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{Nahum 1:13} For now x6258 will I break 7665 z8799 his yoke 4132 from off x4480 x5921 thee, and will burst y5423 z0 thy bonds y4147 in sunder. 5423 z8762 x4147
will I:
"For¹ thou hast brokenª°¹ the yokeª of his burden,ª and the staffª of his shoulder,ª the rodª of his oppressor,ª° as in the dayª of Midian.ª" {Isa 9:4} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] his burdenª shall be taken awayª° from off¹¹ thy shoulder,ª and his yokeª from off¹¹ thy neck,ª and the yokeª shall be destroyedª° becauseª¹ of the anointing.ª" {Isa 10:27} + "That I will breakª° the Assyrianª in my land,ª and upon¹ my mountainsª tread him under foot:ª° then shall his yokeª departª° from off¹¹ them, and his burdenª departª° from off¹¹ their shoulders.ª" {Isa 14:25} + "For¹ of old timeª¹ I have brokenª° thy yoke,ª [and] burstª° thy bands;ª and thou saidst,ª° I will not¹ transgress;ª°°² when¹ upon¹ every¹ highª hillª and under¹ every¹ greenª treeª thou¹ wanderest,ª° playing the harlot.ª°" {Jer 2:20} + "And this¹ [man] shall be¹ the peace,ª when¹ the Assyrianª shall comeª° into our land:ª and when¹ he shall treadª° in our palaces,ª then shall we raiseª° against¹ him sevenª shepherds,ª° and eightª principalª men.ª ... And they shall waste²°¹¹ the landª of Assyriaª with the sword,ª and the landª of Nimrodª in the entrancesª thereof: thus shall he deliverª° [us] from¹ the Assyrian,ª when¹ he comethª° into our land,ª and when¹ he treadethª° within our borders.ª" {Mic 5:5-6}
will burst:
"He brought them outª° of darknessª¹ and the shadow of death,ª and brakeª° their bandsª in sunder.²°" {Psa 107:14} + "I will get²°¹ me unto¹ the great men,ª and will speak²° unto¹ them; for¹ they¹ have knownª° the wayª of the LORD,ª [and] the judgmentª of their God:ª but¹ these¹ have altogetherª brokenª° the yoke,ª [and] burstª° the bonds.ª" {Jer 5:5}

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