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{Zephaniah 1:9} In the same x1931 day 3117 also will I punish 6485 z8804 x5921 all x3605 those that leap 1801 z8802 on x5921 the threshold, 4670 which fill 4390 z8764 their masters' 113 houses 1004 with violence 2555 and deceit. 4820
Or, "that leap over the threshold," by which is probably meant the Philistines, who, after the time that Dagon fell before the ark and was broken on the threshold, leaped over it when entering his temple.
"Therefore¹¹ neither¹ the priestsª of Dagon,ª nor any¹ that comeª° into Dagon'sª house,ª treadª° on¹ the thresholdª of Dagonª in Ashdodª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {1Sm 5:5}
"Also¹ before¹ they burntª°¹ the fat,ª the priest'sª servantª came,ª° and saidª° to the manª that sacrificed,ª° Giveª° fleshª to roastª° for the priest;ª for he will not¹ haveª° sodden²° fleshª¹ of¹ thee, but¹¹ raw.ª ... And [if] any manª saidª° unto¹ him, Let them not fail²° to burnª° the fatª presently,ª and [then] takeª° [as much] as¹ thy soulª desireth;ª° then he would answerª° him, [Nay]; but¹ thou shalt giveª° [it me] now:¹ and if¹ not,¹ I will takeª° [it] by force.ª" {1Sm 2:15-16} + "But Gehazi,ª the servantª of Elishaª the manª of God,ª said,ª° Behold,¹ my masterª hath sparedª°¹ Naamanª this¹ Syrian,ª in not receivingª°¹ at his handsª¹¹ that which¹ he brought:ª° but,¹¹ [as] the LORDª liveth,ª I will runª° afterª him, and takeª° somewhatª of¹¹ him. ... The leprosyª therefore of Naamanª shall cleaveª° unto thee, and unto thy seedª for ever.ª And he went outª° from his presenceª¹ a leperª° [as white] as snow.ª" {2Kg 5:20-27} + "But the formerª governorsª that¹ [had been] beforeª me were chargeableª° unto¹ the people,ª and had takenª° of¹ them breadª and wine,ª besideª fortyª shekelsª of silver;ª yea,¹ even² their servantsª bare ruleª° over¹ the people:ª but so¹ didª° not¹ I,¹ becauseª¹ of the fearª of God.ª" {Neh 5:15} + "If a rulerª° hearkenª° to¹ lies,ªª all¹ his servantsª° [are] wicked.ª" {Prv 29:12} + "Andª when her²¹ mastersª sawª° thatª the¹ hopeª of their²¹ gainsª was gone,ª° they caughtª° Paulª andª Silas,ª and drewª° [them] intoª the¹ marketplaceª untoª the¹ rulers,ª" {Act 16:19}

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