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{Nahum 1:11} There is [one] come out 3318 z8804 of x4480 thee, that imagineth 2803 z8802 evil 7451 against x5921 the LORD, 3068 a wicked 1100 counsellor. 3289 z8802
"What¹ do ye imagineª° against¹ the LORD?ª he¹ will makeª° an utter end:ª afflictionª shall not¹ rise upª° the second time.ª" {Nah 1:9} + "Now in the fourteenthªª yearª of kingª Hezekiahª did Sennacheribª kingª of Assyriaª come upª° against¹ all¹ the fencedª° citiesª of Judah,ª and tookª° them. ... And Hezekiahª kingª of Judahª sentª° to¹ the kingª of Assyriaª to Lachish,ª saying,ª° I have offended;ª° returnª° from¹¹ me:¹ that which¹ thou puttestª° on¹ me will I bear.ª° And the kingª of Assyriaª appointedª° unto¹ Hezekiahª kingª of Judahª threeª hundredª talentsª of silverª and thirtyª talentsª of gold.ª" {2Kg 18:13-14} + "Neither¹ let Hezekiahª make you trustª°¹ in¹ the LORD,ª saying,ª° The LORDª will surely²° deliverª° us, and¹ this¹ cityª shall not¹ be deliveredª° into the handª of the kingª of Assyria.ª" {2Kg 18:30} + "¹ Whom¹ hast thou reproachedª° and blasphemed?ª° and against¹ whom¹ hast thou exaltedª° [thy] voice,ª and lifted upª° thine eyesª on high?ª [even] against¹ the Holyª [One] of Israel.ª ... Hast thou not¹ heardª° long agoª¹ [how] I have doneª° it, [and] of ancient² timesª¹¹ that I have formedª° it? now¹ have I brought²° it to pass,¹ that thou shouldest be¹ to lay wasteª° fencedª° citiesª [into] ruinousª° heaps.ª" {2Kg 19:22-25} + "Now¹ therefore let not²¹ Hezekiahª deceiveª° you, nor¹ persuadeª° you on this manner,¹ neither¹ yet believeª° him: for¹ no¹¹ godª of any¹ nationª or kingdomª was ableª° to deliverª° his peopleª out of mine hand,ª¹ and out of the handª¹ of my fathers:ª how much less¹¹ shall your Godª deliverª° you out of mine hand?ª¹ ... And they spakeª° against²¹ the Godª of Jerusalem,ª as against¹ the godsª of the peopleª of the earth,ª [which were] the workª of the handsª of man.ª" {2Ch 32:15-19} + "Howbeit he¹ meanethª° not¹ so,¹ neither¹ doth his heartª thinkª° so;¹ but¹ [it is] in his heartª to destroyª° and cut offª° nationsª not¹ a few.ª ... Shall the axeª boast²° itself¹ against¹ him that hewethª° therewith? [or] shall the sawª magnify²° itself¹ against¹ him that shakethª° it? as if the rodª should shake²° [itself] against¹¹ them that lift it up,ª° [or] as if the staffª should lift upª° [itself, as if it were] no¹ wood.ª" {Isa 10:7-15}
wicked counsellor:
Heb. counsellor of Belial, "Now the sonsª of Eliª [were] sonsª of Belial;ª they knewª° not¹¹ the LORD.ª" {1Sm 2:12} + "And there¹ happenedª° to be there a manª of Belial,ª whose nameª [was] Sheba,ª the sonª of Bichri,ª a Benjamite:ª and he blewª° a trumpet,ª and said,ª° We have no¹ partª in David,ª neither¹ have we inheritanceª in the sonª of Jesse:ª every² manª to his tents,ª O Israel.ª" {2Sm 20:1} + "And there are gatheredª° unto¹ him vainª men,²¹ the childrenª of Belial,ª and have strengthened²° themselves¹ against¹ Rehoboamª the sonª of Solomon,ª when Rehoboamª was¹ youngª and tenderhearted,ªª and could not¹ withstandª°¹ them.²" {2Ch 13:7}

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