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{Nahum 2:11} Where x346 [is] the dwelling 4583 of the lions, 738 and the feedingplace 4829 of the young lions, 3715 where x834 x8033 the lion, 738 [even] the old lion, 3833 walked, 1980 z8804 [and] the lion's 738 whelp, 1482 and none x369 made [them] afraid? 2729 z8688
the dwelling:
"Woeª to the bloodyª city!ª it [is] all¹ fullª of liesª [and] robbery;ª the preyª departethª° not;¹" {Nah 3:1} + "The roaringª of the lion,ª and the voiceª of the fierce lion,ª and the teethª of the young lions,ª are broken.ª° ... The old lionª perishethª° for lackª¹ of prey,ª and the stout lion'sª whelpsª are scattered abroad.ª°" {Job 4:10-11} + "Their roaringª [shall be] like a lion,ª they shall roarª°°° like young lions:ª yea, they shall roar,ª° and lay holdª° of the prey,ª and shall carry [it] away safe,ª° and none¹ shall deliverª° [it]." {Isa 5:29} + "The young lionsª roaredª° upon¹ him, [and] yelled,ªª° and they madeª° his landª waste:ª his citiesª are burnedª° without¹¹ inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 2:15} + "The lionª is come upª° from his thicket,ª¹ and the destroyerª° of the Gentilesª is on his way;ª° he is gone forthª° from his placeª¹ to makeª° thy landª desolate;ª [and] thy citiesª shall be laid waste,ª° without¹¹ an inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 4:7} + "Israelª [is] a scatteredª° sheep;ª the lionsª have driven [him] away:ª° firstª the kingª of Assyriaª hath devouredª° him; and lastª this¹ Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª hath broken his bones.ª°" {Jer 50:17} + "Behold,¹ he shall come upª° like a lionª from the swellingª¹ of Jordanª unto¹ the habitationª of the strong:ª but¹ I will make²° them suddenlyª° run awayª°°° from¹¹ her: and who¹ [is] a chosenª° [man, that] I may appointª° over¹ her? for¹ who¹ [is] like me?¹ and who¹ will appoint me the time?ª° and who¹ [is] that¹ shepherdª° that¹ will standª° beforeª me?" {Jer 50:44} + "And say,ª° What¹ [is] thy mother?ª A lioness:ª she lay downª° among¹ lions,ª she nourishedª° her whelpsª amongª young lions.ª ... Then the nationsª setª° against¹ him on every sideª from the provinces,ª¹ and spreadª° their netª over¹ him: he was takenª° in their pit.ª" {Ezk 19:2-8} + "Her princesª withinª her [are] roaringª° lions;ª her judgesª° [are] eveningª wolves;ª they gnaw not the bonesª°¹ till the morrow.ª" {Zph 3:3}
"Judahª [is] a lion'sª whelp:ª from the prey,ª¹ my son,ª thou art gone up:ª° he stooped down,ª° he couchedª° as a lion,ª and as an old lion;ª who¹ shall rouse him up?ª°" {Gen 49:9} + "For¹ thus¹ hath the LORDª spokenª° unto¹ me, Like as¹ the lionª and the young lionª roaringª° on¹ his prey,ª when¹ a multitudeª of shepherdsª° is called forthª° against¹ him, [he] will not¹ be afraidª° of their voice,ª¹ nor¹ abaseª° himself for the noiseª¹ of them: so¹ shall the LORDª of hostsª come downª° to fightª° for¹ mountª Zion,ª and for¹ the hillª thereof." {Isa 31:4}

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