst thou forbearª°¹ them, and testifiedstª° against them by thy spiritª inª thy prophets:ª yet would they not¹ give ear:ª° therefore gavestª° thou them into the handª of the peopleª of the lands.ª" {Neh 9:30} + "Cast¹ me not¹ away²° from thy presence;ª¹ and takeª° not¹ thy holyª spiritª from¹ me. ... Restoreª° unto me the joyª of thy salvation;ª and upholdª° me [with thy] free²¹ spirit.ª" {Psa 51:11-12} + "Then he rememberedª° the daysª of old,ª Moses,ª [and] his people,ª [saying], Where¹ [is] he that brought them upª° out of the seaª¹ with¹ the shepherdª° of his flock?ª where¹ [is] he that putª°¹ his holyª Spiritª withinª him? ... As a beastª goeth downª° into the valley,ª the Spiritª of the LORDª caused him to rest:ª° so¹ didst thou leadª° thy people,ª to makeª° thyself a gloriousª name.ª" {Isa 63:11-14} + "Then he answeredª° and spakeª° unto¹ me, saying,ª° This¹ [is] the wordª of the LORDª unto¹ Zerubbabel,ª saying,ª° Not¹ by might,ª nor¹ by power,ª but¹¹ by my spirit,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Zch 4:6} + "Andª Iª will prayª° the¹ Father,ª andª he shall giveª° youª anotherª Comforter,ª thatª he may abideª° withª youª for² ever;ª¹ ... [Even] the¹ Spiritª of truth;ª whomª the¹ worldª cannotªª° receive,ª° becauseª it seethª° himª not,ª neitherª knowethª° him:ª butª yeª knowª° him;ª forª he dwellethª° withª you,ª andª shall beª° inª you.ª" {Jhn 14:16-17}
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Joshua,ª Fearª° not,¹ neither¹ be thou dismayed:ª° takeª°¹ all¹ the peopleª of warª with¹ thee, and arise,ª° go upª° to Ai:ª see,ª° I have givenª° into thy handª¹ the kingª of Ai,ª and his people,ª and his city,ª and his land:ª" {Jsh 8:1} + "Ye shall not¹ [need] to fightª° in thisª [battle]: set²° yourselves,¹ standª° ye [still], and seeª°¹ the salvationª of the LORDª with¹ you, O Judahª and Jerusalem:ª fearª° not,¹ nor¹ be dismayed;ª° to morrowª go outª° againstª them: for the LORDª [will be] with¹ you." {2Ch 20:17} + "Fearª° thou not;¹ for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee: be not¹ dismayed;ª° for¹ I¹ [am] thy God:ª I will strengthenª° thee; yea,¹ I will helpª° thee; yea,¹ I will upholdª° thee with the right handª of my righteousness.ª" {Isa 41:10} + "For¹ I¹ the LORDª thy Godª will holdª° thy right hand,ª sayingª° unto thee, Fearª° not;¹ I¹ will helpª° thee." {Isa 41:13} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ [that] as¹ ye were¹ a curseª among the heathen,ª O houseª of Judah,ª and houseª of Israel;ª so¹ will I saveª° you, and ye shall be¹ a blessing:ª fearª° not,¹ [but] let your handsª be strong.ª°" {Zch 8:13} + "So¹ againª° have I thoughtª° in these¹ daysª to do wellª° unto¹ Jerusalemª and to the houseª of Judah:ª fearª° ye not.¹" {Zch 8:15} + "Andª the¹ angelª answeredª° and saidª° unto the¹ women,ª Fearª° notª ye:ª forª I knowª° thatª ye seekª° Jesus,ª which² was crucified.ª°" {Mtt 28:5} + "Saying,ª° Fearª°° not,ª Paul;ª thouª mustª° be brought beforeª° Caesar:ª and,ª lo,ª° Godª hath givenª° theeª allª them that sailª° withª thee.ª" {Act 27:24} + "Andª whenª I sawª° him,ª I fellª° atª his²¹ feetª asª dead.ª Andª he laidª° his²¹ rightª handª uponª me,ª sayingª° unto me,ª Fearª°° not;ª Iª amª° the¹ firstª andª the¹ last:ª" {Rev 1:17}

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