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{Haggai 2:3} Who x4310 [is] left 7604 z8737 among you that x834 saw 7200 z8804 x853 this x2088 house 1004 in her first 7223 glory? 3519 and how x4100 do ye x859 see 7200 z8802 it now? x6258 [is it] not x3808 in your eyes 5869 in comparison y3644 of it x3644 as nothing? x369
is left:
"But manyª of the priestsª¹ and Levitesª and chiefª of the fathers,ª [who were] ancient men,ª that¹ had seenª°¹ the firstª house,ª when the foundation²° of this house² was laidª°¹¹ before their eyes,ª weptª° with a loudª voice;ª and manyª shouted² aloudª°¹¹ for joy:ª" {Ezr 3:12} + "The handsª of Zerubbabelª have laid the foundationª° of this¹ house;ª his handsª shall also finishª° it; and thou shalt knowª° that¹ the LORDª of hostsª hath sentª° me unto¹ you. ... For¹ who¹ hath despisedª° the dayª of small things?ª for they shall rejoice,ª° and shall seeª°¹ the plummetªª in the handª of Zerubbabelª [with] those¹ seven;ª they¹ [are] the eyesª of the LORD,ª which run to and froª° through the whole¹ earth.ª" {Zch 4:9-10}
"As for the beautyª of his ornament,ª he setª° it in majesty:ª but they madeª° the imagesª of their abominationsª [and] of their detestable thingsª therein: therefore¹¹ have I setª° it farª from them." {Ezk 7:20} + "Andª as someª spakeª° ofª the¹ temple,ª howª it was adornedª° with goodlyª stonesª andª gifts,ª he said,ª° ... [As for] these thingsª whichª ye behold,ª° the daysª will come,ª° inª the whichª there shall²° notª be leftª° one stone² upon² another,ª¹ thatª shall²° notª be thrown down.ª°" {Lke 21:5-6}

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