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{Nahum 1:12} Thus x3541 saith 559 z8804 the LORD; 3068 Though x518 [they be] quiet, 8003 and likewise x3651 many, 7227 yet thus x3651 shall they be cut down, 1494 z8738 when he shall pass through. 5674 z8804 Though I have afflicted 6031 z8765 thee, I will afflict 6031 z8762 thee no x3808 more. x5750
cut down:
Heb. shorn, "In the same¹ dayª shall the Lordª shaveª° with a razorª that is hired,ª [namely], by them beyondª the river,ª by the kingª of Assyria,ª¹ the head,ª and the hairª of the feet:ª and it shall also¹ consumeª°¹ the beard.ª" {Isa 7:20}
"Behold¹ upon¹ the mountainsª the feetª of him that bringeth good tidings,ª° that publishethª° peace!ª O Judah,ª keepª° thy solemn feasts,ª performª° thy vows:ª for¹ the wickedª shall no¹ moreª°¹ pass throughª° thee; he is utterly¹ cut off.ª°" {Nah 1:15} + "For I will pass²° through¹ the landª of Egyptª this¹ night,ª and will smiteª° all¹ the firstbornª in the landª of Egypt,ª both manª¹ and beast;ª and against all¹ the godsª of Egyptª I will executeª° judgment:ª I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Exd 12:12} + "And he shall passª° through Judah;ª he shall overflowª° and go over,ª° he shall reachª° [even] to¹ the neck;ª and the stretching outª of his wingsª shall fillª the breadthª of thy land,ª O Immanuel.ª²" {Isa 8:8} + "But his sonsª shall be stirred up,ª° and shall assembleª° a multitudeª of greatª forces:ª and [one] shall certainly²° come,ª° and overflow,ª° and pass through:ª° then shall he return,ª° and be stirred up,ª° [even] to¹ his fortress.ª" {Dan 11:10}
etc. or, If they would have been at peace, so should they have been many, and so should they have been shorn, and he should have passed away. yet. "And it came to pass¹ that¹ night,ª that the angelª of the LORDª went out,ª° and smoteª° in the campª of the Assyriansª an hundredª fourscoreª and fiveª thousand:ª and when they arose earlyª° in the morning,ª behold,¹ they [were] all¹ deadª° corpses.ª" {2Kg 19:35} + "And it came to pass,¹ as he¹ was worshippingª° in the houseª of Nisrochª his god,ª that Adrammelechª and Sharezerª his sonsª smoteª° him with the sword:ª and they¹ escapedª° into the landª of Armenia.ª And Esarhaddonª his sonª reignedª° in his stead.¹" {2Kg 19:37} + "As yet¹ shall he remainª° at Nobª that day:ª he shall shakeª° his handª [against] the mountª of the daughterª²° of Zion,ª the hillª of Jerusalem.ª ... And he shall cut downª° the thicketsª of the forestª with iron,ª and Lebanonª shall fallª° by a mighty one.ª" {Isa 10:32-34} + "The LORDª of hostsª hath sworn,ª° saying,ª° Surely¹¹ as¹ I have thought,ª° so¹ shall it come to pass;¹ and as¹ I have purposed,ª° [so] shall it¹ stand:ª° ... For¹ the LORDª of hostsª hath purposed,ª° and who¹ shall disannulª° [it]? and his handª [is] stretched out,ª° and who¹ shall turn it back?ª°" {Isa 14:24-27} + "And behold¹ at eveningtideªª trouble;ª [and] before¹ the morningª he [is] not.¹ This¹ [is] the portionª of them that spoilª° us, and the lotª of them that robª° us." {Isa 17:14} + "And his breath,ª as an overflowingª° stream,ª shall reach to the midstª° of¹ the neck,ª to siftª° the nationsª with the sieveª of vanity:ª and [there shall be] a bridleª in¹ the jawsª of the people,ª causing [them] to err.ª° ... For¹ Tophetª [is] ordainedª° of old;ª¹ yea,¹ for the kingª it¹ is prepared;ª° he hath made [it] deepª° [and] large:ª° the pileª thereof [is] fireª and muchª° wood;ª the breathª of the LORD,ª like a streamª of brimstone,ª doth kindleª° it." {Isa 30:28-33} + "Then shall the Assyrianª fallª° with the sword,ª not¹ of a mighty man;ª and the sword,ª not¹ of a mean man,ª shall devourª° him: but he shall fleeª° fromª¹ the sword,ª and his young menª shall be¹ discomfited.ª" {Isa 31:8} + "Then the angelª of the LORDª went forth,ª° and smoteª° in the campª of the Assyriansª a hundredª and fourscoreª and fiveª thousand:ª and when they arose earlyª° in the morning,ª behold,¹ they [were] all¹ deadª° corpses.ª" {Isa 37:36}
I will:
"For¹ the peopleª shall dwellª° in Zionª at Jerusalem:ª thou shalt weep²° no more:ª°¹ he will be very²° graciousª° unto thee at the voiceª of thy cry;ª° when he shall hearª° it, he will answerª° thee." {Isa 30:19} + "Thus¹ saithª° thy Lordª the LORD,ª and thy Godª [that] pleadeth²° the cause¹ of his people,ª Behold,¹ I have taken¹ out²° of thine handª¹¹ the cupª of trembling,ª [even]¹ the dregsª of the cupª of my fury;ª thou shalt no¹ moreª° drink¹ it again:²°¹" {Isa 51:22} + "Violenceª shall no¹ more¹ be heardª° in thy land,ª wastingª nor destructionª within thy borders;ª but thou shalt callª° thy wallsª Salvation,ª and thy gatesª Praise.ª ... Thy sunª shall no¹ more¹ go down;ª° neither¹ shall thy moonª withdraw²° itself:¹ for¹ the LORDª shall be¹ thine everlastingª light,ª and the daysª of thy mourningª shall be ended.ª°" {Isa 60:18-20} + "Yea, the LORDª will answerª° and sayª° unto his people,ª Behold,¹ I will sendª° you¹ corn,ª and wine,ª and oil,ª and ye shall be satisfiedª° therewith:¹ and I will no¹ more¹ makeª° you a reproachª among the heathen:ª" {Jol 2:19} + "They shall hungerª° noª more,ª neitherª thirstª° any more;ª neitherªª shall²° the¹ sunª lightª° onª them,ª norª anyª heat.ª" {Rev 7:16}

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