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{Nahum 1:10} For x3588 while x5704 [they be] folden together 5440 z8803 [as] thorns, 5518 and while they are drunken y5433 z8803 x5435 [as] drunkards, y5435 x5433 they shall be devoured 398 z8795 as stubble 7179 fully y4392 x4390 dry. 3002
while they be:
"But [the sons] of Belialª [shall be] all¹ of them as thornsª thrust away,ª° because¹ they cannot¹ be takenª° with hands:ª ... But the manª [that] shall touchª° them must be fencedª° with ironª and the staffª of a spear;ª and they shall be utterly²° burnedª° with fireª in the [same] place.ª°" {2Sm 23:6-7} + "The bestª of them [is] as a brier:ª the most uprightª [is sharper] than a thorn hedge:ª¹ the dayª of thy watchmenª° [and] thy visitationª cometh;ª° now¹ shall be¹ their perplexity.ª" {Mic 7:4} + "Forª yourselvesª knowª° perfectlyª thatª the¹ dayª of the Lordª soª comethª° asª a thiefª inª the night.ª ... Forª whenª they shall say,ª° Peaceª andª safety;ª thenª suddenª destructionª cometh uponª° them,ª asª travailª upon² a woman with child;ªª°¹ andª they shall²° notª escape.ª°" {1Th 5:2-3}
"Thou¹ also¹ shalt be drunken:ª° thou shalt be¹ hid,ª° thou¹ also¹ shalt seekª° strengthª because of the enemy.ª°¹" {Nah 3:11} + "And Abigailª cameª° to¹ Nabal;ª and, behold,¹ he held a feastª in his house,ª like the feastª of a king;ª and Nabal'sª heartª [was] merryª within¹ him, for he¹ [was] veryª¹ drunken:ª wherefore she toldª° him nothing,ª¹ lessª or more,ª until¹ the morningª light.ª" {1Sm 25:36} + "Now Absalomª had commandedª°¹ his servants,ª saying,ª° Markª° ye now¹ when Amnon'sª heartª is merry²¹ with wine,ª and when I sayª° unto¹ you, Smiteª°¹ Amnon;ª then killª° him, fearª° not:¹ have not¹ I¹ commandedª° you? be courageous,ª° and be¹ valiant.ªª" {2Sm 13:28} + "In their heatª I will makeª°¹ their feasts,ª and I will make them drunken,ª° that¹ they may rejoice,ª° and sleepª° a perpetualª sleep,ª and not¹ wake,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 51:39} + "And I will make drunkª° her princes,ª and her wiseª [men], her captains,ª and her rulers,ª and her mighty men:ª and they shall sleepª° a perpetualª sleep,ª and not¹ wake,ª° saithª° the King,ª whose nameª [is] the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Jer 51:57}
they shall:
"As smokeª is driven away,ª° [so] drive [them] away:ª° as waxª meltethª° beforeª¹ the fire,ª [so] let the wickedª perishª° at the presenceª¹ of God.ª" {Psa 68:2} + "For¹ wickednessª burnethª° as the fire:ª it shall devourª° the briersª and thorns,ª and shall kindleª° in the thicketsª of the forest,ª and they shall mount upª° [like] the lifting upª of smoke.ª" {Isa 9:18} + "And the lightª of Israelª shall be¹ for a fire,ª and his Holy Oneª for a flame:ª and it shall burnª° and devourª° his thornsª and his briersª in oneª day;ª ... And the restª of the treesª of his forestª shall be¹ few,ª that a childª may writeª° them." {Isa 10:17-19} + "Furyª [is] not¹ in me: who¹ would setª° the briersª [and] thornsª against me in battle?ª I would goª° through them, I would burnª° them together.ª" {Isa 27:4} + "For,¹ behold,¹ the dayª cometh,ª° that shall burnª° as an oven;ª and all¹ the proud,ª yea, and all¹ that doª° wickedly,ª shall be¹ stubble:ª and the dayª that comethª° shall burn them up,ª°¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª that¹ it shall leaveª° them neither¹ rootª nor branch.ª" {Mal 4:1}

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